Spring little flowers

Hello dear friends !

They are everywhere around us.  They have awakened from a long winter and are now turning and reaching towards the warmth of the sun rays.  They delight us and charm us with their delicate forms and hues, and the profusion of their blooms.  What I like most about them is their daintiness, they’re such cute little flowers.  What a joy it is to look through the window in the morning and see these beauties swaying gently under the wind’s caress.  And when the bird songs echoing from far away are joining their voices in harmony with those of my garden, then I can say I have lived a moment suspended in time, a magical moment…

Little plum flowers

Little plum flowers, plum tree

Apple tree flowers

Apple tree flowers

Dicentra spectabilis, also known as bleeding hearts

Dicentra spectabilis, bleeding hearts

Spiraea Arguta little flowers

Spiraea Arguta

I hope you like flower photography because you will see lots of it in the coming months.  I grow nepeta, roses, lilies, hemerocallis, heliopsis, weigela, lavender, irises, veronica, daisies, monarda, peonies and delphinium to name a few.  And this year I’ll have one of my very favourite flower : Gladiolus.  I can’t wait to plant them !  Oh, the lovely photos I will take with them 🙂

Happy week-end to all of you !



62 comments on “Spring little flowers

  1. You certainly have an eye for picking out nice compositions out of all the different branches. The last one I like the best. Love the nice creamy bokeh and the soft processing you applied. Great job.

    • Hello Mark 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a nice comment, I really appreciate 🙂 I’ve been to your blog and I have to say your photography is superb ! As soon as I have more time I’ll return to look at your posts. Have a great week-end !

  2. I love the soft colors in these images. Beautifully shared.

  3. klmaryon says:

    Beautiful photography …. I will look forward to all your posts

    Kate Maryon

    • Hello Kate 🙂 Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for your kind words ! It’s great to know you enjoy my photography and will look at my future posts. Thank you !
      Happy week-end to you 🙂

  4. Simply beautiful! The contrasting colors in the bleeding hearts image are wonderful. Your delicate processing really makes these images special. Well done Jocelyne. Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you so much for this wonderful comment Mike, you just made my day ! I like to give my flowers photos a soft look so they can convey a sense of quietude and serenity, something we all need in our busy lives !
      A happy week-end to you too 🙂

  5. photocris says:

    tu es la reine de la belle composition et ton traitement et tout simplement magnifique ! bravo ! les fleurs de pommier sont très réussies …c’est ma préféré avec la dernière !

    • Christian, je voudrais te dire un gros merci pour tes commentaires qui me touche et me font toujours tellement plaisir ! Merci de me suivre, de me rendre visite et de m’écrire de si beaux commentaires, c’est très apprécié 🙂 xx

      • photocris says:

        attends ! toi aussi tu viens souvent dans mais albums et tu les apprécies ….moi j’aime voir se que tu fais …voir tes photos les apprécier ….l’échange la critique …vraiment dire ce que l’on pense c’est comme ça que l’on progresse ! bravo à toi et je suis sincère

      • Merci Christian, et moi aussi je suis sincère et j’aime vraiment beaucoup tes photos !

  6. Lisa Gordon says:

    My goodness, it looks like you are having a wonderful spring, Jocelyne!
    These photographs are so beautiful.
    Happy weekend to you!

  7. Hello, Jocelyne

    You have plenty of photos coming? Excellent; I’ll be looking forward to seeing them. I still recall the ones you took of your mother-in-law’s garden and know I’ll enjoy ones from your own.


  8. David says:

    They’re worth the wait after such a long winter. Have a good weekend.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Vos photos sont MAGNIFIQUES !!!!!!!
    En attendant les beaux jours, le soleil est de retour sur mon écran. MERCI.
    Je suis fan.
    Corinne (ou Clairs-Obscurs sur Facebook) 😉

    • Bonjour Corinne ! Bienvenue sur mon blogue 🙂 Quels beaux compliments, merci beaucoup, ça me touche vraiment ! Je vais visiter ta page Facebook aussitôt que j’ai un peu de temps. Passe une très belle semaine !

  10. Pantxika says:

    Comment ne pas aimer … des bouquets délicats aux teintes pastels que je me régale à découvrir !… bravo et continue à nous émerveiller ! bisous !

  11. As always, Jocelyn, I love your photos. The soft colours and dainty blooms have a dream-like quality. Thanks for sharing your love of flowers and I look forward to many more blooms as the weather hopefully warms up!

    • Thank you very much Jane, I always greatly appreciate your visits and compliments on my photos 🙂
      Yes, hopefully it will warm up ! These past few days were cold, only 10 degrees and it rained all week-end long… I am so late with all the work I have to do in the garden. I waited too long for warmer days… The lilacs are in bloom right now, I hope I’ll have time to photograph them and make a post. Have a great week Jane !

  12. Jenna says:

    Isn’t it refreshing to have flowers to photograph at last? I’ve been photographing them a lot myself lately. Your images are, as always, warm and happy and comforting to look at. Happy spring! 🙂

    • Thank you very much Jenna ! I’m very glad the photos could convey these feelings. Flowers make my life happier, I like to express that when I photograph them 🙂
      Happy spring to you too !

  13. Merci pour cette nouvelle promenade enchanteresse ! Bon dimanche ! Biz

  14. Linda says:

    Jocelyne, elles sont toutes magnifiques!!
    J’adore les couleurs et la douceur de tes photos

  15. Arindam says:

    Beautiful photographs.

  16. Il y a une belle touche de sensibilité et de douceur dans ta série de photos….bravo Jocelyne.

  17. Beautiful pictures, Jocelyne! They look so elegant!

  18. JimR says:

    Lovely images Jocelyne. You’ve got that special “touch” of being able to convey peace and tranquility in your images. Superb!

  19. Hi Jocelyne!
    It’s nice to be back on your page! i have been busy studying for an exam I will be taking next month. I can’t wait to post again! I’ll be looking forward in seeing your pictures in the coming months! I really like how you made the fourth picture look soft 🙂 Have a great week!

    • Hi Adri ! It’s nice to hear from you 🙂 I am very glad you’re looking forward to seeing my photos, your presence here and comments are always appreciated ! I hope your exam won’t be too difficult but you seem to be well prepared, good luck ! Have a great week-end Adri 🙂

  20. janina says:

    Love this selection, especially the apple blossom and bleeding hearts (they’re just SO gorgeous). Gladdies are an Australian iconic flower made famous by Dame Edna Everage (Barry Humphries’ alter ego)….have you heard of her? They are a beautiful flower.

    • Thank you so much Janina ! I wasn’t aware of Dame Edna Everage, it’s interesting, I’ll look on the internet to learn about her and the gladdies, thanks for mentioning it. They are my favourite flowers after roses. Have a beautiful week Janina 🙂

  21. Très belle série floral avec des photos d’une belle douceur !
    Bravo Jocelyne…

  22. 1cruzdelsur says:

    Jocelyne, beautiful pictures. Your lyrics radiate spring breezes and colors, can be perceived at a distance, for your lyrics come from your heart happy, here in South the continent is quite different, so it is good to read you and breathe your spring but here is autumn.
    A greeting
    Carlos your friend south

  23. Jocelyne! I am so sorry but I felt sure that I had put fingers to the ipad to write a comment upon receiving the email link for your post. However some how….or somewhere this has not appeared to have happened and I apologise for this. These are really wonderful images and my favs…are the first and last as I enjoy the composition and colours. You really have a forte for such photography. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ,best regards, James

    • No worries James, no problem ! I know how it takes time to visit blogs and especially to comment. We visit many blogs and we can’t see all the posts and comment on all of them, otherwise we would have to be in front of our computer all day long ! I am very grateful of your visits and comments, they always put a smile on my face and make me happy, and this one is no exception !
      I also wish you a great week-end, under the sun, I hope 🙂

  24. Lovely use of DOF and texture to capture the magic of spring

  25. jayjay3 says:

    Stunning photos, Jocelyne! Your sweet, tiny flowers delight the eye!

    I’m recovering from foot surgery, and missing being in my garden soooo much!!! Thanks for brightening my day with these beauties!!

    • Hi Judy ! It’s so nice to hear from you ! I’m sorry to hear you had a foot surgery, what happened ? Oh, how I understand you missing your garden ! We get use to a daily walk in the garden to look at the growth of our flowers. I hope your recovery won’t take too long.
      Thank you for the compliments Judy, and I’m glad I could brightened your day with these photos.
      Take care Judy 🙂

      • jayjay3 says:

        Hi Jocelyne….
        I had bunion & hammertoe surgery. Foot problems that came down through the generations. But I’m getting better and the pins come out Monday! Six weeks didn’t seem like forever at first, but it has gone slowly at times, especially since the weather has been so nice!
        My other foot will be done in the winter! haha! Your lilacs are gorgeous. I enjoyed mine from my window too…but they just don’t last long enough! Now the peonies are blooming! I want to say: slow down! 😉 Take care too…Jocelyne!

      • I heard these surgeries are very painful. I’m glad you’re feeling better Judy and I hope you’ll be able to go in your garden soon ! Have a nice week 🙂

  26. Anne Jutras says:

    Quelle superbe série! La douceur et l’aspect champêtre de tes images me charme. Littéralement. J’ai l’impression de me répéter, mais tu as un style bien à toi et qui te démarque des autres. Bravo!

  27. Merci beaucoup Anne, ton commentaire me fait vraiment plaisir ! Je pense que c’est important d’avoir un style bien à soi et je suis très heureuse si j’ai pu réussir avec mes photos de fleurs !
    J’espère que tu as passé un beau samedi et je te souhaite un beau dimanche ! xx

  28. seleena123 says:

    Love the photos there so nice, plus you do write buetifully too. Look forward to more forward to reading more from you.

  29. Ce sont de très jolies fleurs de printemps 🙂 J’aime beaucoup ton style Jocelyne, et tu as ta touche 😉 J’espère qu’il fait beau chez vous. Ici le printemps n’est pas vraiment là…a bientôt !

  30. Un gros merci Marie-Charlotte, j’apprécie beaucoup !
    J’ai lu plusieurs commentaires sur les blogues et les pages Facebook à propos de la mauvaise température chez-vous. Quel dommage ! J’ai des membres de ma belle-famille qui sont à Paris en ce moment, j’espère qu’ils auront droit à un peu de soleil ! Chez-nous le printemps a été pas pire. Plutôt en dent-de-scie. De très belles et chaudes journées puis ensuite du froid et de la pluie. Cette semaine nous avons eu 48 heures de pluie non-stop ! Mais depuis hier il fait super beau 🙂
    Tu dois être en pleine préparation pour le grand jour ou est-ce déjà passé ?
    Bonne fin de semaine Marie-Charlotte, je vais voir ton 10 on 10 bientôt 🙂

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