Crabtree and Evelyn

Hello everybody !

I had wanted to post earlier but because of my trip to Montreal to visit my family, I was left short in time, but I finally had time to prepare this post on Crabtree and Evelyn.

Do you like Crabtree & Evelyn products ?  I don’t like them, I adore them !  They are my favorite body and bath products.  All these creams and lotions, soaps, gels and eau de toilette are so exquisite !  Each year I buy myself a nice gift box, a “From me to me” Christmas gift.  This year I bought Summer Hill fragrance, it’s my favorite after Evelyn Rose and Rosewater.

Oh ! how I love to treat myself with these luscious fragrant creams.  What I also like is their packaging :  Flowery round boxes, velvet boxes and flowery little traveler bags.  Because I enjoy taking pictures of beautiful things I used decorative articles like lace curtains, silk roses, petite rose box, vintage chairs and a Teddy bear to create nice displays to showcase Crabtree & Evelyn botanical soaps, creams and lotions.

My favorite, Rosewater fragrance, and roses from my garden

Many odours are reminiscent of vintage times, like Iris, Lily, Evelyn Rose, Wisteria and Summer Hill.  They inspired me these pictures.

If you haven’t tried these products yet I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.  The creams and lotions have a smooth texture and are not greasy at all.  They have other fragrances than the ones I mentioned here that are non-floral.  Go to their website and don’t miss any sales by visiting their Facebook page.

I am ending this post by wishing you all the most happiest of new years.  May love, light, happiness, friendship, abundance and health be with you all year round.


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8 comments on “Crabtree and Evelyn

  1. Georgianna says:

    Very beautiful, Jocelyn. I really like their products, too, especially the packaging, Love the bear dress! Happy New Year and thank you for stopping by!


  2. Judy says:

    Beautiful! Your photos are just gorgeous! That’s what I am working on now….putting together little vignettes of things. I’m gathering vintage items and supplies. I just have trouble with lighting! I’m still learning. But your photos are stunning. Just what I want to be able to do one day. I have always been drawn to Crabtree & Evelyn’s exquisite packaging. I’ve had some potpourri and a lotion in the past, and enjoyed them both. Your post is both inspirational and educational! Thank you for that! (and thanks for the “like” on my blog!)

    • Judy, these are such nice compliments, thank you so much ! I think creating vignettes is what I enjoy most because it’s a very creative process. Sometimes I just wish I had more supplies to choose from. Yes, lighting…We all have trouble with lighting ! You should see what I do to obtain the proper lighting ! I have a lamp (a very ugly lamp) that I keep in the guest room to avoid going in the basement each time I want to shoot, and I use it on almost each indoor pictures. Without it I just don’t get sharp enough pictures. The only room in my home that has the more light coming in is my dining room, so I wait for a bright sunny day when I want to take pictures. Sometimes I don’t even have time to shoot but I do it to take advantage of the lighting.
      You know, I’m still learning too, I don’t even have a DSLR but I’m planning on buying one in the coming months and I just can’t wait ! The quality of my photos will be much better then, well, I hope so !
      It takes so much practice to be good at photography, so much learning ahead of us, but we sooooo love it ! Don’t we ?

  3. I love Crabtree and Evelyn’s Nantucket Briar! I have the soaps, lotion and room spray in my little downstairs bathroom. I actually decorated the bathroom around the beautiful blue and white labels!

  4. Gwladys says:

    On 8 February I write also a post about Crabtree & Evenlyn. But I don’t receive anything in France ! But your page is so wonderful !!

    • Thank you Gwladys !
      I’m sorry to hear you didn’t receive anything from C & E. Well, I’m not from C & E but I saw your post featuring their products and I taught it was very beautiful, I loved it ! Thanks for visiting !

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