Wonderful winter

Hello dear friends  🙂

Last October, as I marvelled at the spectacular colours of fall, I remember thinking there wouldn’t be anything interesting to photograph in the coming months.  After all the vibrant colours of summer and fall, winter seemed, photographically speaking, a little boring with all its white.  I thought that all the excitement of going on excursions to find new places and landscapes to photograph would be much less fun, because I thought winter wasn’t visually as interesting as the other seasons.  I was almost ready to hibernate and rely on still life till spring.  But… I had forgotten one thing.  I had new eyes now, and I wasn’t seeing the world around me as I used to.   Everywhere I look now there are more details, more richness and nuances in colours, more textures.  But the biggest improvement is the light.  I see it everywhere now and the amazing transformation it can induce when it is illuminating something.  Photography has this capacity to heighten and broaden our sight and I would never go back to how I looked at the world before.

Duncan meeting new friends

Duncan meet new friends.  Percherons horses

After having completed my first round of the four seasons with my camera, I realize how wrong I was and how winter photography is as fun and exciting as the other seasons.  Winter is definitely the most challenging season to photograph, both technically and physically, but despite its challenges it is a really  wonderful season and one that I greatly enjoy photographing.

The sugar shack Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce.

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph de Beauce.  The sugar shack

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce.  Winter photography

The heart of the village.  St-Joseph De Beauce

The heart of the village.  St-Joseph De Beauce.  Winter photography. Village in winter

A cabin at St-Simon Les Mines

A cabin at St-Simon Les Mines.  Winter photography. Cabin in winter

An abandoned old house, St-Simon Les Mines

An abandoned old house, St-Simon Les Mines.  Winter photography.  Old house in winter.  Heritage homes

Winter hasn’t yet said its last word, as we received 20 cm of snow yesterday.  I’m ready for spring but I didn’t mind this snow, it’s so beautiful !

Next week I’m going to Montreal’s botanical garden where they are exhibiting “Butterflies go free”and I hope to come back with photos of gorgeous flowers and wonderful butterflies.  The butterfly I’m most interested in, and of which I really hope to capture its exquisite beauty, is the morpho, the blue butterfly.  I’ve seen it once and it’s an amazing butterfly !  Hopefully I’ll come back home with a few beautiful shots to share with you.

Until then, have a nice end of week and week-end !



61 comments on “Wonderful winter

  1. bleuemarie says:

    oui, tes photos sont la preuve que l’hiver est une saison magnifique 🙂

  2. David says:

    A beautiful photo set.

  3. photocris says:

    je suis veritablement amoureux de tes photos !!! du travail de maitre ! les deux premières waooouuuh !

  4. Lisa Gordon says:

    Jocelyne, each of these is just beautiful.
    I especially love the first one, and the way the horses are staring down at Duncan.

    • Thank you Lisa ! Sometimes when we take photos we can have nice surprises. When I took this one I wasn’t expecting much because the horses wouldn’t stand still long enough for a good capture, but when I saw it I was very pleased with the result !

  5. Sheila says:

    These are beautiful and the buildings and tree branches came out so clear. It’s true there’s something to appreciate with every season. Have fun with the butterflies!

  6. elisaruland says:

    Sooooo beautiful! The cabin at St-Simon Les Mines photo could be a vintage Christmas card. Love it!

  7. JimR says:

    Beautiful images Jocelyne, as always. Looking forward to seeing the butterflies.

  8. Pantxika says:

    Effectivement un superbe travail !… une préférence pour les deux premières … j’aime particulièrement le tête à tête des chevaux avec le petit toutou !
    Pour moi, l’automne et l’hiver deux saisons où les images peuvent être magnifiques !

    Allez continues à nous faire rêver avec tes superbes clichés !

    Bisous !

    • Merci beaucoup Françoise, quel bonheur de recevoir un si beau commentaire ! Merci de ta générosité 🙂 Ah oui, l’automne aussi est superbe en photos !
      Passe une très belle fin de semaine en ce début de printemps ! xxx

  9. roberta4949 says:

    pretty pictures, especially the horses.

  10. drawandshoot says:

    Winter really is such a beautiful season. I’m glad you discovered such beauty to photograph.
    Have fun with the butterflies, that sounds wonderful.

    • Thank you Karen ! I know you love winter too, your blog is filled with amazing photos of it 🙂
      I can’t wait to see the butterflies at Jardin Botanique. There will be lots of flowers too, a wonderful photography opportunity 🙂

  11. Debra says:

    I love horses so have to say that the first shot is my favorite! Got to love those shaggy coats they grow for winter. 🙂 Your dog is beautiful too. Thanks for showing winter through your eyes. Debra

  12. These are wonderful winter images.

  13. The photo of Duncan meeting new friends is just amazing. I have looked at it for a long while. It looks like a painting with every individual hair showing on the horse. How did you do that? Love! love!

  14. Absolutely beautiful! Love the horses!

  15. montucky says:

    You captured the beauty of winter.

  16. Jenna says:

    As always, your post has brightened my day and made me happy. You find beauty in everything, and that’s such a good way to look at life! Excellent post, and the photos, as always, are awe-inspiring! The heart of the village was one of the greats! It would make a great print on the wall, or a great puzzle. I hope you don’t mind my thinking that. It’s just so serene. Great post!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Jenna ! And no, I don’t mind at all, it’s true, this photo would look great on a wall or as a puzzle. In fact, I’m looking for a good printing shop as I would like to print some of my photos to frame them. I’m also considering opening an account on Etsy to sell my photos, but I’m not sure about that yet.
      I haven’t forgot about your novel, you’ll probably receive the money order next week.
      Thanks again Jenna, your comments always make my day ! 🙂

  17. Winter, the unloved… Spring, the expected !!!!! Nous avons connu sur ma région un hiver comme nous n’en n’avons pas eu depuis fort longtemps, alliant froid, neige et surtout un temps gris et sans soleil qui a fait chuter chez nombre d’entre nous la vitamine D… Que de jolies photos tu nous proposes encore à travers ce post ! Merci et belle journée à toi ! Biz

    • Merci beaucoup Evelyne ! Vivement que le printemps arrive ! Comme ces mois d’hiver ont dû te paraître longs sous la grisaille. Maintenant que le printemps est arrivé tu vas pouvoir refaire le plein de vitamine D 🙂
      Bonne fin de semaine !

  18. 1cruzdelsur says:

    Photographs are a visual treat, with beautiful lyrics express your emotions. Your dog and horses are a real postcard. Thanks for sharing and flush your artistic spirit. 🙂

  19. Tricia says:

    These are very beautiful & I will have to visit your blog more often, too. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, much appreciated =)

    *love the doggy & horsey checking each other out =)

  20. The photos are fantastic, of course, but I also loved reading the text of this post and how you are seeing things with “new eyes”. You’ve expressed yourself so beautifully, Jocelyne.

  21. Define beauty, define wonderful….your images Jocelyne..a visual joy. Who says winter can be boring…I hope you have a great weekend!

  22. aww, that first shot made me smile.

    all of your photos are stunning!!!

  23. janina says:

    Duncan and his new friends look to be quite happy, they’re so gorgeous! And I quite like the cabin with fence pic, another postcard-perfect shot, jocelyne. Look forward to the butterflies; hope they hold still for you…. 🙂

  24. Janina, thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 The photo of Duncan and the horses is quite popular. When I took the photo of the cabin I knew it has the potential for a beautiful photo and I’m very happy you think it’s that beautiful !
    Have a nice week ! 🙂

  25. Hi Jocelyn,
    Well as winter still lingers here in parts of Ontario, I am “inspired” by your winter photos. It is hard to choose a favourite…..but I think it is Duncan and the horses. There seems to be quite a connection between them.The village, the cedar-shake house, and of course, the building with the fence leading into this photo are all wonderful.
    I hope you enjoyed and were able to “capture” your butterfly shots. I have spent hours trying to get good photos of the elusive blue morpho at various conservatories.

    • Thank you so much Jane for your kind words ! From all my winter photos, the photo of Duncan and the horses is my favourite. I took this photo at just the perfect moment 🙂
      Yes, I was able to capture the butterflies, but the blue morpho, not that much ! Like you said, it’s a very elusive butterfly ! I’ll share photos of them in my next post 🙂

  26. Anne Jutras says:

    Bonjour Jocelyne,

    Oh, comme j’aime la première image! Quelle candeur et splendide composition! Ce sont de magnifiques bêtes, ces chevaux. Ton chien ajoute une touche sympathique, presque humaine à l’image, on dirait qu’ils communiquent entre eux. Et c’est sans doute ce qu’ils font. 😉

    Tes autres images sont d’une beauté poétique. Hivernal, mais avec une chaleur palpable. Parlant chaleur, j’espère que l’hiver est définitivement terminé. J’ai hâte de sentir la chaleur du printemps.

    As-tu fait réparer ton appareil photo finalement?

    Je te souhaite un superbe week-end! xx

    • Merci beaucoup pour ce beau commentaire Anne ! Tu sais comme j’admire tes photos, alors ce n’est pas banal pour moi 🙂
      Oui, le printemps est arrivé, ça va nous faire du bien et, enfin, on n’aura plus les doigts gelés quand on fait de la photo !
      Oui, j’avais envoyé mon appareil photo se faire réparer, ils l’ont réparé mais l’avaient retourné à la mauvaise adresse et il avait été perdu. Finalement, après 3 mois d’attente, la compagnie Pentax m’en a envoyé un flambant neuf parce qu’ils n’ont jamais retrouvé mon appareil. Ça été toute une histoire !
      Un très beau week-end à toi aussi Anne ! Moi je vais à la cabane à sucre familiale de mon chum 🙂

  27. Emily Gooch says:

    Jocelyne, these photos are absolutely beautiful. You made the cold winter look warm and cozy. Love the expression on the horses and dog.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ll capture at the botanical garden. What a beautiful place. I visited there when I lived in Montreal. Wonderful city. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Emily !
      I agree, Montreal is a wonderful city and I’m always happy to return to it, walk it’s streets, take the subway and shop on St-Catherine’s street ! I managed to capture the beautiful butterflies, I’ll share the photos in my next post 🙂

  28. tomwhelan says:

    There are all beautiful, but the horses and Duncan are super. I used to feel the same as you about winter, but now I really look forward to the cold. Snow is a great simplifier of the landscape, ice is fascinating for closeups. Don’t forget to bundle up!

    • Thank you so much Tom ! That is something I’ll have to try, photographing closeups of ice and snow, and from what I see on your blog it is really fascinating !
      I don’t have a choice to bundle up, it is still pretty cold here in Quebec !
      Have a nice week-end 🙂

  29. Hi Jocelyne! Simply charming! I love every single picture!! Those are really beaitiful horses 🙂 Duncan looks so cute and small next to them. St-Joseph De Beauce is absolutely lovely!

    • Thank you so much Adri ! St-Joseph De Beauce is the most beautiful village in Beauce ! I know this village by heart for having taking many many walks in it’s narrow streets. My in-laws live there. 🙂

  30. parth893 says:

    the 1st Photo won my heart ❤ these are awesome photos .. gorgeous post .

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