Clouds are angels’ drawings

Hello my dear friends !

Do you love clouds ?

I love them !  🙂

I prefer a beautiful sunny day with lots of decorative clouds (but not rain or storm clouds !) than a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in sight.  I like them puffy and it amazes me to see the many different shapes they can turn into.  When the wind blows gently the angels are playing and drawing in the clouds all kind of animals.  Do you like lying on a hammock on a lazy summer day,  just thinking of nothing and gazing at the clouds to find a dog, a rabbit, a cat or maybe an elephant ?  And isn’t it the most magnificent spectacle   when, at sunset, the sky and clouds are bathed in heavenly hues ?

The next two photos have way too much blue in them.  I tried to desaturate them a little to obtain a more realistic photo but I prefer them with too much blue by far.  They have such a dramatic effect ! I see them more as artistic photos where creativity knows no boundaries and where it is expressed and reflected through my photo editing.

The only time I prefer a cloudless sky is when I look at our beautiful and mysterious moon…

Isn’t it a beautiful planet we live on ?

Don’t forget to look at the sunset tonight, or maybe the sunrise tomorrow morning ?  Have a beautiful day everyone !


I’m joining Skywatch Friday at Bluff Area Daily

I used Happy Heart texture from Kim Klassen on some of these photos.


41 comments on “Clouds are angels’ drawings

  1. I love clouds too, they are so fun to watch! I wish I could write in my resume, under interests, “Staring up at the sky and find interesting shapes in clouds while taking pictures of them.” The world is truly beautiful 😉

  2. Wonderful photos ! A bientôt. Amicalement. Evelyne

  3. Loving your post – beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Margie says:

    Lovely post Jocelyne! I am always pretty darned close to nature if I can help it!

  5. Vanille says:

    Quelles sont belles toutes ces photos!! Celles ci qui sont “nuageuses” et toutes les autres, j’adore!!! Bravo et bonne continuation. A bientôt.

  6. The Complicated says:

    Beautiful pictures. . . . I loved the ‘blue’ ones too. .:-)

  7. Judy says:

    Oh I just love clouds! I think we’ve talked about that before! Yours are outstanding! And the blues….ah…they are wonderful images! The first one looks deep and moody! Wonderful photos!

  8. Judy says:

    That’s cool! I went to Skywatch! So did you enter one of the photos above?

  9. There’s just something about clouds… 🙂 **

  10. Valerie says:

    (Better late than never with a comment!) These latter blue ones are just exquisite! Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend

  11. Beautiful skies.

    Regards and best wishes

  12. Jenna says:

    What a wonderful post. Yes, I absolutely love clouds and sunsets and sunrises. I have hundreds of photos of the sky, especially sunsets, in my collection of photos. It is always changing, never quite the same. How amazing is that? The sky is a gift. Jocelyne, you make me glad I was outside getting photos of the sky just minutes ago. We had a quick, passing thunderstorm, and to the west, the clouds broke to reveal a beautiful, glowing ridge on the clouds. The sky became very pink, and it was lovely!

    Thanks for this post. It is inspiring. 🙂

    • I know you love sunsets and sunrises, your last post on the subject was amazing with all the yellows and oranges, it was as if the sky was on fire ! I love what you said “The sky is a gift”, it’s so true !
      Thank you Jenna, I’m glad you found my post inspiring !

  13. You have such a wonderful array of beautiful sky shots. The colours are fabulous! (It’s just shades of grey clouds here.)

  14. I love these cloud photos ! A great nature photographer suggested that one has a portfolio of sky shots so that you could photoshop them into photos that had ‘bad sky’ days.

  15. Becky Sue says:

    Gorgeous skies! I think that I take the clouds for granted. I’m going to pay them greater respect in the future.

  16. georgiannalane says:

    Hello, Jocelyne! Such magical images! And I agree with you – clouds are endlessly fascinating and are what makes the sky so special. I do like your saturated ones, too. 🙂

    Have a beautiful weekend!


    – g

    • Thank you Georgianna ! It’s funny, I hesitated on sharing the blue ones, I’m not sure why. I believe I was afraid everybody would think it was exaggerated but it turned out many found them beautiful !
      Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it, it’s very nice of you to take time to visit and leave a comment.
      Have a beautiful weekend too !

  17. Love the montage, Jocelyne, but I’m afraid for me, clear blue cloudless skies, with the sun shining, is the most wonderful thing! Little fluffy ones with blue sky are also beautiful and make for good photographs. I was wondering about our difference in opinion, and wondering why this was the case. For me, because most of the days in the year in the UK are grey and overcast with cloud and rain, I just love the few days we have with pure, deep blue skies, or when we travel south to warmer climes! Just a matter of opinion, I guess, and thank goodness we are all different, with differing opinions! What a boring old world it would be if we were all the same!



    • I so agree with you John, It would be crazy boring ! And I love people like you who share their opinions because if we’re open-minded we can learn from them even if we don’t always agree !
      You have that much grey and overcast days in UK ? I often heard that but I didn’t thought it was that often. I understand your loving of clear cloudless skies then !
      But having that much rain also mean greener and luxuriant vegetation !

  18. Beautiful cloud pictures… I have been taking a lot of pictures of clouds… and I love storms and clouds during storms… Love your moon picture.. My husband thinks I am crazy as I am always out taking pictures… But pictures are like a thousand words.

    • I love what you said Marlys, that pictures are like a thousand words, it’s so true ! Keep taking those pictures even if people think you’re crazy 🙂 They just don’t always understand it’s a passion. I often think that my neighbors must say I’m crazy for taking so much pictures in my yard !
      Thanks for visiting !

  19. Wow, I missed this post before Jocelyne:) Beautiful 🙂 Clouds were one of the first inspirations for me to start photography. I wanted to capture some of their beauty, as you’ve done so well here. Plus your moon shot is out of this world 😉

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