Still life photos with iris and lilac

Hello dear friends !

Like photography, gardening is another passion of mine.  Every day I tour my garden and check the growth of each plant.  I like to witness every stage of a plant’s growth up until its apotheosis, the blooming of its beautiful flowers.  Irises, among other plants, are blooming right now and I captured them bathing in the soft light at the end of day.

I also wanted to do a still life photo with a very old book of mine.  It’s an almanach dating back to 1915 which has been in my family for quite some time.  The book has been fragilized with the passing of time, its jacket has many wears and tears.  Its binding is not too bad considering its age, but I rarely open the book to try to preserve and keep it in the best possible condition.

I also did a bouquet with  lilacs to bring their sweet perfume into the house and also to photograph their gorgeousness.  I did some still life photos, here are two of them.

I was so glad when I saw this vintage music sheet with my name on it !

Here’s a little bouquet I made after I did some more still life photos with peonies and catmint from my garden

With all the summer activities like biking, kayaking, gardening and the many chores around the house, the pool and the evenings spent on the porch on the rocking chair, there’s not much time left for visiting blogs.  Summer is so short, something’s gotta give.  But next fall and winter I’ll have plenty of time to visit your wonderful blogs my friends !

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for Montreal where I’ll spent the whole week, I will be answering your comments when I come back.

A happy and sunny week to all of you !



47 comments on “Still life photos with iris and lilac

  1. Anne Jutras says:

    En effet, l’été passe très très vite et le temps que l’on dispose pour commenter se réduit. On préfère flâner dehors et c’est tout à fait normal!

    J’aime beaucoup les compositions que tu as fait avec le lilas et les feuilles de note de musique, c’est une excellente idée. J’aime particulièrement ta dernière photo, tu es vraiment doué pour faire des arrangements et relever la beauté d’un simple bouquet de fleur. Ça très vintage et romantique. Un vrai coup de coeur!

    Je te souhaite un agréable séjour à Montréal, une semaine en ville… avec la chaleur et tout, ouf!!!! J’espère qu’ils ont l’air climatisé où tu te rends. 😉

    Bisous xx

    • Merci beaucoup Anne ! Les vieilles feuilles de musique font toujours de si belles photos, j’en ai fait avec un violon aussi. Ça me fait très plaisir le beau commentaire que tu m’as fait sur mon petit bouquet, j’en ai souvent dans la maison, j’adore faire des bouquets.
      Non…..ils n’ont pas l’air climatisé….Je sens que je vais capoter, moi qui est habituée à toujours avoir un beau courant d’air dans la maison et qui passe mon temps dehors ou dans la piscine. Je vais aider ma soeur à déménager et je serai enfermée dans un appartement toute la semaine… Aujourd’hui j’ai fait le plein de grands espaces et d’air pur en me promenant sur la rivière en kayak, j’essaierai de me rappeler ces moments pendant que j’emballerai dans un appartement étouffant !
      Merci de ton beau commentaire Anne et bonne semaine !

      • Anne Jutras says:

        De rien, ma chère! Je te souhaite une belle semaine chez ta soeur. Il n’y aura peut-être pas d’air climatisé, mais tu seras en bonne compagnie. La ville, ce n’est pas si pire… il y a sûrement un coin de verdure pas loin et un bon p’tit café pour prendre une boisson rafraîchissante. 😉

  2. 1cruzdelsur says:

    You have captured the beauty of the flowers beautifully. The colors of the 2nd picture are very beautiful. Good trip to Montreal, greetings to you from the far south.
    Au revoir

  3. bocotypo says:

    The flowers would be proud of how you represented them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely lovely.

  5. montucky says:

    I love the photos with the book!

  6. photobach says:

    Très belle série, j’aime beaucoup

  7. JimR says:

    Lovely images Jocelyne. Nice compositions and beautiful colours.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Encore une fois, tes photos sont merveilleuses. Tu es talentueuse ma chère Jojo… et comme je le constate, tu as plusieurs admirateurs. Mais, moi, je suis la plus chanceuse d’entres tous…. puisque tu es mon amie !!!

  9. PJ Girl says:

    Such beautiful pictures… I really need to practice my photography!

  10. Jenna says:

    I always look forward to checking your blog, Jocelyne. Your posts never disappoint! This one is no exception. Those still life photos are incredible. I am such a fan of old things and books, so to see old books is the best of both worlds. The flowers are just glowing in that warm light, and the sheet music with the lilacs is probably my favorite. Keep taking photos and please keep posting them. You have a wonderful gift. I am happy you’re enjoying summer. Have a great week in Montreal!

    • Hi Jenna ! 🙂 I’m glad to hear my posts never disappoint you ! I have some ideas of photos I want to share but I never know if it’s going to be interesting for others, so I’m glad to hear that !
      Oh my…my week in Montreal was HOT ! I was helping my sister, she was moving. We had to pack everything and it was crazy hot !
      Thank you so much Jenna, I am touched by your words on my photography and it means a lot to me, really. It’s compliments like these which pushes me to try to learn and be better at photography.
      I will keep taking photos and sharing them, I enjoy it so much !
      Have a great week-end !

  11. Beautiful Flower Photos – Have a Great Day:)

  12. Judy says:

    Wonderful still life photos, Jocelyne! I always love looking at what you’ve come up with next! Your flowers are so soft and pretty and I love the sheet music! My catmint doesn’t look as pretty as yours! Your photography is just awesome!

    • Judy says:

      PS…Have a fabulous trip to Montreal! I love that city! (but it’s been years since I was there) It’s so beautiful.

      • My trip to Montreal was pretty ordinary, I was helping my sister, she was moving and it was very very hot. We had 44 degrees Celcius (with humidex) and no air conditioner !
        I love Montreal too, I was born there and lived in the city until I was 8 years old. I also worked there for 9 years when I was in my twenties. Now I go to Montreal about 3 or 4 times a year to visit my family and I’m always so happy when I arrive and cross the Jacques Cartier bridge where we have a beautiful view of the city.

      • Judy says:

        I just lost the reply! grrr. Starting again! The city is so beautiful. I was 21 when I was there. My family camped outside of the city. We were there to see Expo, and to visit all the gorgeous buildings and parks in the city. I was head over heels in love with the grandeur of Montreal. To me it seemed like what a European city must be like! Last week my husband and I were talking about visiting Quebec someday. We’d both like to do that. That certainly was hot weather….ugh! Glad you could help your sister, though. How neat you were born there!

    • I finally reply to your comment Judy, better late than never ! It was a busy week-end, yesterday I went to my in-law’s for another photo shoot and today was another busy day with another photo shoot of my peonies !
      Thank you so much for your appreciation and compliments on my photos, it means a great deal to me, thank you !
      My catmint looks pretty this year because no cats rolled in it ! 🙂

      • If you visit Quebec you will love the old Quebec city, it has a great European feel to it with architecture dating back to the 1600’s. I live an hour drive from old Quebec and when I go I like to spend the whole day there !

  13. Finding a sheet of music with your name was certainly a fortunate event. I enjoyed my stop here, seeing your beautiful photos of flowers and the the treasured book.

  14. Je découvre ton blog, et j’y reviendrai. J’aime beaucoup tes compositions avec le livre ancien. Tes photos sont superbes.
    Ma fille est actuellement vers Québec pour y travailler durant l’été. Elle est ravie de l’accueil qu’on lui résèrve.
    A une prochaine fois, avec plaisir.

    • Merci beaucoup Val, ton commentaire me fait vraiment plaisir !
      J’espère que ta fille passera un très bel été chez-nous et qu’elle aura le temps de visiter notre coin de pays. Moi j’ai bien hâte d’aller dans votre beau pays, je commencerai avec Paris dans 2 ans, j’y serai pour 10 jours et j’ai très hâte !
      Moi aussi je retournerai sur ton blog que j’ai beaucoup aimé. Passe une très belle semaine !

  15. Hi Jocelyn, I love your still life photos – beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful time in Montreal. Don’t worry about visiting – enjoy the summer! It is always too short. 🙂

    • You’re right Georgianna, summer is so short and I shouldn’t worry. I’m enjoying summer, today I went kayaking on Chaudière river, it was so beautiful ! My week in Montreal was OK but I didn’t saw much because I was helping my sister moving and it was very hot !
      I’m glad you love my still life photos and thank you for taking the time to visit !

  16. bleuemarie says:

    Merci de ta visite et de tes mots gentiment déposés.
    Je découvre ton blog avec grand plaisir…les jardins, les fleurs + la photo, mais c’est tout moi ça 🙂


    • Oh, merci beaucoup Marie ! Il y a déjà un petit moment que je te voyais dans les commentaires du blog d’Anne, j’aurais dû cliquer sur ton nom bien avant ! Merci de me suivre, c’est très apprécié !

  17. Wow! Is that your kitchen in the last picture? It’s so pretty the colors are so cute! I always wanted a kitchen like this 🙂 mine is just white. I should remodel it!

    • Adri Hi ! What a coincidence, I was thinking of you today, I will visit your blog tonight or this weekend. Yes, it’s my kitchen with my brand new dining set 🙂 But I’ll have the walls painted in a cream colour soon. I had this beautiful colour for the past 9 years and I’m ready for a change now. I love white too, I’m a big big fan of shabby chic style where colour accents are on the decorative pillows, draperies, plates etc… If you love that style there is plenty of ideas on Pinterest !
      Thank you for visiting, It is always appreciated !

  18. Greetings. I can relate to your third picture in two ways. As a child I used to collect old almanacs (now almost all gone), and in recent years I’ve been extensively photographing native wildflowers. I’ve never combined the two things, however.

    Steve Schwartzman

    • Hi Steve 🙂
      I had this idea of combining these two after I saw some photos of flowers with books on a blog. I love the contrast between the iris and the old yellow pages of the almanac which comes from France.

  19. I love the the pictures you did with the book and music sheet… I would have never thought of doing it.. May have to steal your idea! :). Hope you don’t mind.

  20. janina says:

    I like the gentle style of these images, beautiful work, especially the final pic! Liked. :O)

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