Wintry landscapes

Happy New Year to all of you !

My wish for you for this new year is that it may bring you peace, harmony, joy, inspiration, love, friendship, good health and great success in all you undertake !   Thank you for your presence on my blog and for all your comments, they are greatly appreciated !

The holidays are over and now is the beginning of a new year. And in the course of this new year there is one thing I would like to improve, one area in photography that is not my strong point, and that is landscape photography.  I seem to be struggling in knowing what makes a beautiful landscape photo.  Sometimes I’m sure a specific scenery will make a beautiful photo but it finally proves to be pretty ordinary, while, at other times, it is all the contrary.  How puzzling !

So, over the past few weeks I have started my journey into trying to improve landscape compositions and also training my eyes to see details, sometimes small details, that can enhance and completely change a landscape. Here are a few photos.

Cross-country ski trails

Cross-country trails

The church steeple of St-Joseph De Beauce

Winter scenery

The old barn at dusk

The old barn at dusk

The valley, St-Joseph De Beauce

The valley 2, St-Joseph De Beauce

St-Joseph de Beauce

St-Joseph de Beauce

Winter’s magic

Winter's magic

There are some great photography books and the one’s I’m reading right now are Christopher O’Donnell’s e-books, The Golden Hours : A guide to photographing the light of sunrises and sunsets.  If you want to know the secrets behind gorgeous sunrises/sunsets photos, this e-book is for you.  And The Art Of Bokeh : A guide to using shallow depths in landscape photography.  Christopher O’Donnell photography is simply superb and breathtaking, you can visit his website by clicking here.

It is now time for me to hit these cross-country ski trails !

Happy week-end everybody !



62 comments on “Wintry landscapes

  1. Jocelyne,

    I’m looking forward to even more photos of the Quebec countryside. Right now, “Mon Pays” is playing in my head after looking at these beautiful photographs. I think it’s great how you constantly want to learn more about photography.


    • Thank you so much Karen ! I am so happy these photos could bring on this song. “Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays c’est l’hiver” from Gilles Vigneault. It is so true, isn’t it ? 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words !

  2. Beautiful shots. On flickr I learned never to put the horizon in the middle of the shot. The top or lower 3rd makes it more interesting. My favorites are winters magic and the old barn at dusk.

    • Thank you very much Linda 🙂 Yes, the horizon and the rules of third, I often forget about this when I take photos ! There is so much to think of when we compose a shot. I’ll try to remember next time !

  3. Thanks for the link. His photography is wonderful. I love doing Bokeh shots.

    • You’re welcome Linda 🙂 I adore bokeh ! I’m thinking of buying a lensbaby. These lenses produces wonderful bokeh.

      • I had one and sold it. My best bokeh shots have been with a zoom lens tightly focused on an object in the foreground. Play with focal points so the bokeh has color and interesting composition.

      • Oh, you sold it ? I know these lenses produces special effects and the bokeh is rather intense. Sometimes I see photos taken with these lenses that I really love, and sometimes not that much. I’m still a bit undecided. They say it takes practice. When I see photos from Kathleen Clemons, (She uses lensbaby a lot, I have read it on her blog) then I’m sure I want one, but when I see photos on lensbaby website, then I’m not always so sure.

  4. Jenna says:

    Hello Jocelyne,

    Happy New Year! I hope you have all of the things you mentioned and more in the brand new year. As always, I greatly admire your photography. I never noticed any flaw in your landscape shots, but always thought they were beautiful.

    I suppose what makes landscapes a bit tricky to photograph at times is the fact that nature, while amazingly beautiful, is not perfect. There may always be some small thing that is a bit “off” for a composition. And yet, landscapes are made better by these imperfections in my opinion. Now I’m just rambling aimlessly. 😉 Beautiful photos, Jocelyne! Have you gotten your camera back yet?

    • Thank you Jenna ! Thank you so much for your encouragements on my photography. I think, like many artists of different branches, and I’m sure you can relate, I sometimes doubt my abilities in photography, and sometimes I just want to give up ! And when I receive such beautiful compliments as yours it helps me to realize that I’m not that bad after all ! 🙂 So thank you for all your encouraging words of the past year, they mean a lot !
      You’re right, nature isn’t always perfect, nothing in this world is always perfect !How boring if it was !
      No, I didn’t receive my camera yet 😦 It’s been 9 weeks since I send it away. I’m becoming impatient. Someone from the camera shop is suppose to call me tomorrow and I’ll send an e-mail to the company who does the repairs to see how it’s going. It’s so long, I really hope to get it back by the end of this month. Have a nice week Jenna !

  5. David says:

    Happy New Year!

    A beautiful set here. My favorites are the “Old Barn” and “Winter Magic”, especially Winter Magic.

  6. Evelyne says:

    Encore une belle “brochette” de photos, j’aime le paysage sous la neige particulièrement, peut-être parce que la neige est la grande absente de l’hiver dans ma région… Belle année 2013 photographique à toi ! Biz

  7. Drenagoram says:

    Beau Jour Jocelyne ;

    Ces Quelques Lignes à propos d’Hors , dénotent une jolie Quête en Soi ,
    Celle de Trouver au fil d’Émois , Un Lien reliant l’œil à l’Aurore ,
    Pour des Reflets portant l’Accord , La Flore est Mère de Sujets Rois ,
    Tous mes Vœux donc au Cœur des Bois , Pour Quatre Saisons en Lumière Nord .
    Amitié d’Hiver

  8. drawandshoot says:

    A lovely series. I have a deep love for the Quebec landscape, Jocelyne. Looking forward to more!
    Happy New Year!

  9. Lisa Gordon says:

    Oh my goodness, Jocelyne, you are off to a magnificent beginning with landscape photography. This is definitely something I need more practice with also.
    These photographs are absolutely breathtaking, especially the third and fifth ones.
    Truly magical images.
    I wish you all the most wonderful things in 2013.

  10. Yahobahne says:

    Impeccably awesome. May God continue to bless your sight and keenness. Great photos.

  11. photocris says:

    de bien belles photos encore ! je vois que 2013 sera toujours placé sous le signe de la photo et je m’en réjouis !

    • Merci Christian 🙂 Mais l’année commence bien mal pour moi pour la photo. J’ai dû envoyer ma caméra au loin pour la faire réparer il y a 2 mois et ils l’ont perdue… J’ai appris ça aujourd’hui. Il va y avoir de l’ostination entre les 2 compagnies concernées à savoir qui va payer pour m’en envoyer une nouvelle. Je crois bien que j’en ai pour encore quelques temps avant d’en recevoir une nouvelle. En attendant j’utilise ma petite “point and shoot”, mais la qualité n’est pas aussi belle. Mais c’est sûr qu’il y aura toujours des photos sur mon blog 🙂

  12. Hey Jocelyne – Woo, hoo! Lovely photographs! Like them all! I am looking forward to re-acquainting myself with your posts and brilliant photographs! Also, thanks for your comments on my blog which I have responded to. For me, light, colour, composition and sharpness are most important, alongside rule of thirds in landscapes, and a bit of creative eye. You already have an awareness and ability with all of these things! I find that if the most important object is in one of the third up, third in positions it doesn’t matter where the horizon is. At the moment I am struggling with hyperfocal distance which is supposed to give the maximum depth of field in front of and behind the main point of focus in the image!



    • Hi John ! How nice to see you’re back and visiting blogs 🙂
      Thank you for such kind words, I really appreciate them. I never really paid attention to the rule of thirds before, but I’m beginning to trying to remember and apply it when composing a shot. I’ll try to practice this rule by positioning the object at different places to see the difference it makes.
      Good luck with the hyperfocal distance, there is so much to learn in photography !

  13. Photography by Gisele Morgan says:

    beautiful winter scenes ♥

  14. These are stunning! In my experience, the key element in landscape photography is the light. If you go shooting during the golden hours, pretty much any landscape can look gorgeous. Like the third shot in this post – I love the contrast of the sky against the white snow, it’s fantastic :).

    • Belen, thank you, I’m really glad you like these landscape shots 🙂
      Yes, I agree, the golden hours have such magical light, there’s nothing like it to make our photos look gorgeous. I’ll try this year to capture sunrises. Most of the time I go at sunsets because I’m too lazy to get up early ! It’s on my New Year’s resolution list !

  15. montucky says:

    Happy New Year! I really like your photo of the old barn. THere’s a lot in it to like!

  16. Hey Jocelyne! I love the softness of the pictures 🙂 winter magic indeed! I love all of your landscape composition pictures! I hope that someday I can take pictures just like you 🙂 I want to buy a new camera this week ^^

    • Thank you Adri ! I’m sure you’d be able to take beautiful photos. When you’ll have your new camera, read the owners manual and also try to understand how exposure works. There’s a lot to learn in photography but just take one step at a time and practice, practice, practice !
      Which camera are you looking for ? I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with your new camera !

  17. Inga says:

    Gorgeous series. Lovely light in these. My favourite is the tree against the old shed. I wish we can have snow so I can go skiing too. 🙂

  18. elisaruland says:

    Hi and Happy New Year! Your landscape photographs are all so beautiful. You’ve captured the light so well. Thanks for the link to Christopher O’Donnell’s e-books, I could use some photography instruction, especially landscape photography.

    Best wishes, and happy weekend!

  19. Maxima says:

    Beautiful shots.

  20. Grndma Chris says:

    Your photos are great. I love landscapes too and I know what you mean when you say a photo looks ordinary, I always think that too. But maybe it’s just because the actually scene we see with our eyes can never be fully captured.

    • Thank you very much Grndma Chris ! Yes, it’s difficult to capture, in a photo, exactly what we see in a landscape because the photo is so much smaller ! Some landscapes are more visually attractive than others but it’s also a question of composition. I think composition is so important, in any photos, not just landscapes.
      Have a nice week !

  21. georgianna says:

    Hello, dear Jocelyne! Happy New Year, my friend. I so love these photos and I have to say I would never have considered that you were not strong on landscapes. I have been very impressed with your landscape photos and remember the beauty they captured. But it’s always good to keep learning and improving. I wish you a wonderful week ahead and look forward to your next images. 🙂


  22. Gorgeous photographs, Jocelyne! As an artist, I too practice noticing the small details … it really helps to keep you in the moment and sometimes the smallest details in a scene speak louder than the more obvious objects. Thanks so much for stopping by today and leaving your lovely comment … such a pleasure. Have a fab week! xo ~S

  23. janina says:

    Some good photos here, jocelyne; my faves are the second from top and the bottom two. Strictly speaking, the beautiful barn shot is not a ‘landscape’!

    I guess, jocelyne, what you photograph depends on what interests you deeply; what is your heart saying to you? I see you as a macro photographer with beautiful bokeh and painterly imagery. But, now that you wish to work on your landscapes, I must tell you that a strict landscape image has no man-made objects in it. The bottom pic is the ideal landscape image and is very beautiful!

    If you wish to see some truly inspiring landscape work, come visit my Inspiration page. When you hover over each name, it will give a description of their type of work; the landscapes tend to be in the bottom half of the list.

    • Thank you so much for your compliments on my photos Janina,I appreciate very much 🙂 And thank you for letting me know about the barn shot, I wasn’t sure if it could be considered a landscape so I’m glad you told me.
      You’re right Janina, I must follow my heart ! Each time I see something that makes my heart sing and take a picture, it often turns to be a beautiful photo. I think following our hearts is rule # 1. You see me as a macro photographer ? Oh ! I’m glad to hear that because I really love macro photography 🙂 Thanks for letting me know about your Inspiration page, I’ll go and check these links, I like to discover new photographers. Have a nice week-end !

  24. lemarcal says:

    Joli travail ! Tu commences bien l’année, bravo ! 🙂

  25. Beautiful images Jocelyne, Winter’s Magic is my favourite : )

  26. Sheila says:

    I love the dream-like quality of these – very beautiful. It’ll be hard to improve upon these but I’ll be looking forward to more. Happy New Year and I hope you have fun in that snow!

  27. merveilleusement magique…tout ce que j’aime ….

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