Butterflies Go Free At Montreal’s Botanical Garden

Hello dear friends !

Butterflies Go Free at Montreal's botanical garden

Of all the insects I have seen so far, caterpillars are the ones I dislike the most.  Just to think of them sends shivers down my spine.  But despite my strong aversion to them I would never kill one, they are too precious.  In fact, I never kill insects, except for flies and mosquitoes.

I just can’t imagine summer without the many insects and other creatures surrounding us.  During Spring I love to hear the spring peepers endless song at night.  In July, the high pitch sound of cicadas on a hot sunny day.  In August, the green grasshoppers and their intermittent, strange sounds.  Also, the gentle and calming sound of the cricket, my favourite.  These are the sounds of summer.  We also have beautiful insects to admire during summer.  Think of fireflies with their amazing light show, or the very cute ladybug (which, mind you, makes wonderful photos), and the astonishing sphinx, which, if you don’t look closely enough, can be mistaken for a hummingbird.  There’s also the bees and spiders.  Have you ever take the time to watch a spider build its cobweb ?  It is simply amazing.   They are maybe just bugs, but they are wonders of nature.  And caterpillars are among the most precious ones.  They are a miracle waiting to happen, and a glorious and wonderful gift of mother nature :  Butterflies !

Butterflies on flowers at Montreal's Botanical Garden

Butterfly on a bush at Montreal's Botanical Garden

IMGP3041 red.500 pour blog

The magnificent blue Morpho.  I was disappointed of not being able to capture it on a flower, but the one it chose to stand still on was quite a beautiful flower of its own…  My beautiful niece Fanny.

Fanny and the blue Morpho butterfly at Montreal's Botanical Garden

The wonderful blue Morpho butterfly at Montreal's Botanical Garden

Butterfly on a flower at Montreal's Botanical Garden

Butterflies on flowers at Montreal's Botanical Garden

Beautiful butterfly at Montreal's Botanical Garden

Photographing butterflies in a green house is quite a challenge.  It was a bright, sunny afternoon with lots of glare on the foliage, making the right exposure sometimes difficult to achieve.  And some of the butterflies were constantly moving, so it was not always easy to get a good focus.  Also, it was so hot, 25°C with a bit of humidity.  At the end of our visit I was in sweat !  But I’m pretty happy with the photos I brought back home and it was a fun and great experience.   Aren’t they just amazing ?

Happy Spring and a happy week-end to all of you !



60 comments on “Butterflies Go Free At Montreal’s Botanical Garden

  1. Quelles belles photos, j’aime particulièrement le charme de la dernière ! Pour ce qui est des araignées, la phobique que je suis ne peux imaginer un instant en observer une dans son travail (LOL) dont je reconnais toutefois la finesse… Bon week-end à toi ! Biz

  2. drawandshoot says:

    These are amazing! Considering the wintery weather we are having today 25C and humid sounds great. : )

  3. Dany says:

    Quelles belles photos encore une fois tu nous partages…. j’adore celle du papillon bleu sur le collier de Fanny…. Bravo . Bourrée de talent mon amie !!!

  4. Gracie says:

    These are lovely, Jocelyne! I also went to the Botanical for the Butterfly Go Free event, twice! It was so much fun and it was heaven for a photo enthusiast like me (except for the hot and humid part. haha).

  5. Beautiful Captures – Happy Friday:)

  6. photocris says:

    que c’est agrèable tout ces papillons ! en + ils se posent sur de belles fleurs !

  7. JimR says:

    Superb images Jocelyne.

  8. photocris says:

    j’adore l’éclairage de la 1 !

    • Les rayons du soleil éclairaient parfaitement ce papillon. Je ne l’avais pas vu, c’est un autre photographe qui m’en avait fait la remarque !
      J’espère que tu passes un beau dimanche Christian 🙂

  9. Lisa Gordon says:

    Jocelyne, these photographs are so beautiful. I especially love the last one. It almost looks like a painting. Your niece is a very lovely young lady.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  10. These are all so fantastic. Having photographed butterflies also, I know how hard it is to get them to sit still on something that is compositionally pleasing. I love the morpho on your niece.

  11. Jenna says:

    As soon as I saw butterflies in your post title, I knew this would be good, and I am not disappointed. Jocelyne, these are fabulous, and the spring message is very welcome as we just got more snow here. I am so ready to see spring, but complaining won’t bring it any faster I suppose. 🙂 The photos of the butterfly on your niece are awesome! Great capture! Thanks for another great post!

    • Thank you very much Jenna, I’m so glad you loved these photos. I knew I had the opportunity to take beautiful photos of these butterflies but I knew it wouldn’t be that easy and worried I wouldn’t be successful. But I managed to capture them beautifully and I’m very happy, and also very happy you loved them.
      We also had snow a few days ago, about 10 or 15 cm… But it’s all melted now. We really don’t have a nice Spring this year, it’s so cold !
      I hope you have a nice week Jenna !

  12. montucky says:

    Yes, they are amazing. And your photos are excellent! I fell in love with the blue Morpho. That is the prettiest butterfly I’ve ever seen.

  13. Pantxika says:

    Douceur… couleur… poésie… un vrai régal des yeux à parcourir ton billet…la dernière image aux couleurs tendres ma préférée ! Bon week-end… bisous !

  14. Anne Jutras says:

    Mon Dieu, que ça fait du bien de voir ça! Quelle merveilleuse expérience! Je n’y suis jamais allée, là, tu me donnes vraiment le goût. Merci du partage!

  15. janina says:

    You have a wonderful selection here, jocelyne, and I think some of them would make wonderful greeting cards and such. The Blue Monarch obviously was attracted to your niece’s blue outfit….clever of you! Good work!

    • Thank you so much Janina for your kind words ! Yes, my niece dressed in these colours intentionally to attract the butterflies, and as you saw it worked !
      Have a nice day and end of week 🙂

  16. georgianna says:

    Hello, dear Jocelyne! I believe these are some of the most beautiful butterfly photos I’ve ever seen! And the Blue Morpho on your niece with her blue pants and teal lace shirt is perfect!

    I know how hot it get in those butterfly houses but you still managed to get marvelous photos. 🙂

    Thank you so much for visiting recently. I hope you are very well! xoxo

    • Hi Georgianna ! I’m so glad these photos are among some of the most beautiful butterfly photos you’ve ever seen. Wow, what an honour ! Thank you so much, it means a lot 🙂
      I hope you have a wonderful week-end ! xx

  17. David says:

    Beautiful photos, Jocelyne! The blue Morpho stands out very well on your niece’s blouse. It’s almost like a piece of jewelry.

    Have a good week ahead.

    • Thank you so much David ! Yes, the blue morpho stands out so well on my niece’s blouse. When I took the photo I looked at it very quickly on my viewfinder, just to verify the exposition, so I was very pleased with this photo when I saw it on my computer !
      Thank you David for your presence on my blog, I always appreciate your comments 🙂
      Have a nice week-end !

  18. Jocelyne these are absolutely terrific images. The clarity and vibrancy is outstanding and it must have been rather difficult in capturing the beauty of the butterflies. I hope you have a great week. Regards , James

    • Your comments always makes me smile James, thank you so much ! The challenge in capturing the butterflies was more in finding the right exposition. It was sunny and very bright in the green house and sometimes I would have had a very nice shot but there was too much glare on the foliage and I was without a polarizer (I bought one today !) And the lighting conditions would change dramatically from one spot to another. At other times some butterflies were constantly moving so I had to be pretty quick on the shutter !
      Thanks again for your lovely comment and I wish you a wonderful week-end !

  19. Jocelyn,you have certainly outdone yourself with these beautiful butterfly photos! The first and the last are so romantic……the last one especially looks like a painting. Thanks for sharing them.

    • Thank you very much Jane ! I wasn’t sure I would return home with beautiful photos. Like you know it’s not always easy to capture these beauties ! I took 132 photos and about 20 of them were a success. I took so many photos because I had to change the exposition frequently and many times It took a few shots to have it right. I’m so glad you like these photos !

  20. Your photos are lovely!! I used to dislike caterpillars too, but since I started photographing I started to (kind of) like them 🙂 And I love butterflies!

    • Thank you so much Calee ! And I’m sorry for the late response. I feel exactly the same as you do about caterpillars, but only because they transform into wonderful butterflies !
      Have a great day 🙂

  21. michel85 says:

    Oh moins on est sure de trouver de beaux papillons dans ces endroits . Mais les capter ,moins facile !!!De fort beaux spécimens bien mis en valeur . michel

  22. elisaruland says:

    Jocelyne, you have such a magical touch when it comes to photography. The butterfly garden shots are lovely!

  23. Tes photos sont magnifiques et ces papillons sont tellement beaux ! J’adore la photo avec le papillon sur le collier de la jeune fille. C’est bien vu 😉 Merci pour ce partage !

    • Un gros merci Marie-Charlotte ! J’étais bien contente lorsque j’ai vu la photo du papillon sur le collier, je voulais tellement avoir une belle photo avec le papillon bleu !
      Bonne semaine Marie-Charlotte

  24. Sheila says:

    Wow – those are amazing! Each one is so different. All the details really came through so beautifully in your photos. I love how you’ve softened the flowers so the butterflies really pop out. That must have been a really fun day – to have butterflies flying all around and resting on you like that. Happy Spring!

  25. These butterfly photos are so wonderful Jocelyne. I went to a butterfly house in Arizona and somehow mangled a setting on my little camera. Not one turned out. Then again, I don’t think I ever did capture a shot of the magnificent blue butterflies that were flitting about.

    Your niece is as lovely as her winged friends!

    • Thank you so much Karen ! Oh no, how awful…. It’s like when we forget to verify the batteries of our camera…
      Thanks for the lovely comment about my niece 🙂
      I’m sorry about the late response, have a great week Karen !

  26. They truly are amazing and breathtaking! I saw a butterfly yesterday afternoon when I was walking my dog Toby in the park. It was yellow 🙂 I have never seen a black butterfly before, they are exquisite! Always a joy to visit your page Jocelyne 🙂 you have very charming and delighful photography ideas and concepts!

  27. Thanks a thousand times Adri ! 🙂 And I am delighted that you love my photography ideas and concepts ! 🙂

  28. parth893 says:

    wonderful Snaps 😀 so eye catching ❤

  29. Joe says:

    This series of captures are amazing Jocelyne 😀 I am really enjoying your blog and you are an extremely talented photographer.

    • Jocelyne says:

      How kind of you to say so, Joe, thank you so very much for this beautiful compliment ! These butterflies are something, aren’t they ? Welcome to my blog Joe, and I hope you have a nice evening 🙂

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