In the heart of winter

Hi everybody !

I have new photos to share with you from an afternoon spent a few weeks ago looking for some wintry images to capture.

It was a gloomy, snowy afternoon, the light was faint and almost everything seemed to have a greyish tint, from the clouds to the ground.  I was walking down a route where there are few houses, and at some point there aren’t any.  From time to time, cars were passing by.  I wanted to photograph a barn I am especially fond of, since I didn’t have  a photo of it in winter.  While walking further down the route I realized how quiet this route was, there was no one to be seen, no houses nearby, and I felt a sudden loneliness.

It also felt as if I were immersed in a muffled environment where the few sounds I was hearing seemed to be echoing  from far away.  Loneliness and solitude were the predominent feelings I had on this gloomy afternoon, but with them also came a sense of peace and serenity.

The sun had set when I headed back home.  On my way I saw two deers who looked surprised to see me walking down this route where, usually, few people walk.

Solitude, in the heart of winter.

Pour blog


IMGP2783 pour blog

My favourite barn

IMGP2764 red 640 sharp pour blog

IMGP2768_HDR PS red 640 sharp signé + neige 4 + sharp 8

IMGP2840 PS red.640 sharp signé

Recently I’ve made a new friend who shares the same passion for photography.  It is so much better and so much more fun to go on a photographic excursion with a friend than to go alone.  We’re planning many more excursions in the coming months where I hope to capture the beautiful sceneries of Beauce and, of course, barns, which are one of my favourite subjects to photograph.

I’m wishing you all a nice week, and by the time I’m ready for another post, maybe I will have heard the first cheering notes of the song sparrow.  Spring is almost here !



54 comments on “In the heart of winter

  1. Grndma Chris says:

    Very very beautiful photos, there is nothing like the outdoors to relax you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 1cruzdelsur says:

    Besides showing some very beautiful pictures, you’ve managed to convey your feelings experienced in your walk. It is always good to read your post.
    Solitude is good to find deep inside we have. 😉

    • Carlos, I’m so glad to hear I succeeded in conveying what I felt as I was walking on that route. They were strong emotions, and I agree, solitude is a good thing, it helps us focus on what we need and find peace and balance in our lifes.
      Have a great week 🙂

  3. Pantxika says:

    Encore une belle série de photos… la première “sérénity” une vraie carte postale !… la seconde trouve sa force dans sa douceur… et peut-être ma préférée la dernière, contraste de la rudesse du bois vieilli et la douceur des rideaux verts de la fenêtre !
    Bonne semaine Jocelyne … pour nous se sera une semaine de chaleur 20° de tempèrature après une semaine de froid… le printemps arrive ! lol ! bisous !

    • Merci beaucoup Françoise pour ce généreux commentaire ! Ça me fait très plaisir et j’aime toujours te lire. 20°… Je commence à avoir hâte à ça moi aussi ! Mais ici ce n’est pas le cas, il neige encore aujourd’hui mais ça radoucit avec un 2°. Bonne semaine à toi aussi dans la chaleur !

  4. These are so atmospheric. I especially love the ones with the red trim; they remind me of my uncle’s barn on Cape Breton Island.

    • Thank you very much Karen ! I envy you to have family on Cape Breton Island. I never visited the island but hope to do so someday. Imagine all the photographic excursions I could do there ! I would be in paradise !

  5. Great images Jocelyne! I especially like the ‘Solitude’ and ‘Serenity’ images. I hope you have a great week.

  6. Beautiful post. Glad you have found a kindred spirit

  7. Anne Jutras says:

    Une ambiance champêtre se dégage de la première. Un enchantement pour les yeux. On entend presque le silence dont tu décris si bien dans ton texte. La sérénité aussi. Tes fenêtres se démarquent avec leur dentelle givrée et leur rideau.

    Moi aussi, je me languis du printemps. Dire qu’on annonce un autre 10 cm demain, ohlàlà, une chance que ça va fondre rapidement. 😉 Bonne semaine! xx

    • Merci beaucoup Anne 🙂 Je suis bien heureuse que mon texte et cette photo aient pu dégager cette ambiance feutrée, ce silence et cette sérénité que j’ai ressenti lors de cette sortie. Merci pour tes beaux compliments !
      10 cm ? Ah non ! On ne veut plus de blanc, on veut du vert ! 🙂
      Bonne semaine à toi aussi ! xx

  8. drawandshoot says:

    Melancholy beauty – it is very peaceful.
    These are sublime, Jocelyne.

  9. Jerry says:

    I like to see people accomplish what they set out to do and you certainly did. Great job. 😉

  10. Debra says:

    I love the “solitude” shot. Makes you expect to see a pair of snowshoes hanging by the door and maybe a few rusty traps left from where a trapper once called this home. I, too, love barns. They are quickly disappearing and I am sad to see them go. Love the contrast of red against the weathered shake siding and the frosted window panes. Lovely shots.

    • Thank you very much Debra ! I love how you describe my photo, it is so picturesque 🙂 Yes, barns are disappearing and it makes me sad too, but I see people who are renovating them, so there’s hope, maybe they won’t all disappear. Thanks for visiting Debra, I appreciate it !

  11. montucky says:

    Great photos! I especially like the first one!

  12. Jenna says:

    It always makes me smile when I see a new post by you! These are so wonderful, and your favorite barn is amazing! It is so beautiful and rugged. Powerful photos, as always. I’m happy you’ve found a new friend who loves photography too. Have fun! 🙂

    • Thank you very much Jenna. It is the same for me, I’m happy when I see a new post by you ! Speaking of new posts, I have to catch-up with them on your blog, I think I’m 3 posts behind.
      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  13. crisphoto says:

    magnifique comme d’habitude ! j’adore la dernière !
    bise bonne semaine !

  14. JimR says:

    Lovely images Jocelyne, conveying a great sense of peace and tranquility. Just what I like.

  15. Brian Comeau says:

    Terrific collection of photos.

  16. Lisa Gordon says:

    Jocelyne, each of these is simply beautiful.
    Such peaceful winter scenes.

  17. Such beautiful images Jocelyn. I love the snowy winter scene and how you created these photos are beautiful.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Merci pour cette nouvelle promenade dans ton si joli pays ! Cordialement. Evelyne

  19. I love these shots! The first one in particular, it’s exactly how I imagine a snowy winter to look (I’ve only seen snow once in my life, it doesn’t get cold enough for snow here). And the way you described it, that’s how I imagine it to feel. Thanks for delivering a bit of the snowy winter atmosphere to me!

  20. Joy oh joy oh joy…….these are simply wonderful Jocelyne. I am transported back in time as the processing of these images is magical. They almost have a fell of Victorian postcards. The toning and dof is perfect. I have you have a great week. Regards, James

    • Thank you so much James, I’m happy you liked these photos ! You couldn’t have written me a better compliment as I am especially fond of everything Victorian. I like to process my images with a vintage twist 🙂 Have a great week-end ! Here, the snow is melting, spring is coming !

  21. Photography by Gisele Morgan says:

    love your winter images ♥

  22. C’est superbe Jocelyne ! on dirait des photos sorties d’un conte de Charles Perrault. L’hiver est loin d’être fini chez vous…ca me laisse rêveuse 🙂 Tes photos sont vraiment magnifiques !

    • Merci merci merci ! Ça me fait très plaisir ton commentaire Marie-Charlotte ! Non, l’hiver n’est pas fini, on a encore au moins une autre bonne tempête de neige à avoir, la tempête des corneilles comme on l’appelle chez-nous ! Bonne journée !

  23. melanietoulouse says:

    Bonjour de Toulouse, France! 🙂 Magnifiques photos… I do miss Québec! “ma cabane au Canada est blottie au fond des bois…” 🙂

    Un couple d’amis d’ici vont prendre leur retraite au Québec avant cet été, lucky them! 🙂

    • Bonjour Mélanie et merci beaucoup pour ton compliment ! Cette chanson complémente tellement bien mon post, j’adore ! Si j’avais payé pour pouvoir inclure des vidéos sur mon blogue, je le mettrais à la fin de mon post 🙂 Merci de me l’avoir mis ici !
      Eh bien, avec ton couple d’amis qui prennent leur retraite, peut être auras-tu la chance de venir les visiter bientôt, je te le souhaite en tout cas !
      Passe une très belle fin de semaine et merci de ta visite !

  24. David says:

    Another beautiful set, Jocelyne. The “Solitude” photo is especially pretty.

  25. The thing that captured my heart about the post is finding a friend to shoot photography with. This is a gift from above…

    • Yes, it is a gift, and a precious one ! Finding a friend who shares the same passion is not easy. In the past few months I thought about that sometimes but I never thought it would come true. I am very grateful for this gift and I thanked Him many times 🙂 Thanks for visiting Laurie,I appreciate 🙂

  26. janina says:

    That top pic is postcard-perfect, jocelyne!

  27. Tres jolie! The red really stands out and with the snow falling down it looks beautiful!! 🙂

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