Bad temperature = Still life photos :)

Hello everybody !

It’s a good thing I love to create still life photos because otherwise I wouldn’t have anything else to post today.  The weather has been so bad in April with cold temperatures, rain and strong winds.  So, instead of going out on photographic excursions, I settled in and looked around my home to see what I could come up with.  I have many decorative objects in my home so I don’t have to search very far to find some nice objects  that would make beautiful still life, and from time to time I like to buy objects for the sole purpose of photographing them.  Here are my latest still life photos.

Flowers, still life

still life photos, lavender still life photos,

still life photos, flowers still life photos

still life photos, flowers still life photos, roses still life photos

still life photos, flowers still life photos, vintage flowers

In case you’re wondering, no, I haven’t purchased a piano just to photograph it !  It’s from a friend’s home 🙂

still life photos, piano still life photos

More still life are to come.  I have a violin sleeping in a wardrobe, a vintage milk bottle in my cupboard and some old ballerina shoes that are patiently waiting for the next cold and rainy days to be transformed into unique and beautiful photographs.  I’m also working on a wonderful project for a friend who makes gorgeous bridal bouquets made of silk flowers.  I took many photos to build her a portfolio and I am currently editing them.  Here’s one of her bouquet.

bridal bouquet

You can visit her Facebook page here (the photos on her page are not from me), and contact her if you are interested in buying a bouquet.

Have  a lovely and hopefully warm week-end !



45 comments on “Bad temperature = Still life photos :)

  1. soonie2 says:

    Beautiful images!

  2. Your images are so beautiful. I love how you process them and make them truly a work of art.

  3. ahhh que c’est beau…… je suis étonnée de découvrir mon piano aussi beau !!!! Tu es géniale mon amie….. et mon bouquet sort tellement bien !! j’ai hâte de découvrir le reste… et tu sais quoi ??? j’ai très très hâte de voir la photo de ma salle de bain…. je suis certaine que ça va sortir romantique !!!! j’ai hââââââte comme un enfant qui veux déballer ses cadeaux…. j’espère que j’aurai pas à attendre jusqu’à Noël !! bye bye x

    • Dany, je suis si contente que tu aimes la photo de ta salle de bain 🙂 Merci beaucoup pour tes beaux compliments, ça me fait vraiment plaisir ! Mais noooon, tu n’auras pas à attendre jusqu’à Noël ! Juste quelques semaines 🙂 xx

  4. Anne Jutras says:

    Quel délice pour les yeux! Tu as l’œil habile pour transmettre des ambiances romantiques et feutrées à souhait. Je suis presque contente que le printemps s’est fait attendre cette année, sinon, nous n’aurions pas eu droit à de si belles photos. 😉

    Bon week-end!

    • Oh…. merci beaucoup Anne, ça me fait vraiment plaisir !
      Tu peux le dire que le printemps s’est fait attendre, mais enfin il est là et j’espère que je ne ferai pas d’autres natures mortes pour un p’tit bout ! Mais je me connaîs, je sais que je vais en faire quand même 😉
      Passe une très belle semaine !

  5. Beautiful pictures… I love the one of the piano.

  6. Pantxika says:

    Délicatesse… poétique… que de douceur dans tes images… une vraie caresse pour les yeux ! Bravo Jocelyne… un travail délicieux ! bisous !

  7. JimR says:

    Simple, peaceful images Jocelyne. Superb!

  8. 1cruzdelsur says:

    Postcards for the view and soul.
    Adiós Jocelyne

  9. lisa says:

    Jocelyne, your photographs are truly so beautiful.
    It was a very nasty April here too, but over the past week, things have changed, and it is so wonderful to begin to see some color AND to be able to go out without a coat to enjoy it.

    I hope your weather changes soon, and that you have a beautiful weekend!

  10. Jenna says:

    Your flowers are stunning, Jocelyne, and even more so by the way you photograph them. Your still life images are among my favorites of all the subjects you shoot. They capture such romance and beauty…like the cover of an elegant romance novel. 🙂

    • Oh ! I didn’t know my still life images were among your favorites, I’m so glad because I really love to create them. Romantic style is my favorite in still life but sometimes I like to do something different I just take a picture yesterday of an old chair on a log cabin with some fishing rods by its side. It’s going to be a very rustic photo, very very far from romantic !
      Thank you so much Jenna for this lovely comment ! 🙂

  11. elisaruland says:

    Lovely still life, Jocelyn!

  12. montucky says:

    These are very pretty still life’s! I am especially fond of the first one!

  13. Beautiful images Jocelyne! I love your processing and the look of these. My favorite is the first one. Wonderful!

    • A big thank you Mike for this lovely comment ! I used to think that men aren’t that much interested in these kind of images. Well, I guess I was wrong 🙂 Have a wonderful week-end !

  14. janina says:

    You have a very creative eye, jocelyne. I love this selection, especially all the flowers, but not taking away from the rest. My fave is the red rose and the top pic and third from the bottom! Those bridal bouquets are absolutely delicious as is your photography of it.

    • Oh ! Thank you so much Janina ! I’m really glad you love these photos because I greatly enjoy creating still life images. I know not everybody likes this kind of photography, it’s not as popular as landscape for example, so I’m always very happy when I receive some wonderful comments like you just did ! Have a great day 🙂

  15. Emily Gooch says:

    Beautiful photography, Jocelyne. Love the composition and processing. It feels so romantic.

  16. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE how you have used light in each of those pictures!

  17. Hi Jocelyne – No, I haven’t abandoned you, even though it might seem that way! Just other things taking up my time in the past few months! Thanks for your recent comments! I have seen them and always really appreciate them! I have to say, Jocelyne, I always particularly like your still life photographs, and I apologise if I have said this before but your real photographic talent lies in the still life field! We can all go out and take photographs of landscapes and views, but it takes artistic and photographic talent to create tableaux and ‘make’ photographs that are artistically attractive and appealing – Have you had any of your stuff published in magazines or advertisements yet? Love the idea of buying a piano to use in a still life shot!



    • Hi John ! I’m so glad to hear from you ! 🙂
      I know it can be difficult at times to visit blogs and comment, it can be time consuming and I understand that ! You must be in preparation for your move to Scotland soon, how exciting ! I dream to visit Scotland one day ! Thank you so much for your words on my photographic talent, it means a lot, and I have to say that of all the different photographic genres, when I’m creating still life is when I’m the most happy in photography. Of course I really like to do other types but my favourite is still life. No, I never have been published in magazines or advertisements but I would love that ! I don’t know what is the procedure to get published, how to contact magazines, etc… I guess I should do a little research on Google ! 🙂 Thanks again for your visit and wonderful comment John and have a beautiful Sunday !
      p.s. I’ll visit your blog soon, there are many posts I want to see 🙂

  18. Gracie says:

    Wow, these are stunning still life photos, Jocelyne! I absolutely love the first one, the softness of the colors, the composition, the subject, down to the vignette, it’s just beautiful!

  19. Simply lovely! The violin is my favorite instrument I am eager to the picture you will take with it! ! You are so creative Jocelyne and the colors you use in all of your pictures are really unique and sweet. I feel like we can see your soul through your pictures, you have a pure and kind heart 🙂

    • Adri, what a beautiful comment, I am touched by your kind words, thank you ! I’m sorry for my late response, I’ve been very very busy in the garden lately, soooo many things to do ! You can see the photo of the violin in my Facebook album “Nature morte” if you want. I think there are 2 photos of the violin.
      I wish you a happy week !

  20. alexpapakon says:

    Really amazing works!!!!

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