Fallen from the nest

Hello my friends !

The tree swallows are back !

Each spring it gives me great joy to see the return of the tree swallows.  I love hearing their chirping and witnessing their quarrels over the bird house with other swallows.  Since we have this bird house, the swallows have returned year after year to it to build their nest and care for their chicks.  Did you know that tree swallows always return to their birthplace to build their nest ?  The same is true for cardinals.

While the swallows are quarreling over the bird house, (and it will last for at least a month) other species have already built their nests and produced some eggs. While I was looking at the growth of my plants in one of my flower beds I found a cute little pale blue egg.  Two weeks ago I had noticed a common starling was building a nest in my stove fan exhaust which is right above where I found the little egg.  I didn’t try to destroy the nest, what harm could it be doing ?  Did the egg fall from this nest ?  I’m inclined to think so because there are no big trees or shrubs or cedar hedge near that flower bed.  The egg is in perfect condition, it’s such a cute little egg, so I decided to keep it.  I can picture my boyfriend smiling when he will read this…Well, he’s used to my eccentricities.  After all, I once returned home from a walk in the woods with a deer skull in a bag, and a few days later I once again returned with the jawbone and teeth that were missing from the skull !

Many years ago I had also kept a beautiful nest I had found in my backyard.  Unfortunately I don’t know which species it belonged to, but while I was looking at how the nest was built I had the (big) surprise to see some of my dog’s hair in the bottom of the nest.  I’m positive it is my earlier dog’s hair, it’s the exact same colours and texture.  The bird hadn’t just deposited the hair in the bottom, it had weaved it in the nest from under it and it covered a little spot where the egg would lie, rendering it soft for the little chick to be born.  Isn’t it the sweetest thing ?  I thought that the little egg and nest would make beautiful photos, so I went back in the house to grab the nest and my camera.

To build their nests, swallows (and other birds too) can use different materials.  You can hang wool threads from branches or simply place them on the ground and there’s good chance swallows will use them.  You can also scatter hair from your dog or cat on the ground.  If you have a bird house you must clean it and remove the nest once the birds are gone.

I wish you all a nice week !


I’m joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday

p.s.  I keep the little egg in my home. I hope it won’t hatch, I would have a chick to feed…:)


35 comments on “Fallen from the nest

  1. pretty mosaic! hope the birds are all ok 🙂

  2. Great photos and beautiful swallows.

  3. Jenna says:

    That is an adorable little egg. I always keep those sorts of things, too. A wonderful find with that nest made partly with your late dog’s hair. What a wonderful find and a great legacy for you and your dog. 🙂 When my mom would give us haircuts as kids, she would often throw the clippings outside so the birds could use them for their nests. They certainly know how to put everything to use. What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing. (Does your blog have a new theme? It looks different and nice, too!)

    • Our hair ! Of course ! I was trying to think about what other materials birds can use and I never thought of our hair, that’s a great idea and I might just to the same as your mother did. I guess I’ll have to ask my hairdresser to give me my hair clippings !
      Yes Jenna, I changed theme, it’s Quintus but I’m not sure yet if I’ll keep it. I have to change my header photo now that the blog name is in the middle of the header.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Jenna, it’s always very appreciated !

  4. tingsgrove says:

    Oh I am so happy that I stopped by! I ADORE Tree Swallows, I adore all Swallows and these are magnificent shares!

  5. tingsgrove says:

    BTW, shhhh don’t tell, but I collect all of those nature things as well;’)~

  6. Anne Jutras says:

    Bonjour Jocelyne,

    Quelle belle série d’images! Ton histoire me rappelle mon enfance où j’ai grandis à la campagne. Il y avait un couple d’hirondelle qui revenait tous les printemps nidifier dans un des vieux bâtiments de la ferme. Je me réjouissais de les voir revenir. J’ignorais qu’ils étaient fidèles à leur habitat. Mon amoureux et moi sommes donc choyés, parce que mes voisins ont un couple de cardinal que nous prenons plaisir à observer. Ils viennent manger régulièrement sur notre balcon. Un pur bonheur!

    Tes photos sont ravissantes! J’aime le montage que tu as fait en guise d’introduction et puis les délicats arrangements que tu as fait avec le nid et son œuf. L’affiche des hirondelles est magnifique!

    J’imagine que tu vas suivre de près nos petits amis et revenir avec d’autres photos. 😉

    Je te souhaite une superbe semaine! Tourlou!


    • Eh bien, je suis pas mal jalouse, je n’ai aucun cardinaux qui viennent manger dans ma cour ! Depuis 9 ans que je suis ici, seulement 3 fois j’ai vu un cardinal mâle et il n’est pas resté longtemps. Un cardinal aux 3 ans, pfffffffff… 🙂
      Je suis bien contente que tu aimes ces photos, il y a 2 semaines j’ai reçu ma nouvelle caméra (une Pentax K-5) et je ne veux pas l’utiliser en Auto donc je suis en plein apprentissage et c’est tellement différent d’une “Point and shoot”. J’ai beaucoup à apprendre, j’en ai pour au moins 30 ans 🙂
      N’est-ce pas qu’elle est belle cette affiche ? C’est une image digitale que j’ai acheté sur Etsy et que j’ai imprimé sur un papier de qualité.
      Je vais sûrement tenter de prendre des photos des hirondelles, elles sont facile à photographier, elles ne sont pas peureuses.
      Une belle semaine à toi aussi Anne !

  7. S Joe says:

    Wow! I love birds. The photos and the post are lovely

  8. JimR says:

    Nice post Jocelyne, with lovely images.

  9. Margie says:

    Jocelyne, I am a bird nut so I adore these beautiful photos and your collage!!

  10. Hi Jocelyne! This was such a pretty collage 🙂 the swallows are so cute they have such a pretty blue color. Imagine that, they used some dog hair on their nest! They sure are smart and creative! Keep us updated if they do hatch!
    Have a nice weekend ^^

    • Thank you Adri ! Oh I’m sure the swallows will have chicks. Since we have that birdhouse, each year we saw the swallows preparing the nest and feeding their chicks. I’ll try to take photos of them.
      Have a nice weekend too !

  11. Very nice photos and arrangements and nice words you wrote about, l like it a lot.
    have a nice weekend, Thee

  12. riverboat38 says:

    What a lovely story about finding your dog’s fur lining the nest for the would-be chicks. The starlings are beautiful. I’m afraid we don’t see them here, or they’re very good at being inconspicuous! Lovely photos!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog today!

  13. preety92 says:

    Great photos, and beautiful collage! A lovely post! 🙂

  14. Your last still life shot is beautifully composed

  15. Such gorgeous colours on those sweet birds! (And wonderful capture by you, of course!)
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Judy says:

    Jocelyne….I love the swallows. We have swallows that swoop and dive when the lawn is being mowed..to catch the bugs that are disturbed in the mowing! The color of your swallows is gorgeous! I love birds. We have feeders near our windows and watch them daily. We also have birdhouses, but I didn’t realize I had to clean them! Don’t birds hire Bird House Cleaners?
    Your photos are wonderful. I love the collage. I found a blue, broken egg in the garden a few days ago….I’m hoping the babe is okay. I searched but could not find a nest.
    I love your dog hair story. So sweet. When our kids were little we took the “after” Christmas tree and decked it out for the birds. Bird food, strings, yarn, ribbon for nests, suet, oranges, etc. It looked just as pretty as a real Christmas Tree! And the birds loved it.

    • Hi Judy ! 🙂
      Bird house cleaners, LOL ! It’s preferable to clean the birdhouses because there’s always the possibility that one of the chiks didn’t survive. It happened once in one of my birdhouses, I found a dead swallow 😦 I also feed birds, I have been feeding them for the past 20 years, but in summer I have problems with the raccoons… They throw the feeders to the ground and break them. Yesterday I saw an Indigo Bunting, such a beautiful bird ! And I love the little hummingbirds ! It’s fun to see the swallow dive, I love having them around the house. Your “after” Christmas tree is a great idea ! I might just do the same next winter and it must be beautiful to look at !
      I have to tell you the rest of the story about the nest in my stove fan… One morning last week, 7 am, I hear some loud scratchings in the house. What the heck is that ?, but then it stopped. Later, I hear again scratching and a bird cry and I realize it’s coming from my stove fan. When I remove the filters of the fan, 2 common starling babies escape and are flying all over the house ! I catch one and put him in the flower bed close to where the nest is, then I have to catch the other one who is now in the basement. I was able to catch him too and took him to the flower bed. A week after, again I hear the same scratchings, 6 am in the morning…Oh no ! Another one ! I could catch him too, he was crying and trying to bite my fingers as I took him outside the house. Now I hope there aren’t anymore babies ! What a story !
      Thanks for stopping by Judy, it’s always very appreciated !

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