An orchid in December

Hello my dear readers !

Did you have a nice Christmas ?  I hope you had a white Christmas like I did here in St-Georges.  It was beautiful, it snowed just two days before Christmas leaving the fir trees  loaded with glittering snow,  adding charm and enchantment over the Holidays.  I was with my boyfriend’s family and we had a great time.  Now I’m looking forward to visit my family in Montreal for the New Year.

My post today is about an orchid plant I was given two weeks ago by my step-mother.  I found it refreshing to have flowers in the middle of December.  Maybe I should buy flowers now and then during winter, it would help me waiting until I have flowers from my own garden.  Of course I could not resist taking pictures of this beautiful orchid.

I love flowers, they are important in my life, I can even say they are a necessity.  I would so miss them if I didn’t have any to care for.

In my garden I monitor them very closely and each time a bud opens in full bloom to reveal its beauty it gives me great joy.

Flowers are gifts from our Creator to surround ourselves with beauty and soothe our soul.  

They help us live and can bring to the surface emotions, desires and lost memories, just by gazing at them.  Flowers speak to us in their own way, without detour, directly to our heart.

I wish you a nice week and if some of you are on vacation, have fun !



7 comments on “An orchid in December

  1. Jenna says:

    What a beautiful flower! You described their presence and their importance so well, Jocelyne. I agree that they really are a wonderful blessing in our world. Well said. 🙂

    I’m glad you had a good Christmas. Mine was good as well. Though it was brown for the most part, it was lovely. Thank you for this post. It made me smile. Excellent photos, as well!

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Jenna 🙂
      I’m glad this post made you smile and that you liked how I described my love for flowers. I know you write so I’m happy my words could touch a writer.
      A Happy New Year to you too ! Take care

  2. Judy says:

    What lovely shots of your orchid! I love orchids. However I think mine is on the way out after 4 years. ;( I usually get a few re-blooms during the year, but I haven’t had any this year. And, I confess, I don’t know as much about orchids as I do about some of my outdoor plants! You and I feel much the same about flowers! I just run out and yelp when I see a new bloom….or when we’ve outwitted the deer on the hydrangea bush and we have lots of blooms…yay! 😉 I could not live without flowers! During the winter I purchase an inexpensive bunch of tulips about once a month from a grocery store to help me get through the tougher months of the cold season! Tulips are so cheery! Sorry I rambled!

    • Thank you Judy ! I never had an orchid before, I hope it will re-bloom. Two days after I took these pictures the flowers all faded… Maybe I’m not very good with orchids, I’m better at photographing them !
      You have deer in your garden ? I have them too but only in winter so they don’t do much damage to the flowers, but they do eat our cedar hedge (I’m not sure if it’s the right word ?). What a good idea to purchase tulips, I think I might do the same.
      No problem with the rambling, you do as you please ! Thank you so much for the following !

  3. Hi Jocelyn – We have a purple orchid on our inside kitchen window sill. It has been there for three years blooming continuously! It is absolutely wonderful because it lifts your spirits on those drab, drich, misty or wet mornings that we get a lot of here in the UK during the winter!



    • I agree ! There’s nothing like flowers to lift your spirit, especially in winter. We do have that same kind of weather but not as much as you do. I hope your plant continue to bloom for many years to come.

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