The first snow

Hello !

3 days ago we had our first snow and suddenly it was winter…

Even with a dreary sky it doesn’t matter, snow illuminates it all

The quiet stream is lightly covered in a soft blanket of snow

Winny couldn’t resist sticking his nose under the snow, hoping to catch a mole

Soon the deer will return to their winter trails and, in the evening, going along this stream they will come to our backyard to eat the sunflower seeds under the bird feeders.

During the night it all melted and this morning we woke up to fall colours again and warmer temperatures.  Now the Christmas decor looks like this

I’m hoping we’ll get more snow soon so we can have a white Christmas but I have no doubt about it since I only saw one green Christmas, here in Beauce, in the last 10 years.

Has it snowed where you live already ?  I’m wishing you a wonderful week-end and upcoming week.



12 comments on “The first snow

  1. andy1076 says:

    Sadly we haven’t had snow at all here in Vancouver, just a whole lot of rain 😦

  2. Oh no ! Poor you ! Do you get lots of snow in Vancouver ? Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for your comment, I appreciate it very much !

  3. Thank you polkdotgrace ! Thanks for visiting !

  4. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of the first snow. I especially love the one with the dog–his white fur blends in with the snow.

  5. Thanks for visiting petalpusher ! I love this picture too. To get him to look at me I had to say the magic word : Cookie !
    There is another beautiful picture of him in my post “A walk in the woods”.
    Have a nice week-end.

  6. Becky Sue says:

    What a beautiful dog you have! Your snow does look pretty.

  7. How lovely. We are still waiting in Kansas

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