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Hello dear friends !

Still life template

” You don’t take a photograph, you make it  Ansel Adams

In photography, still life is my favourite thing.  Creating something is so fulfilling, whether it be a photo, a drawing, a painting, a sculpture or any other art form.  I have always been involved in artistic endeavours in one form or another.  Creativity is an internal force, and I would even say a calling.  Still life photography provides a way for me to be creative and I enjoy each minute of each moment spent preparing and shooting my images. It is also during these sessions that I feel the most accomplished.

I like everything about still life because I like to be creative.  I group different objects together to make nice and visually pleasant images, and if they convey a mood or tell a story, then I have really succeeded in creating a unique image.  Sometimes my goal is to just make a beautiful image simply because I am a great lover of everything elegant and pretty.

Tea cup and roses

Tea cup and flowers

My Teddy Bear !

Still life bear and doll

A calm afternoon

A calm afternoon

Vintage memories

Vintage memories

Waiting for snow

Waiting for snow

Madeleine’s violin

Madeleine's violin

Two of my favourite things

Two of my favourite things

If you love still life photos, here are the links to the blogs of two professional photographers I greatly admire. Their still life creations are exquisite and wonderfully beautiful, a real delight for the eyes.  Georgianna Lane and Sarah Gardner are my favourite professional photographers.  Click on their names to get to their blogs.  Another photographer I admire is Kelly from Nothing finer blog.  Kelly creates wonderful still life images, I really love her style.  Click here to go to her blog or here to get to her Flickr where you will see more easily  her photos grouped in albums.

I hope the weather will resume to warmer days soon so I can get outside and take landscape photos.  The thermometer indicates -26°C (-14.8°F) and with the wind chill factor it’s -32°C (-26.6°F).  Brrrrrr !

Have a lovely week everybody !



33 comments on “All things pretty

  1. Lisa Gordon says:

    Jocelyne, these are so very beautiful, and I cannot tell you just how much I loved each one. I have been scrolling up and down trying to select a favorite, and it is indeed a difficult task, but I think it is “A Calm Afternoon.” Like where you are, it is unbearably cold here, and has been for many days. That photo makes me think of a wonderfully warm and breezy summer day. Thank you!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful evening.

    • Lisa, thank you so much for your kind words, and what a nice way to end the day with such a wonderful comment ! I could take a little warmth from a breezy summer day 🙂
      Have a nice evening too Lisa !

  2. These are truly lovely.

  3. Anne Jutras says:

    Jocelyne, quelle charme! Tes photos sont resplendissantes de beauté!

    J’aime particulièrement la tasse de thé avec les roses, comme c’est joli! Toutes tes images ont une composition unique et stylisée, une ambiance très romantique et un fini artistique qui me ravie.

    Pendant qu’il fait un froid de canard, quoi de mieux que s’adonner à la composition de nature morte, je trouve l’idée excellente. Bravo pour cette superbe série!

    Est-ce que ton appareil est finalement revenu?

    • Allo Anne 🙂 Merci beaucoup pour ce beau commentaire, ça me fait vraiment plaisir ! Je suis heureuse de savoir que tu aimes cette ambiance romantique à mes photos, c’est souvent ce style de photo que je recherche pour les natures mortes.
      Oui, j’ai finalement reçu mon appareil, enfin ! Pentax avait retourné ma caméra réparée à une mauvaise adresse, ils l’avaient envoyée à l’entrepôt de meubles Tanguay à Québec et elle a été perdue. Mais nous on pense qu’elle a été volée. Après l’avoir recherchée pendant 4 jours et ne l’ayant pas trouvée, Pentax m’a envoyée une caméra flambant neuve ! Youppi ! Tout est bien qui fini bien 🙂
      Je te souhaite une belle fin de semaine, j’espère qu’il fera un peu moins froid !

  4. Beautiful Captures! I am with you in the warmer weather and hope it gets here sooner than later. Have a Great One:)

  5. georgianna says:

    Hello, my dear! Oh, my goodness, I was just reading along through this post, thoroughly enjoying your beautiful images and your lovely words about still life photography and then saw the link to my site. You are so kind, thank you very much for this.

    I have always gotten a thrill from still life photography. It’s hard to describe but it is very satisfying, isn’t it? I love the ones you’ve shared here, in particular the lilacs and violin, and the teacup. Very beautiful!

    I hope you are staying cozy and warm. Here it is cool and has been very dry and foggy but today we have rain again. Nothing unusual there!



    • Hi Georgianna 🙂 I’m so glad you saw this post with the link to your blog. How can I not mention your name and blog when speaking of still life photography, you are a master of still life photos ! I’m delighted that you loved these photos. I still have the violin with me (it’s my mother-in-law’s violin) and I’m planning on doing more photos with it. Thank you for your compliments on these photos, I appreciate very much !

  6. JimR says:

    Beautiful images Jocelyne. They convey a sense of peace that I really enjoy. Superb!

    • Oh, I’m glad you like these photos Jim ! When I post these kind of photos I always think that men won’t be much interested in them, they are so girly 🙂 I’m very glad you liked them and thank you for the nice compliments !

  7. David says:

    A very pretty set. My favorite is the mittens and the pine cones on the chair. How you keep the detail in a very bright setting is quite impressive.

    • A big thank you David 🙂
      The mittens and pine cones were much darker in colour than the rest of the photo, so I could keep details. But I enhanced them by adding textures to the photo.
      I hope you have a nice week-end !

  8. Encore une jolie série de photos pleines de délicatesse ! Belle journée Jocelyne ! Biz

  9. Jocelyne these are really wonderful and I am really drawn to “waiting for snow” and “two of my favourite things” for their simplicity in composition and their wonderful soft tones. As for those temperatures…omg! Stay safe and warm! Regards, James

    • Thank you very much James, I’m very glad you like them ! I also like simplicity in compositions and a few more people told me, on my Facebook, that they loved some of my still life photos because of that.
      The weather hasn’t changed, it’s still very cold. I went skiing yesterday, I was not going to stay at home because it was cold !

      • You are always welcome and I hope that you had an enjoyable time skiing….green with envy as the snow has melted away on the south coast and today the sun is shining.

      • No snow….how sad. I can send you some in an ice box if you want 😉
        Winter is not what it used to be. For wednesday, the weather forecast is 12°C with rain… And then a week later the thermometer will probably plunge again around – 20°C.

  10. Jenna says:

    Hi Jocelye,

    It looks like you and your recently replaced camera are getting along well! How wonderful to see a new post from you – I have missed your photography. How is it that even in the heart of winter, you manage to bring such warmth and comfort into your compositions and images? They are like comfort food for the soul – just so warm and sweet. Excellent photos as always!

    We’ve been quite cold as well. Last Monday we had a windchill of -33 F. Brr is right! It will be rather nice when spring comes. Great post Jocelyne!

    • Thank you so much Jenna ! I love what you said “comfort food for the soul”, it’s such a beautiful compliment, thank you 🙂 I like my images to be soft and warm. When I look at a still life image, I like it when there’s a sense of peacefulness and that is what I try to infuse in my still life images. I’m so glad you think they are warm and comforting 🙂
      Have a beautiful week Jenna !

  11. Gretta Faun says:

    Amazing photos. So creative. You have a very good eye for beauty. Love it.

  12. I really like your header of the person admiring the slopes. It reminds me of photos I have seen of Sun Valley, Idaho in the 1940’s. Your banner even has a hint of sepia. Of your photos in this post my favorite is the “waiting for snow”. Great color composition. 🙂

  13. Hi Jocelyne! I also love elegant and pretty things 🙂 such beautiful pictures!! Are some of the pictures you took from your house? Because if it is, you have a really nice house!! I would love to own my own house someday and decorate it just as nice as yours. I love the dinning room table picture makes me want to jump in the picture and sit there 😀

    • Thank you so much Adri ! All these pictures were taken in my home with decorative objects I have in different rooms. The violin is not mine, it belongs to my mother-in-law.
      Visualize your home, think of it often and it will come true ! I truly believe in that !
      I would love to have you coming over for tea, or coffee…or wine, or beer, or martini’s ! Lol ! We could sit in the dining room and chat ! 🙂

  14. Candace says:

    Those are all so beautiful! I love the light in Waiting for Snow. But they do all tell a story. I guess I’ve done still lifes only a few times and mine feel contrived to me but you definitely have the knack.

    • Candace, thank you very much for your compliments, I appreciate it and I’m especially glad you think they tell a story 🙂
      When we create something, we spend so much time working on it that we often end up unsure or unsatisfied with the result. Maybe your still life images look contrived to you but there is good chances they wouldn’t for me.
      Thanks for visiting and have a nice week !

  15. jayjay3 says:

    Jocelyne…you are the queen of vignettes! I just love how you arrange items! Your lighting, your textures…I love it all!
    I love making vignettes around the house, have always loved it, but when it comes to shooting and backgrounds….well, I flunk! You have the perfect setting in your home…lovely soft light from windows….just gorgeous. Beautiful curtains…..the perfect setting for the perfect shot! xo

    • Oh wow…what a wonderful compliment, thank you so much Judy ! Ah ! the backgrounds… Yes, this is the most difficult part Trying to find a beautiful background and not always the same is no easy task. I often use throws, quilts, tablecloths, lace, rugs, whatever I have in my home, and when I go shopping I always look for something new I could buy. Most of my vignettes are shot in my dining room where there’s a lot of light coming in, I have 4 windows and a patio door so there’s lots of light in there. If you don’t have enough light you can always use your flash and compensate in your camera if the flash is too strong, and if you’re shooting under a lamp you can set your camera white balance to “Tungsten” to avoid having too much red due to the light bulbs. You could also use a reflector to light your subject, see this post on Digital Photography blog I’m actually thinking of buying one.
      Thanks again Judy for your kind words, I always appreciate them !

      • jayjay3 says:

        Thanks for your tips, Jocelyne! Sometimes I think our house is too bright…too many windows/skylights! So I hang things in windows to soften the light. I just think your home looks perfect for set-ups! I get DPS’s emails and put them in an online folder to read “later”!! Thanks for the link! 😉

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