Vintage mood

Hello dear friends !

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beginning of spring !  It has barely just begun here, so I still have some time to play with my photos before I have to turn my attention to the garden.

I like playing with my photos. I can spend many hours trying different effects, textures, filters and all sorts of adjustments.  I work with Corel PaintShop Pro X4 and it’s amazing all the things I can do with it.  In our digital age, photo editors have become the new dark-room.  For these photos I decided to give them a vintage mood.  I know…..vintage again !  But you know how I love everything old and shabby 🙂  All these wonderful old things, whether it be a piece of furniture, some fabrics, an heirloom dish or an old barn, they are all part of our history and heritage and that is what I wanted to celebrate.  What got me started in doing these vintage mood photos is my new dining set.  It is an antique reproduction and it really gives the room a sense of warmth and an inviting atmosphere.

This barn is located in St-Georges, it’s a beautiful old barn, just how I like them.  The winter scenery is at our local cross-country ski trails, the old wheel is on a yard in my neighborhood and the chair and oil lamp were photographed at my boyfriend’s cousin’s sugar shack (This gives you a hint of my next post 😉  I included the before photos (always the 1st photo) so you can see the difference.

With spring and summer coming our way I won’t have as much time as now to play with my photos.  My priorities will be outdoor activities like gardening, kayaking, painting the picket fence, going on bike rides and day trips and relaxing in the spa.  But I love to play with my photos, so you can bet you will see more of these !

I finally found a font I like for signing my photos.  I think it’s lovely and so flamboyant !  There are many fonts you can download for free on dafont website, but you have to verify the terms of use with the creator of each font before using them.

Have a fun week, and keep smiling, it’s spring !

Happy Easter !


I’m joining Mary at the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday

Kim Klassen’s textures were used on some of these photos.


30 comments on “Vintage mood

  1. Jenna says:

    I always love when you make a post, Jocelyne. I was impressed with these photos before you tweaked them. Of course, once I saw the changes you made, I was even more impressed. Excellent photos! Thanks, and I’ll keep on smiling.

    You really have an eye for vintage. I am a huge fan of vintage things, so images like these sing for me. 🙂 Well done!

    • Thank you Jenna, I’m glad you like the changes I’ve made and that I could impress you ! I’m blushing now 🙂
      So if you’re a fan of vintage like me I’m sure you wouldn’t get bored if I only showed vintage photos here 🙂 I know that I never get tired of them ! Maybe I could change the name of my blog for “The vintage blog” or “The vintage girl”, Hee Hee Hee !!
      Thank you for your comments, I always appreciate them very much !

  2. Bonjour Jocelyne,
    J’aime beaucoup ton montage-photos au charme joliment désuet. Je te souhaite de Joyeuses Pâques également. A bientôt. Amicalement. Evelyne

  3. georgiannalane says:

    Bonjour! I think you did a WONDERFUL job with these photos, Jocelyne. They have a great vintage feeling to them – I really love them. These are perfect for the “diptych” project. 🙂

    I am also torn between working on new images and playing in the garden. Who can stay inside in spring?


    – g

    • Oooh….Thank you SO MUCH Georgiannna ! If I would take photography class with you I would consider you a mentor, so your appreciation of these photos means a great deal to me ! 🙂
      It’s fun you mention the diptych project, that’s what I was thinking of when I made the collage. I suddenly realize I could do dyptych photos with some of them. I am very enthusiastic in trying diptych, it’s on my “to do” photography list, I will give it a try and do my best !

  4. JimR says:

    Great post Jocelyne. I love the vintage images.

  5. tomwhelan says:

    The montage looks great – even better than the originals. Except maybe the chair – love the angle you used on that one…

    • Thank you Tom ! It’s a pleasure when a highly talented photographer like you take time to visit and leave me a nice comment !
      Because there was only the chair in the photo, I tried to make it more interesting to look at by giving it this angle, I’m glad you like it !

  6. JillB says:

    Beautiful images!! (And thank you for visiting my blog!)

  7. These are beatufiful images!

  8. Your photos are just mesmorizing. I found myself drifting back to an earlier time with the historic look of some of your images. Each one creates a moody feel…

  9. Gitanjali says:

    I love that old chair and the processing on it 🙂

  10. leamuse says:

    Where I live, most things are “ancient”. My house is over 300 years but not considered old. 🙂
    Your photos are lovely and beg to be written about. Thanks for visiting one of my blogs. I’m glad you enjoyed the latest post.

  11. Another superb post, Jocelyne! I love the way that you look at ‘vintage’ objects, and make what most of us would totally ignore, into something that is interesting and beautiful! That takes a real artistic eye and skill!



    • Thanks a thousand times John ! It’s great you can appreciate my artistic twist in my photos ! I know not everybody loves altered photos and prefers original ones, but I really enjoy doing this and it really is a way for me to express my creativity !

  12. samacwns says:

    Love the viintage feel! It brings even more to the picture!

  13. Great photos, I love what you have created especially the old chair photo!

  14. Thank you so much Richard ! I’m very pleased with the result of that chair, it really looks like a 1900’s photograph !

  15. adrien94 says:

    very nice work!

  16. I love this post! I love everything vintage! I love even more that we are able to process a picture with a vintage style these days. Beautiful photos!

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