My little Winny

Hi everybody !

This was a long post to prepare as there were many photos to edit, but I’m finally posting it and I’m happy to present you my little Winny.

collage red.640

His name is Winston but I rarely call him that, I prefer Winny.  He’s a Shetland Sheep Dog and has just turned four years old last December.  When he arrived home four years ago it was Valentine’s day, just like today.  I can’t think of a better day to welcome a puppy and of a better gift !  He was my sweet Valentine’s puppy !

Meeting Winny for the first time.  He was five weeks old.

bébé winnie red

Often when you go to choose a dog, one of them will come along and make a gesture towards you more than the others.  I believe it is a sign that the dog has chosen you.  The day I met Winny I had seen other puppies and none of them made any significant move as I was petting them.  My little Winny was the one who made the move.  As my boyfriend was holding him Winny gave him a kiss and he did the same when I held him.  Isn’t it cute ?  What a sweet puppy !

Winny (to the right) with his brother Porto and their breeder.  Say Awwwwwww…. !

IMG_1182 PS sharp red

Chantal, the breeder, wouldn’t let us go with Winny until she was sure we were going to treat him well.  She raises puppies underhand and asks many questions before completing a sale.  Winny is a high-spirited, full of energy and playful dog.  We call him the little firefly.  He adores playing outside with a ball, taking long walks in the woods and one sport he really enjoys is wrestling…

IMGP1584 PS sharp red 900 et plus sharp 2

IMGP1645 PS Color Efex 2- 39 px sharp et matte plus sharp 2

He has a girlfriend, Maya, a two years old Cocker Spaniel I care for on week days.

IMG_2985 PS avec sharp red 900-2

PS 1 sharp

Winny has a thick coat and every two months I back-comb him (I hope you understand what I mean, I couldn’t find a better word for “rebrousse-poil”) to make sure his hair hasn’t matted and to also verify if he has minor injuries or skin problems.  It takes me four to five hours to comb him.

IMG_3952 Color Efex 73 px sharp

Like most Shetland he is very vocal and when he wants something he will ask and “speak” in his own language.  It is so funny to hear his plaintive sighs and vocalise, he can be so exuberant !

IMGP1796 Color Efex 3  62 px avec sharp 2

IMGP2587 PS color efex 2 avec sharp 2 red 640 pour blog 3

IMGP2637 PS Blog sharp

The funniest thing about Winny is his love of toes.  He just loves them !  Whenever he can, he will pull your socks off, even to visitors !  Each night at dinner he comes under the dining table and pulls at our socks.  He also really enjoys chewing our toes !  I just adore him !

IMGP2009 PS red 60 px sharp

IMG_1594 PS Color efex vintage red 900 sharp

If you love puppy stories, David Patterson’s blog has a lot of fun posts about his new puppy Oliver, a Golden Retriever.  Since his arrival in their family last November, David has regularly posted photos of the cute Oliver.  And while you’re there take a look at his earlier posts, he is a great photographer and has many wonderful photos of Acadia National Park and other beautiful places in Maine.  Click here to go to his blog.

I hope you will have a beautiful week-end.  I can’t believe it’s already mid-February, it’s going too fast, I have a lot of photos I still want to take this winter.  I’m afraid I won’t have enough time !


I’m joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday




49 comments on “My little Winny

  1. Dany says:

    tes photos de Winny sont vraiment très très réussies….j’aurais bien aimé en avoir d’aussi bonnes de ma belle Eden…. Bravo !!!

    • Merci beaucoup Dany ! Si tu as des photos d’Eden que tu aimes beaucoup, tu peux me les envoyer par courriel, je te les éditerai et elles seront vraiment plus belles encore !
      Bonne fin de semaine mon amie !

  2. Hello, Jocelyne
    I can see that your post today is a love story! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  3. JimR says:

    Great shots Jocelyne. As he is a Shetland breed, when he “speaks”, is it in a Scot’s dialect? (can he say “och aye the noo?)

  4. 1cruzdelsur says:

    Beautiful your dog, he has been rewarded with a very nice post, good photographs and letters coming out of your heart that’s better.

  5. Pantxika says:

    En découvrant tes images j’ai pensé que tu ne pouvais qu’avoir une grosse tendresse pour tes amis à 4 pattes !!… certains clichés sont fabuleux … tu as su capturer de merveilleuses expressions ! Mes préférences… le chien à côté du ballon… celui qui dort sur la couverture avec les papattes croisées… et la toute dernière, quel regard ! bravo Jocelyne un régal des yeux !

    • Françoise, comme ton commentaire m’a fait plaisir, merci beaucoup ! Oui, je l’aime énormément mon Winny et j’aime aussi plusieurs autres chiens que je connaît. Je ne pourrais vivre sans un chien, je les aiment trop !
      Passe une très belle fin de semaine !

  6. Great images Jocelyne! I really like the one with the yellow ball and the backlit pose on the grass. Wonderful post!

    • Thank you very much Mike, I appreciate your visit. When I took the backlit shot on the grass, Winny didn’t wanted to be photographed he wanted to play ! I constantly had to tell him to stay 🙂
      It’s not always easy to photograph him, he moves a lot !

  7. Jenna says:

    Look at your wonderful Winny! He is so beautiful and sleek. His fur must be so silky and soft. What a wonderful and heart-warming post, Jocelyne. What a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift he was for you. And he’s obviously so well loved and adored. Just a sweetheart of a dog. My favorite photo of him is the eighth one down where he appears to be resting on a deck or porch. Just a wonderful dog. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve missed your posts. Have a wonderful day!


    • Thank you very much Jenna ! Isn’t he a cute and sweet dog ? But Shetland are not like Golden Retrievers and other breeds, they are not friendly with strangers but rather shy and Winny is afraid of children. He’s not use to them as I don’t have kids. But with us, he is the sweetest dog ! I was thinking of you when I was preparing this post, I thought you would love to see these photos and I’m glad you enjoyed them. When I took the photo (the one you said is your favourite) where he is resting on the porch, he was quiet and I took advantage of the moment to capture him. Usually, as soon as I have my camera in hand he will come to me and be too close to the camera and I just can’t take pictures of him !
      Have a nice Sunday and a nice week Jenna 🙂

      • Jenna says:

        Isn’t it funny how difficult it can be to photograph pets? They are so aware of us, their people, and want to be close all the time. Despite the challenge, you have many beautiful photos of Winny. That’s interesting about the Shetland Sheepdog having that kind of disposition. I do find something endearing about a dog who is the most loyal to his owners. Thanks again for sharing this post. Such a wonderful, beautiful dog you have!

  8. David says:

    Beautiful photos of your very, very handsome dog. And, so agreeable to be in front of the camera.

  9. elisaruland says:

    Winny is simply adorable, and so photogenic. Thank you for sharing her, your beautiful post really made my day!

  10. Anne Jutras says:

    Awww…. comme on s’attache à ces petites créatures! Winny est vraiment photogénique, mais faut dire que son maître a le don de faire de belles photos. Très beau montage. Je craque pour la photo de ses pattes et l’arrière floue, vraiment superbe!

    • Merci beaucoup Anne pour ces bons mots, ça me touche beaucoup ! Il y a longtemps que je voulais faire une photo de ses pattes, j’aime tellement les pattes de chien !
      Passe une très belle fin de semaine 🙂

  11. David Patterson says:

    What a handsome boy! Isn’t it amazing how our lives are impacted by these furry friends?

    • It sure is amazing David, they are really men’s best friend ! I wouldn’t live without a dog, I had them for the past 14 years and they had been a blessing in my life. Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it !

  12. Evelyne says:

    Too cute, trop chou ton Winny, un très beau chien ! Cordialement. Biz. Evelyne

  13. photocris says:

    moi qui adore les animaux je suis servi ! qu’ils sont mignons tout ces toutous !!!! très belle photo !

  14. photocris says:

    j’adore les 2 dernières !

  15. Suzie Rachel says:

    de très belles photos de ton beau Winny… et une histoire touchante et belle. Les animaux sont des êtres qui transportent lumière et charisme et je suis toujours charmée par eux. Merci pour ce beau partage !

  16. Oh qu’il est beau ! tu fais de très belles photos de Winny 😉 J’ai envie de lui un câlin ! La dernière est superbe ! Il a l’air très heureux 🙂 Bonne semaine Jocelyne !

    • Merci beaucoup Marie-Charlotte ! Oui, Winny est un chien heureux et il est bien chanceux parce que je ne travaille pas à l’extérieur alors il est rarement seul très longtemps. Et il a la chienne Maya que je garde tous les jours et avec elle il s’amuse beaucoup 🙂
      Bonne semaine à toi aussi !

  17. Winny is a handsome dog, and no wonder if you spend that much time grooming his undercoat.
    His toe fetish is cute.

  18. Lisa Gordon says:

    Winny is SO very handsome, Jocelyne!
    Beautiful dog, and your photographs of him are wonderful.
    Love those little paws. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Very nice 🙂 You can tell how loved and happy he is. Very cute. Great photography as always Jocelyne 🙂

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jocelyne! Beautiful!! I wish I could of taken more pictures of my little girl 😦 my dog Penny passed away on Thursday..I miss her so much she left a hole in my heart. I am going to write a post about her ❤

    • Thank you ! I’m so sorry for your loss 😦 I know how painful it is to lose our beloved dogs. I believe that, just like our deceased loved ones, our pets are with us, by our side, when they’re gone.
      Have a nice week-end 🙂

  21. Marie says:

    Aww, so sweeeeet…. And in the puppy picts he was actually SMILING!!! <3<3
    Lovely dog, lovely photos!
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, most appreciated.
    Have a great day, and give your beautiful Winny a nosekiss from me and my dogs! 🙂

    • Marie, thank you so much for visiting, I really appreciate it ! Aren’t they cute when dogs are smiling ? 🙂 Have a nice week-end and I’ll make sure to give Winny a nosekiss from you and your dogs ! 🙂

  22. soonie2 says:

    We had a Sheltie years ago and he was the best dog! Winny is just beautiful!

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