Spring renewal

Hello everybody !

The month of May is a very busy month with all the gardening chores, but I found time to take a few photos around the yard.

Each spring I am always amazed to see the rapid growth of plants.  Young and tender soft green leaves, white, pink or red flower buds, bright yellow  and strong dandelions, all seem to stretch toward the long-awaited warmth of the sun rays.  I like to stroll in my yard to check if all plants, trees, shrubs and buds made it through winter and are growing well.  During these strolls, if I bring my camera with me it quickly transforms into a photography session where I try to capture the beauty of nature’s vibrant awakening.

These photos were taken ten days ago, the buds are now fully open.  It’s so good to see greenery everywhere, hear the many bird songs and the sound of leaves dancing in the wind !  It’s spring my friends, it’s time to open all the windows and smile at the sun with our heart and arms wide-open !

Happy spring to all of you !



20 comments on “Spring renewal

  1. iamlenise says:

    These are stunning..Your eye for capturing the moment is amazing 🙂

  2. Très jolies photos, comme toujours qui reflètent bien le réveil de Mère Nature ! Le temps dans mon “coin de Picardie” est plutôt changeant et le soleil fait quelques apparitions entre deux averses ! Cela ressemble plutôt à une fin d’hiver qu’à un début de printemps mais, comme nous risquions la sécheresse, prenons l’eau qui tombe comme un cadeau du ciel. A bientôt. Amicalement. Evelyne

    • Merci beaucoup Evelyne ! C’est sûr que s’il y avait menace de sécheresse la pluie est la bienvenue, mais un beau printemps ensoleillé c’est si plaisant ! J’espère que toute cette pluie cessera bientôt pour que vous puissiez profiter de beaux jours ensoleillés !

  3. Jenna says:

    Jocelyne, you know how much I love photos of plants, flowers, trees, and especially macro shots of these things. Obviously, I loved this post! Your photos are stunning and have such a lovely feel to them. It is an absolutely beautiful time of the year, and I am happy you have been out to embrace it and have taken some photos for us to enjoy. Thank you and happy spring to you too!

    • Thank you Jenna 🙂 Yes, I noticed how much you love everything green ! 😉
      It’s great to have warm weather and take photos of nature’s beauties. Macro shots are so much fun, it really isolate the subject, revealing all it’s beauty.
      Have a great week-end !

  4. Anne Jutras says:

    awww… le printemps, la chaleur, le soleil, le vent doux, les odeurs qui nous enchantent, comme ça fait du bien! Belle série d’image, Jocelyne, j’aime particulièrement les pots de fleurs, c’est un joli composition, l’arrière plan se marie bien au sujet. La texture que tu as rajouté au pissenlit et à la dernière image, est superbe! Moi aussi, j’aime beaucoup jouer avec les textures, ça ajoute une belle finition.

    Il fera beau ce week-end, profites-en bien!
    Bisous xxx

    • Mets-en que ça fait du bien ! 🙂
      Ah ! les arrières plans…c’est ce qui me donne le plus de trouble avec les photos prises à l’intérieur, pas facile de trouver le bon arrière plan avec la bonne lumière…
      Moi aussi j’aime les textures, je devrais plutôt dire que j’adore les textures ! Je les collectionnent et j’arrête pas d’en acheter ! Parfois je m’amuse, je sors des photos et j’essaie des textures juste pour le plaisir 🙂 Je suis très contente que tu les aient trouvées belles !
      Merci beaucoup de ton beau commentaire et bonne fin de semaine à toi aussi. Je serai à Montréal pour visiter ma famille et peut être que j’irai au Jardin Botanique Awwww…. 🙂

  5. Heather says:

    Stunning photos!

  6. Great color, focus and choice of subjects!

  7. Beautiful shots and I love the textures so skillfullly applied

  8. very inspiring , good done .

  9. Judy says:

    Wow. I love this series Jocelyne! The photos are sooo soft and lovely. I’m at a loss as how to get that soft look. I love it. It just works so perfectly with your whole blog…inspired and pretty.

    • Thank you thank you Judy ! 🙂
      For the softness, do you use a large aperture when you do macro ? Large apertures will result in lots of blurr and will give that soft look we love. But I’m sure you already know that 🙂 For these photos I had an aperture of 3.5 or 4.5 and all these shots were taken in late afternoon when the sun is softer. Another way of adding softness is to blend a color layer at a low opacity in your photo. For example,in the second photo of the branch in the bottle, I added a pale pink color on a layer that I blended at Soft Light at a low opacity, 20 I think. Adding some textures also help sometimes to achieve that soft look. Do you know Florabella Collections ? She sold lots of actions specifically designed for Photoshop and many of her actions have that beautiful softness in them. They all come in layers and you just have to choose which one’s you want to add to your photo. It’s lovely ! She has some video tutorials we can watch on her website.
      http://www.florabellacollection.com/photoshop-actions.html She also sold textures, papers and frames and you can find her on Facebook.
      Thanks again Judy for your lovely comments !

      • Judy says:

        I was guessing you had a large aperture. Ok! But do you have Photoshop Elements or reg. Photoshop?
        I have to get a PSE book for dummies, because I have yet to figure out the layer thing. Thanks for the link!
        You are always so helpful !

  10. I don’t have Photoshop, I work with Corel Paint Shop Pro X4 but I’m thinking of buying Photoshop Elements to be able to use the actions. I highly recommend you buy a book to learn layers or anything else, it’s so much easier that way ! At first I tried to learn Corel with some tutorials I found on the net but it was driving me crazy ! The book really helped me learn each step, one at a time.
    I’m sure you would love working with textures and actions, the possibilities are endless. At first layers looks intimidating but they’re not, really, it’s not that difficult. It took me about 2 months to really be comfortable working with them. I have many other links of photographers who sells textures and actions, ask me if you’re interested.

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