Dear peonies…

Hello !

For me, peonies are among the most gorgeous flowers and even though the time they are in bloom is so short, they certainly deserve a place of choice in our gardens.  Each year I make wonderful bouquets and place them on my kitchen island and dining table.  Mother nature always helps to prompt me to make bouquets as she pours lots of rain, causing the peonies to bend to the ground.  Even though I tie them to prevent the stems to bend too much and break, many flowers fall to the ground.  Each year I await this moment when the clouds, heavy with loads of rain arrive and threatens to break into a storm.  I then know it is time to prepare and take the vases, teapots and creamers out of the cupboard.

Last Saturday I woke up at six a.m. and noticed the beautiful soft light of the morning sun.  I couldn’t resist and went outside to photograph some of my flowers.

Petunias, lilies and heliopsis

Morden Centennial rose bush

Crimson lilies

I hope you are all enjoying summer so far, I went kayaking last Sunday and will soon share some photos of this beautiful day on Chaudière river.

A happy week to all of you !


I’m joining Mary at Dear Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

I used Kim Klassen’s textures on some of these photos.  If you love working with textures go to her online shoppe where she has lots of beautiful textures you can buy.


44 comments on “Dear peonies…

  1. Beautiful Photos – Happy Tuesday:)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous shots!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bonsoir Jocelyne, merci pour tes jolis commentaires sur mon blog. Je vais bien mais comme j’ai repris mon activité d’assistante maternelle à mon domicile (nounou) de 2 jeunes enfants, j’ai moins de temps pour surfer sur le web, à mon grand regret. Abonnée à ton blog, j’ai vu tes magnifiques photos publiées ce jour. Nous avons des goûts en commun, semble-t-il !, j’aime aussi énormément les pivoines. Ta photo de pivoines sur la table avec une nappe en patchwork est tout simplement sublime. Pensées amicales. A bientôt. Evelyne

  4. JARDIN ANGLAIS - Evelyne says:

    Je suis l'”anonymous” reprise ci-avant LOL !!!!! J’ai oublié de préciser mes coordonnées. A +

  5. JimR says:

    Beautiful images Jocelyne. Amazing colours and nice compositions

  6. Madeleine says:

    Jocelyne,c’est superbe.

  7. Dany says:

    Tes photos sont tellement belles Jocelyne…. Je trouve que l’artiste en toi s’exprime de plus en plus! Continue à nous ravir avec tes belles compositions… et bravo.

  8. Jocelyne, I think peonies are such a wonderful flower. Your photos of them show their exquisite beauty so well. There is such a romantic, nostalgic feel to the pictures. Love this post!

    • Karen…You cannot begin to know how happy I am reading your comment ! This is exactly what I am aiming at with my flowers photos, a romantic and nostalgic feel. I am so glad you think they have that feel !

  9. Anne Jutras says:

    Je n’ai pas de fleur chez moi, mais à regarder les tiennes, j’aurais bien envie d’en avoir! 😉 Tu as un sens artistique développé et tu sais mettre en valeur des bouquets, particulièrement celui de la table. Les textures ajoutées sont sublimes.

    Merci du partage, je vais aller faire un tour. 🙂

    • Je suis ravie si j’ai pu t’inciter à avoir des fleurs Anne ! Peut-être pas un grand jardin mais seulement quelques-unes peut-être ? 😉 À chaque fois que je fais des photos de fleurs je ne peux résister à l’envie d’ajouter des textures, j’aime tellement leur effets sur celles-ci. Merci beaucoup de tes beaux compliments, ça fait tellement plaisir ! C’est fou mais je ne me suis jamais vue comme une personne avec un sens artistique, bizarre non ? Pour moi des arrangements de fleurs ça va de soi, c’est très facile et je pense toujours que tout le monde peut arriver à en faire autant !
      Peut-être que je me trompe finalement 🙂

  10. montucky says:

    Your peonies are lovely! Ours were beautiful this year, but are now just about gone. What wonderful blossoms they are!

  11. 1cruzdelsur says:

    These photographs are beautiful and delicate, are poetry to watch.

  12. Carlos, what a beautiful comment, thank you ! I love your sensibility and the way you express it with your words 🙂

  13. Salut Jocelyne! Beautiful! Such amazing shots 🙂 looks like you will make a wonderful wedding photographer! Such pretty colors!

    P.S I didn’t know you spoke French! I speak a little French, I took French classes for 4 years 🙂

    • Thank you Adri ! Oh….I’m not sure about the wedding photographer ! It must be sooooooo stressfull, there’s no place for failure in this kind of photography !
      Yes, I speak french, it’s my mother tongue. I live in french, I’m from province of Quebec where you find the most french people in Canada.

      • That’s awesome! I’ve only been to Vancouver, it is such a clean and wonderful place. We went to Stanley Park it was my favorite part of the trip! We also went on the Capilano Suspension Bridge! So many fun things to do in Canada. I want to visit the French side of Canada 🙂 it must feel like France!

    • Sounds like you had fun in Vancouver ! I never went there, I hope to go someday. If you ever visit the Province of Quebec and want a French feel, you have to visit the old Quebec in Quebec city. It has a very old European feel to it with architecture dating back to the 1600’s. And also the Old Montreal. I’m originally from Montreal where I go about 4 times a year to visit my family.

  14. Jenna says:

    Your floral photography only gets better with each post. These are so striking, Jocelyne! The pink peonies on the table are incredible! Truly breathtaking. Wonderful shots! I hope you are enjoying your summer too. Looking forward to those kayaking photos!

    • Jenna, thank you so much for your wonderful comment ! I have had such amazing responses from these photos, your comment is another great example of these responses and it’s really appreciated. Thank you Thank you ! 🙂

  15. Judy says:

    You know, it’s just a treat for me to come to your blog and see what exciting, lovely, beautiful things you’ve been up to! I look forward to it! This post on peonies is just outstanding, Jocelyne.
    I gasped when I saw the yellow ones. I’ve been on FB and saw some of the others, which are gorgeous, but I hadn’t seen the yellow ones. Stunning. All of your photos are just spectacular. You know just what to pair with the peonies too. That’s such a huge part of photography. I love the catmint and the little cream colored flowers. Your early morning photo session brought lovely bright, beautiful floral images….summer is finally here! 😉 Thanks for the link to Kim’s site. I followed her and signed up for the extras. I’m thinking about a class. Have you taken one? I didn’t look at prices, though. A lot of online photo classes are expensive. We’ll have to chat about what textures you have and then I’ll take a tutorial from her. yay! Thank you!

    • Judy, I’m not ignoring you 🙂 It’s a busy week-end ! I’ll respond soon !

      • Judy, what an amazing comment ! Thank you so much ! I am very touched by your wonderful compliments on my photography, it means a lot to me ! For me, knowing that you love my photography and enjoy visiting my blog is like receiving a beautiful gift and one that I treasure !
        I signed up for the free textures list on Kim’s site but I never took a class from her. If I take a class it will be with Georgianna Lane who is thinking of launching one but I don’t know when, so I save my money for this class 🙂 It’s true, classes can be expensive but we learn a lot from them so it’s worth it. I also look at tutorials from a few photographers like Sarah Gardner, R.H. West, Florabella and others. I have 31 textures from Kim Klassen so far and I love them ! I also have a collection of textures from RH West that I really love and some beautiful textures from Sarah Gardner. I have other links of photographers who sells textures, if you’re interested I could give you the links, just tell me. Have a great day Judy !
        p.s. I now have photoshop CS6, I’ll use it if I make a tutorial on my blog.

      • In the link below, Sarah Gardner explains how to add a texture to a photo in Photoshop. It’s easy !

      • Judy says:

        Jocelyne….you didn’t have to give me all this info!! But merci, merci, merci beaucoup! I love it! If you ever want to write me through email…here’s mine: That way it won’t make your comment section so full. I’ve got a page in my blog book now with Joceylne’s Recommendations! Photoshop CS6 is what I really want! But when will they ever make it for a Mac? Thanks again, dear friend!! I’m so excited to try new things!

      • I’m glad you added Jocelyne’s recommendations on your book page ! I like to share information with others ! I hope Photoshop makes CS6 available soon for Mac users… If you try textures tell me how it went, I’d love to see your photos . Here’s my e-mail address : Have a nice day !

  16. I always love your work Jocelyne 🙂 It’s always inspired and pretty, as are you 🙂

  17. tomwhelan says:

    The table still life images are particularly lovely and decorative – beautiful colors and light.

  18. drawandshoot says:

    One of my favourite flowers. Gorgeous!

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