Some beautiful things

Hello everyone !

One of my favorite pastime is photography.  Each time something catches my eye I immediately think of how beautiful a picture it would be.  In my home I like to be surrounded with beautiful things.  It is part of my creativity and I believe that all of these things reveal a part of my personality.  So the other day I grabbed my camera and took pictures of some knickknacks in my home…

Is your home filled with beautiful decorative objects too?  What is your decorating style? I hope you enjoyed these pictures.  From time to time I’ll make a post on various photographs I took because I enjoyed very much doing this one !

Take care



2 comments on “Some beautiful things

  1. Wonderful shots. You have a great eye for composition. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Linda, I apreciate it ! I’ll come back to your blog, I really really like it !

I'm always happy to read your comments :) Vos commentaires me font toujours plaisir :)

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