Kayaking on Chaudière River

Hello dear friends !

During our last kayak excursion, I had brought my camera, not my very best camera though, I could never do that even if I have a dry bag.  It was a beautiful day with the sun shining high in the sky and I took a few photos.

Kayaking is something I was longing to do over the past fourteen years.  When I was living in La Baie, Saguenay, we once rented a tandem kayak, but on that day it was very windy.  The waves, even if small ones, were firmly drifting us further toward the sandbars and we couldn’t change direction because the kayak was defective and we didn’t know it.  So we ended up on the sandbars, unable to set off again because the waves kept pushing us backward.  While I waited there, Bob had to return on foot to the beach where we had departed to find help.  It took him about 45 minutes to get there and, luckily, the guy who had rented us the kayak had returned to the beach to see if we were okay, he was worried about us because of the strong winds. While I waited for Bob’s return, seated on a rock on the sandbars, I felt so at peace… I was alone admiring this wonderful landscape, hearing the forceful wind, the seagulls, the sound of the small waves crashing at my feet, and smelling this distinctive and unique odour emanating from the sandbars.  I remember this moment in my life as one of the most peaceful, of being the most centered and connected to nature, a pure moment of grace.   Now, when I am in my kayak, these feelings return to me.

Even with our misfortune, I never forgot how I had loved kayaking.  Finally, after 14 years, we could afford buying ourselves kayaks and this year is our first kayaking season.  Since we’re not experienced enough yet, we prefer rivers and lakes and we won’t go to the sea this year.  But next year we plan to go to Bar Harbor, Maine, and Les Grandes Bergeronnes in Saguenay to see the big blue whales, belugas and many other species of whales, and all that from our kayaks.  If you ever have a chance to go kayaking, don’t hesitate, it’s wonderful and so peaceful.

Our departure site.

Here I am, gaining some speed !

A view from my kayak

Bob taking a break and admiring the landscape

Our kayaks on the bank of the river.  At this point there is a little waterfall but I couldn’t approach it as there was too much turbulence on the water.

A big smile on my face, I love kayaking !

Our vacation are coming in a week and you can be sure kayaking will be on the menu !

To all of you who are on vacation right now, enjoy and have fun !



36 comments on “Kayaking on Chaudière River

  1. You look so peaceful and relaxed.

  2. Your description of kayaking makes me want to try it. It sounds like such a beautiful experience.

    • It really is Karen and I’m sure you would like it. The first time you embark in a kayak it can be a little scary at first, but just a little, because of the oscillation, but it’s not long before you get use to it.

  3. 1cruzdelsur says:

    It’s very interesting to read your post with the new changes. They are good pictures that convey tranquility. I live near the river and from childhood was related to water sports. Even belonged to the rowing team in my country. The river is always wonderful to paddle, even do it at night.
    Bonne navigation et beaucoup d’inspiration pour l’art dans votre blog.

    • Thank you Carlos ! You were in the rowing team, that’s awesome, it’s a wonderful sport. Going at night is a total different experience than going by day. I went at night only once and I adored it ! It was the full moon, it was so beautiful !
      Thank you for your kind words on my blog, I appreciate it a lot 🙂

  4. Anne Jutras says:

    Bonjour Jocelyne, quelle belle expérience et quelle belle acquisition! Bonne idée d’apporter une caméra de moindre importance, j’ai un ami qui a ainsi fait du kayak et à la dernière minute il a échappé son appareil à l’eau. Ce qu’il était malheureux! Heureusement pour lui, l’histoire c’est bien terminé sa garantie lui a remis un appareil plus récent. Mais quand même, vaut mieux ne pas prendre de chance. 😉

    J’ai trouvé ton anecdote intéressante, au lieu de paniqué seule sur le rocher, tu as apprécié le vent et la force qui émanait des éléments. Je ne sais pas si j’aurais été aussi brave que toi. lol Par contre, j’ai déjà fait du canot et la sensation de liberté et de calme est sans pareil!

    Mes vacances sont terminées. Déjà! J’espère que tu auras du beau temps comme j’en ai eu.

    Bisous xx

    • C’est curieux parce que je n’ai jamais eu peur sur les battures, même si je me demandais comment on allait sortir de là avec le kayak. Ce n’était pas vraiment épeurant parce que la route n’était pas très loin, on n’avait qu’à grimper une pente escarpée et on y était. Mais quand même, avec ce kayak ça n’aurait pas été de tout repos !
      Ah ! S’il fallait que j’échappe mon appreil à l’eau je pense que j’en pleurerais ! Une chance qu’il avait encore sa garantie, c’est pas donné ces caméras !
      Merci Anne pour ton commentaire, j’aime bien ça jaser avec toi !

  5. The first time I went kayaking was in Waterloo, Canada. We did a 12 km trail and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It was upstream on a sunny day, and we forgot to bring along our water bottles. Definitely an experience, that’s for sure!

    • Oh boy ! 12 km for a first time is a lot of kilometers ! I understand why it was the hardest thing. When we don’t have the proper techniques it’s more difficult, and without water bottles it must have been worse ! I hope you had more pleasant experiences afterward !
      Thanks for visiting !

  6. Have always wanted to try kayaking and my husband and I have thought about taking them out on Lake Superior… Maybe one of these days we will. I also have nominated you for the Addictive Blog Award… Here is the link for it.. http://marlys-thisandthat.blogspot.com/2012/07/addictive-blog-award.html

    • Marlys,, thank you so much for the award, how nice of you, thank you !
      Kayaking on Lake Superior would be a fantastic experience, don’t wait any longer, I’m sure you and your husband will love it !
      Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it !

  7. Its great when you do something you enjoy and invokes memories. It looks amazing and I have so often wanted to try sea kayaking/surfing. I really like the shot from within the kayak, totally different perspective.

    • The shot from within the kayak is a shot I had planned to do from the moment I purchased my kayak. I too love the perspective and next time I’ll try to make a shot where you see my arms, or one paddle, I might need the Go-Pro though !
      It is amazing James and you should give it a try !
      Thank you for your comment !

  8. fivereflections says:

    what a great post, you look like you are having a wonderful time.

    David in Maine USA

  9. montucky says:

    I’ve wanted to try that too! I think that river in the first photo would push me over the edge. How beautiful!

  10. Jenna says:

    How wonderful that you got a chance to go kayaking again, Jocelyne! Your joy and happiness show in the pictures. Great images and it looks like a beautiful place to see.

  11. I’m so happy to have my own kayak, it’s a dream came true, really ! And I can’t wait to go kayaking at sea next year, it will be a totally different experience than kayaking on a calm river. I hope you’re having a nice summer Jenna, !

  12. What a beautiful day! The water looks so calm and the scenery is spectacular! I cannot wait for my turn to have a vacation! I am hoping to go to Australia this December with my family for my birthday 🙂 hurry up December I am waiting for you 😀

    • Yes, the water is calm on that river, it’s the perfect place for beginners.
      Australia, Wow ! It’s a wonderful birthday gift, I understand your impatience for December to arrive 🙂 I hope we will see photos on your blog !

  13. tomwhelan says:

    I’m envious – I’ve been thinking about kayaking through the riverways around Boston, but I’ve never gotten around to it. Arcadia NP/Bar Harbor, Maine is wonderful – it’s also a huge place with lots of great scenery, allow lots of time.

  14. I hope you get a chance to go kayaking some day Tom, it’s a wonderful experience.
    I’m planning 3 or 4 days in Bar Harbor, I’m sure it’s not enough, we’ll have to return !

  15. I am trying kayaking for the first time on Monday. Your post has me so excited to get out on the water.

  16. Judy says:

    You look so happy! I’m glad you got your kayaks and were able to start this part of your journey! The river looks so peaceful. The photos are wonderful. I can almost feel the warmth of the sun!
    We’ve looked at kayaks for years, and have always wanted them. I’d like a tandem, DJ would like separate ones! 😉

    • Hi Judy ! Sorry for the delay to respond, I’m on vacation, I went to Saguenay and I had my niece and her boyfriend visiting.
      Yes, when I’m kayaking I’m always happy, I adore that ! If we’d lived closer you and DJ could use our kayaks to give it a try. I too wanted a tandem, It felt more secured, but now I prefer separate ones because you get to decide where you want to go, you are more free.
      Thank you Judy, I’m glad you’re back ! 🙂

  17. Judy says:

    Oh…Bar Harbor is wonderful! What a beautiful place to kayak!

  18. I have just discovered your blog! amazing photos!
    Love it!

    I will visit again your blog !
    Adrià Machado

  19. What a lovely post! Just like spending the day kayaking along with you 🙂 Love the shot of your boat from inside it. Pleasure to read you!

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