Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O’Neill

Have you heard about Fifi O’Neill’s new book ?  I discovered it just a few months ago through another blog and I took the chance to buy it even though I had no idea how the book looked inside.  All I had was the picture of the front cover and the comments from Tania at Grange de Charme where I discovered it.
All I can say about this book is that  I ADORE IT! This book is not just about decoration, it’s also about the joys and serenity one can find when choosing to live in the country. Mark Lohman’s pictures and Fifi’s styling’s delivers marvelously well the sense of calm, serene and peaceful atmosphere inherent to the country.  All the pictures below are found in the book.  The first 7 pictures comes from Tara Bradford beautiful blog, the others are from me.                                                

Click on the pictures to view them larger

Fifi O’Neill is a freelance writer and photos stylist for many magazines and is the editor of Romantic Country magazine.

She also has a blog, Fabulous Fifi.

Did I tempt you to buy it ?  If you can’t find it at your local bookstore  you can buy it at Amazon for $ 18.81.  It is also available at Amazon Canada.  Happy reading !


4 comments on “Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O’Neill

  1. sam scott says:

    One of your cabin photos was the inspiration of a published Afrikaans poem that made quite a headline here in South Africa. Freely translated to English it translated to the following

    the valley
    Let me present to you a red disc sun
    Above blue mountains with great branch trees
    Let me give you a hideaway cabin
    On the slopes of green lawns of yesterday
    Let me give you a long rope swing in the existence of your sycamore tree
    Where my caring heart can wrap you like summer sun when you’re high WEEE! flying
    Let me give you a snug corner next to the fireplace on dark nights
    Where my advice can be your woolen blanket and coffee cup
    may I be your misty morning so that you may not look too far ahead
    That we may tread this path together yard by yard
    Be my crystal brook today
    that feeds my green valley of existence

  2. That is so very beautiful, it’s a wonderful poem Sam, thank you so much for sharing it here !
    The cabin photo is not my work, it belong to Tara Bradford, it would be nice if you could share it on her blog, here is the link :
    Thanks for visiting !

  3. Pantxika says:

    Beaucoup de douceur et de romantisme dans tes images… j’adhère pleinement à ce style de déco !

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