Rediscovering rocks

Hello to all my readers !  I hope you are all doing fine.

A few weeks ago I went kayaking with my boyfriend.  It was a superb end of summer day with no clouds in sight and the sun shining high in the sky.  We had tea and apple turnovers on the banks of the river and while I was walking on the shore I was struck by the beauty of the rocks lying on the river bed.  Some of them didn’t have any color, not even a faint brown or black, they were pure white, and with the sun reflecting on them they sparkled and shined like precious diamonds.  I was so impressed by their beauty, I couldn’t resist bringing back some of them with me.  So here I was, carrying and loading the kayaks with my new found treasures.  My boyfriend couldn’t help but think I was a little strange…After all, these rocks can easily be found at many stone and soil suppliers. But hand-picking them in their natural environment had much more meaning and importance than buying them from a supplier.  I must have been very impressed because since that day my interest in rocks grew stronger.

These rocks are pure wonders of nature.  They are so beautiful !  I plan to place them
alongside a flower bed in my yard.

I have a few big rocks in my backyard which are part of another flower bed,  We found them in the ditches of our lot 9 years ago and had them moved to a spot where the future flower bed would be.

This rock is my favorite one.  It’s shape has a natural seat and I often sit there to watch the birds and throw the ball to Winny, my shetland sheepdog.  Apparently I’m not the only one having adopted it.  On summer mornings you will see up to 10 mourning doves gathering and lying on the rock to enjoy an early sunbath.

These rocks were pulled from “La Baie des Ha! Ha!” in the Saguenay region where I went to visit my friends.  We were walking barefoot in the water up to our knees and I noticed these beautiful rocks, their orange colour is typical of rocks in this area.  We pulled a few rocks and I placed them on the sand, in the interior of my flower bed, where I have other rocks coming from many different places and shores of Quebec and New-Brunswick.

This one is funny looking, it looks like a football with its bold white stripe

Moss finally started to grow on the big rocks.  It took 8 years only to have some small spots having moss growth.  The next time I see a rock covered in moss I will know it
took many years to came to this point.

Imagine rivers, streams and shores without any rocks, it would be much less beautiful.   Because rocks are so familiar to us, we tend to forget the beauty they bring about in the natural landscape and the soothing effect we can feel just by sitting on a rock on the shores of a stream, and quietly listening to the murmuring sound of the water.

Can you hear it ?  So relaxing…

I wish you all a very nice week-end, take some time to relax.



13 comments on “Rediscovering rocks

  1. I’ve collected rocks like that Jocelyne 🙂 You have great taste 🙂

  2. p.s. That was such a sad thing that happened with the train, I”m sorry.

  3. Jocelyne says:

    2 children died buried in mud after a massive falling rocks. The house was pushed away and the basement filled with mud where the two children were sleeping. We had lots of rain and a dam breached and the lake emptied…The flood lasted for 4 days I think and everything was destroyed in some areas of Grande Baie. There was a flood also in other cities there. It was very very sad to witness it all.

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