Missing my flowers in the middle of winter

Hello !

In the midst of winter I like to look back at pictures I took in the summer of flowers from my garden.  Looking at them, it’s as if I suddenly realize how beautiful they were.  Not having seen a flower in 3 months, I now see them with new eyes.  Gone are all the imperfections I was complaining about.  My annuals and perennials now look perfect.  It’s funny how we have to be deprived of something to fully appreciate and realize how precious, important and essential these things are in our lives.

There’s nothing I like more than grabbing my shears and a bucket and stroll in my garden  to pick flowers, surrounded by birds and their joyful songs.  Here are some of my summer bouquets.

Birds were all around me and were not afraid as I came close to the feeders.  I sat on the bench tucked between the hostas to admire a female house finch who was drinking at the  bird bath.

Peonies are wonderful gorgeous flowers.  I had to cut stems that had fallen under the heavy pouring rain.  They made beautiful bouquets.

As I walked along lavender plants I couldn’t resist sweeping my hands in them to diffuse their exquisite perfume.  Behind me, lilacs were dispersing their heavenly perfume.

A walk in the garden is always a nice quiet moment and a feast for the senses.

There is still four months ahead of me before I can delight again over the first bloom…

Wishing you all a nice, cozy and not too cold week !


I’m joining Mosaic Monday at Mary’s Dear Little Red House

And  Rebecca ‘s Simple As That, Simple Things Sunday 



30 comments on “Missing my flowers in the middle of winter

  1. free7one says:

    Ahhh, what nice pictures! I miss the flowers too. The good thing is, there are already buds on some of the bushes!

  2. Your flowers are so lush and beautiful. I was looking at some of my old garden photos too, just to get a dose of colour. But I’m fine with winter for awhile, knowing that spring will come again (with tulips, peonies, lilacs roses…).

  3. beautiful photos! loved seeing your flowers, especially on such a cold, snowy day here in Canada! 🙂 thanks for linking up with the simple things!

    • Thank you Rebecca, I’m glad you loved my flowers ! It is snowing here too, in St-Georges, Quebec. Thank you for hosting this party, we discover so much fantastic blogs with it, it wouldn’t be possible without parties like yours.

  4. Lovely bouquets. I miss my flowers too….

  5. Beautiful posies and I love your horses and dogs in your banner image…they are delightful!!!

    • Awww….Thank you so much Mary ! The dog with the horses was my beautiful Duncan, he passed away 3 years ago :(, and the dog in the middle is my little adorable Winny, he is 3 years old. Thanks for visiting !

  6. Shirley says:

    Seeing flowers in the midst of winter, especially this particularly cold day, brightens my spirits. I love your header photos of your shelties and horses!

    Thanks for visiting. I have never been to Quebec either, but I certainly want to go one day. I hear the winter festivals are amazing!

    • Thank you so much Shirley for following me, what a nice surprise !
      Yes, sometimes we just need a little something to lift our spirit and brighten our day, I’m glad this post could bring you that. We never know what our words and photos can bring to others when we prepare a post, that’s why comments are so important to us.
      The Quebec Carnaval is very popular in Quebec city, and the festival Montréal En Lumière is also very popular in Montreal. I’m sure there are other festivals other than those two.
      The shelties are my dogs, the one with the horses died 3 years ago (I still miss him), the other is my sweet little Winny, he is 3 years old.
      Have a nice evening !

  7. Shirley says:

    I am following your blog via email. 🙂

  8. Gwladys says:

    Quel pur bonheur la vision de ces bouquets par une journée d’hiver grise et pluvieuse ! On en humerait presque le parfum…

  9. Jenna says:

    After reading this post, I feel as if I was strolling through your garden. Beautiful photos and beautifully written. I have winter days where I ache for flowers and especially for birdsong. Thank you for bringing these wonderful comforts closer to me today. Funny timing, as I have been looking at songbird videos on YouTube today. It’s very cold outside, so these things seem a nice reminder that spring will be upon us soon. Thanks for the uplifting post. 🙂

    • Thank you Jenna ! It’s always a pleasure to read your comments, I appreciate them very much ! Oh yes I miss the birdsong too ! I have birds because I feed them but they don’t sing much in winter. I was just thinking today maybe I should listen to birdsong and water sounds dvd’s, it’s so relaxing and uplifting too. I should go to YouTube now and then, like you did, and replenish with nature sound.

  10. beautiful photos indeed, and very refreshing. enjoyed all the bright colors while walking in the garden 🙂

  11. Judy says:

    Wow, Jocelyn…stunning photos and gorgeous flowers! Such a lovely sight in mid-winter. You have such an eye for photo shoots and camera angles….I am always impressed when I visit your blog. You really inspire me!

  12. I agree with everybody—the flowers are beautiful and you take great pictures. Have you made these your screen saver? It’s a great way to see things you love.

    • Thanks for the compliment Patti ! 🙂
      I haven’t think of making these photos my screen saver, how haven’t I thought of that ? I’m always looking for nice photos on the internet for screen savers and it never occur to use mine ! The only one I have is the horses in my header…
      Thanks for the idea Patti, I’m changing my screen saver today !

  13. Judy says:

    Jocelyn…..I wanted to tell you I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award…Congrats! http://jayjaysfavorites.wordpress.com Come to my page to see… 😉

  14. kvisionphotography says:

    Hey thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment! I really like your photos, especially the one with the Goldfinch in the tree! You’re really good 🙂

    • Thank you very much Clint and thanks for visiting !
      I took the photo of the goldfinch many years ago with my old SLR and was very pleased with it. For the moment I take my photos with a point and shoot 😦 but I’m hoping to buy a DSLR (pentax) next summer, so my pictures will be better, well…I hope so !

  15. Sophy says:

    So pretty! This post really make me long for spring.

  16. What gorgeous peonies ! Makes me want to go out and work on creating a cutting garden.

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