Sleeping little Winny

Hello !

I just love puppies !  Aren’t they adorable ?  I thought I would present my little Winny since I sometimes mention him in my posts, but I will begin when he was a puppy at the age of three months.  I remember the first month we had him, when he wasn’t housebroken and I had to take him outside in the middle of the night at -25°C so he could pee.  And then I had to get up early in the morning (6 a.m. is pretty early for me !)  to watch and play with him because he wouldn’t want to sleep anymore.  I would take him outside to play in the snow and then he would be so tired that he’d fall asleep for a few hours.  This was when I took some photos of him sleeping.  He was so adorable, it was hard to resist kissing him to let him sleep !  And sometimes he would sleep in the most awkward places, and, of course, I couldn’t resist capturing the moment…

Enough with the photos, I’m trying to sleep here !

Sweet dreams…

Sleeping in the curtains…  This way no one sees me and I won’t be disturbed.

Sleeping on top of magazines… Very comfortable !

Maybe the smell knocked him out ?

Oooh…don’t kiss him Jocelyne, let him sleep !

Winny is now 3 years old, he has become a good and beautiful dog.

I have more photos to share, like when he plays with his ball and his friend Maya, an English cocker spaniel, but that will be in another post.

For now, I’m off to see the ducks on Chaudière river, they are many at this time of year, and of course Winny will come along.

I hope you’re having a great week-end !



37 comments on “Sleeping little Winny

  1. efratadenny says:

    Nice series of photos..

  2. niasunset says:

    So adorable and lovely. Blessing and Happiness for you all, Thank you, with my love, nia

  3. So cute ! Have a nice week ! Amicalement. Evelyne

  4. Margie says:

    Aw, aw, aw……What a great intro to Winny!

  5. Margie says:

    Jocelyne, I meant to tell you how much I love your header! Soooo cute and Eastery!

    • Oooh…Thank you so much Margie, I’m so glad to read that ! I haven’t seen any Easter header anywhere so far and I was afraid it would look too childish or too Eastery. But…I have a childlike side who needs to be expressed !

  6. photobach says:

    C’est une très jolie petite boule de poil

  7. I love puppies and what I love more is puppy bellies and cute sleeping faces and positions:) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jenna says:

    How wonderful to see these photos and hear about the stories of this beautiful dog. I’m so glad you posted this. There really isn’t anything cuter than a puppy, and your Winny is a special dog. Great photos, Jocelyne. I wouldn’t be able to resist giving him a hug or a kiss, either. So cute! I love the one of him sleeping in the curtain. I also like the ones of him sleeping on the shoes. My Oliver loves to nap on shoes. And then, he doesn’t like to give them up if someone needs to wear the shoes. 🙂

    Thanks for this happy post. Made me smile.

    • Thanks a lot Jeanna, I’m glad it made you smile ! What’s the deal with the shoes ? 🙂 How funny that your cat does the same thing ! Winny isn’t doing it anymore, he prefers more comfortable places to nap.
      Have a happy week Jenna ! I hope I have time to see your Jersey cow drawing tonight !

      • Jenna says:

        I don’t know what it is about shoes…Oliver pretty much claims them. Winny is smart to find a more comfortable place to sleep. Oliver doesn’t often lay in the most comfortable of places, as you’ll see in the newest post on my blog.

        Thanks for the comments on my blog and my Jersey cow. I really appreciate it!

  9. Judy says:

    Jocelyne….I don’t know how I missed this. I have to check and see if I’m getting your post notices by email. But then, I’m wending my way through more than 200 emails ;( .
    I love Winny! He’s so adorable. I love puppies and kittens and I love to take photos of them in different positions, too. I took so many of our Schnauzer when she was little, curled this way and that, on her back, too.
    And his little, plump belly! lol How could you keep your hands off?!! 😉 He is absolutely adorable.
    This is a beautiful post of your sweet puppy and how he grew up into a lovely young dog. I love it. And I love the collage too!

    • Thanks a lot Judy ! He is adorable but he also have faults, he barks a lot !! And he is afraid of cars, so when we walk he always try to “attack” them by trying to jump at them. He also barks at people in the street sometimes, I think it’s his way to greet them… ! Oh well…Maybe I should call Cesar Millan ? 🙂
      200 emails…that’s discouraging ! I don’t follow too many blogs because if I do I will want to see ALL the posts and I’ll stay in front of my computer ALL day long !
      I think WordPress are having glitches from time to time, it happened to me recently with one of Jenna’s post, I never saw it on my read blog tabs.
      I also love the collage but I loose image sharpness and quality when I do them, even if I use the higher resolution photos to create them.
      Thank you for your kind words Judy !

  10. Il est tout mignon ce chien ! Il a l’air de mener une vie de pacha !
    Je viens répondre avec quelque retard à tes commentaires sur mon blog qui m’ont fait très plaisir. Comme tu me l’as demandé, je vais te donner quelques infos sur “mon coin”, comme on dit dans ma région de Picardie. En fait, j’habite le département de l’Oise, en région de Picardie donc, près de Compiègne (à environ 80 kms de Paris). Nous avons une très grande forêt, dite domaniale, qui était fréquentée (pour la chasse notamment) par les rois de France et les grandes familles (la famille de Rotschild, notamment, y pratique encore la chasse à courre (beurk !)).
    Le château que j’ai photographié se trouve à Pierrefonds, village pittoresque de la forêt de Compiègne.
    Nous avons à Compiègne le Palais, très beau château d’époque ainsi qu’à Chantilly, autre ville, un très bel autre château. En fait, le département de l’Oise offre beaucoup d’attractions touristiques sur le plan architectural : églises, cathédrales, châteaux, parcs…
    Si tu veux en savoir plus, tu peux aller sur le site du Conseil Général de l’Oise, dans la rubrique tourisme.
    Voilà pour ce petit tour d’horizon.
    Je te souhaite un bon week-end. A bientôt. Amicalement. Evelyne

    • Oooooh…tu me fais rêver Evelyne, Il y a tant de belles choses à voir en France ! Les châteaux c’est si beau, on n’en a pas ici au Québec. On a bien le château Frontenac mais ce n’est pas un vieux château ! C’est ce que j’aime de l’Europe, l’histoire est omniprésente. Je ferai mon premier voyage en Europe dans 2 ans, j’irai à Paris pour 10 jours, j’ai tellement hâte !
      Merci d’avoir pris le temps de me répondre Evelyne, passe une belle semaine !

  11. Gretta Faun says:

    Aww…so fluffy and cuddly…cute…cute…cute…

  12. Vanille says:

    Petites boules de poils, ces compagnons sont trop craquants!!! Et maintenant, à 3 ans, il est devenu superbe!!! Bonne journée et à bientôt.

  13. Winny looks like my Meeshka! Meeshka is a cross btw Am. Eskimo and Sheltie. Is Winnie a Sheltie? He surely looks it. And Meeshka’s sister’s name is Maya. And they both are three year old. I love Shelties, they are so much fun, curious, a bit rambunctious and barky, but such a joy to have!

    • Yes he is a sheltie and I agree, they bark a lot ! But they are soooo adorable !
      Meeshka ( Oh, I love this name !) must be a very beautiful dog, Eskimo and Shelties are two beautiful breeds. So we both have Shelties and Mayas in our lives, that’s two things we have in common !
      Thanks for visiting Natalie, I appreciate it !

  14. Tania Smith says:

    Soooooo cute!!!! Arghh….I want to squeeze him! 🙂 Lovely shots of him in his random sleeping spots!

  15. Aw, shucks, Jocelyne! He is beautiful – both as a puppy and a young dog! We have two miniature poodles who are just a year old, and looking at your beautiful photographs makes me want to get their puppy photographs out and smile at them!



  16. dianne says:

    your little Winny is absolutely lovely.. : )

  17. iamlenise says:

    Adorable!! He looks so comfy..makes me miss winter snow and hot chocolate 🙂

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