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Hello dear friends  🙂

I had a wonderful few days when my sister, niece, nephew and cousin visited two weeks ago.  These days spent together are precious and creates memories I’ll cherish forever.  Each time they come I reserve a few hours for a photo shoot with my muse in portrait photography, my beautiful niece Fanny.  At twenty-one,  she is the quintessence of beauty and youth and I love her as if she was my own daughter.

I wasn’t sure if I’d show these photos here as I am not  satisfied with them.  I used my 70-210 mm lens for this shoot but it is an old lens which doesn’t have a digital imaging sensor and which does not give good results under low light conditions.  Also, I didn’t bring my tripod that day, I find it annoying to always have to carry it.  It’s cumbersome and takes so much longer to shoot with.  And to make things worst my hands were not steady that day, I was shaking.  So I ended up with blurred photos, and even though there was a beautiful soft light, the photos came out too dark.  I saw it on the histogram but I couldn’t find the right settings for a proper exposition.  It was either too dark or too bright.  I don’t have all the equipment for portrait photography, I don’t shoot TTL or with Off-camera flash.  Obviously I have a lot to learn.  Portrait photography is not my forte, but I enjoy it and I would love to do more to gain experience.

IMGP4385 Blog 2 



I have three suggestions for you if you love portrait photography.  First, Uday Narayanan’s blog from New Delhi, India.  Uday’s portraits are wonderfully beautiful, he is a self-taught photographer and he is very friendly.  Click here to go to his blog.  Second, Peter Knight from UK does superb portrait photography.  His latest post, “Untouchable” Dalit Girl, portrays the story of a little girl living among the poorest of the poor in India.  A superb photo.  Click here to visit his website.  And third, David Meyer from France, Paris I think.  David has a unique style, his photos are wonderful and always out of the ordinary.  His portraits sessions are never boring and his blog is one of my very favourite.  Click here to visit his blog.

I haven’t taken a lot of photos lately and the ones I took weren’t very good.  I’m kind of in a lack of inspiration these days.  I hope it returns soon…

I hope you all have a great week-end !



38 comments on “My muse

  1. Pantxika says:

    Dans ce décor bucolique… qu’elle est jolie ta muse !… une petite préférence pour l’image du milieu la brume à l’orée du bois rajoute un charme supplémentaire à la photo !

    Bonne journée Jocelyne !

  2. I think you are being too hard on yourself.
    The portraits are lovely. You have a unique style that I like.
    When I am uninspired , I find I need fresh subject matter to challeng me.
    All the best

    • It’s so nice to read your comment Linda. I often feel not self-confident when it comes to portrait photography. Thank you for your kind words 🙂
      You are so right, I need fresh subject !
      Have a great day Linda 🙂

  3. elisaruland says:

    Stunning photographs AND model, Jocelyn! I’m so glad you decided to share these beautiful shots!

  4. David says:

    Very pretty shots of your muse. When it comes to portraits, I’m a bit of hit-and-miss. But I like them.

    • Thank you so much David. I have found that portrait photography is much more difficult then what I had thought. Especially when you don’t have all the equipment at hand. Thanks for your visit, I always appreciate 🙂

  5. drawandshoot says:

    I think these are beautiful and radiant! Nicely done.
    Thank you for the link suggestions.

  6. 1cruzdelsur says:

    Jocelyne, you’ve accomplished ​​some very artistic shots, light and colors together with your beautiful niece make portraits that are reflected as in a while, like a painting painted.

  7. Lisa Gordon says:

    Jocelyne, I think these are really beautiful!

  8. Anne Jutras says:

    Ta muse est superbe ainsi que les photos que tu as fait d’elle! Le portrait n’est pas un sujet facile, je te l’accorde. J’ai le même malaise que toi quand vient le temps de tourner mon objectif vers une personne. On dirait que je perds mes moyens et ne sais plus très bien comme faire de la photo. hihi! Pour ma part, tu t’es fort bien tiré de cette situation. Les photos sont ravissantes!

    • Un gros gros merci Anne ! C’est vrai que le portrait n’est pas facile. En plus on ne veut pas ennuyer le modèle en la faisant trop attendre…. Genre “attends, je vérifie mon exposition” ou “On recommence, la photo est floue”… Avec ma nièce ça va, mais avec des étrangers il faut savoir où on s’en va avec notre appareil !
      J’espère que tu passeras un beau congé de la fête du travail 🙂

  9. JimR says:

    Beautiful images Jocelyne. I love the soft lighting in the 2nd and 3rd shots

  10. photocris says:

    j’adore la 3 ème ! en manque d’inspiration ça arrive mais là je ne crois pas ! encore de trés belles photos ! et merci pour les adresses que je vais allé voir !

  11. Jenna says:

    Despite your frustration with the portraiture, I think you did a superb job with these. Your niece is beautiful, and you have done a wonderful job with the photos. I, too, struggle with portraits, but practice is key I suppose. You did an excellent job here! 🙂 Great post, Jocelyne!

    • Jenna, thank you so very much ! I’m sorry for the late response. I’d love to practice more with portraits but I don’t have many occasions to do so. Portraits is not my favourite thing in photography but if I could practice more and become much better at it, I’m sure I would like to do it professionally. But no wedding photos, that’s for sure ! 🙂

  12. Such beautiful pictures, Jocelyne! I totally agree with Linda Hartong– you are being a little too hard on yourself.
    I’ve always loved the way you use natural light to make images of flowers. Looks like you’ve used the same technique here and the results are amazing! Each image is beautiful in its own way. I really like how you’ve positioned your subject in the 3rd one. The flowers captured in your trademark style along with the beautiful subject really complete the picture.

    I’ve been following Peter’s blog since a long time. His work is always an inspiration. Just checked out David Meyer’s blog now. He has an stunning collection of pictures. Thank you for sharing his link:)

    • Uday, thank you so very much ! Your comment made my day 🙂 You’re right, I’m probably too hard on my self. I always compare my photos with those of professionnal photographers, maybe it’s not a good idea. I’m really glad you liked these portraits, especially coming from you, you are so very talented at portrait photography.
      Have a beautiful week ahead 🙂

  13. Jocelyne, I have to agree with the other commentators in so far as that you are being hard on yourself. As you have said this is a new venture for you and for this fact alone you have to be congratulated as often we can get into a rut or groove with our photography and can often loose the creativiity. I feel by going off piste from the norm , it revitalizes us. You have some wonderful images here and I do so look forward to the ensuing posts.
    Thanks for the heads up about the other photographers, Peters I have ben following for quite a while now and love his work. But I also like the humour in David’s work. As for Uday’s work I have to admit I have not come across it ( off to investigate this evening).
    I do hope that you have an enjoyable end to the week. Regards, James

    • I think you’re right James, trying new things in our photography must be stimulating and also heightening our creativity. Something I don’t do enough. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, and I’ll try to be less hard on myself 😉 I’ll remember your words next time I do a portrait session 🙂
      I’m glad you liked David Meyer’s work, his photos always put a smile on my face. Uday’s work is also fantastic, I hope you liked it.
      A wonderful week-end to you James 🙂

  14. Hello, Jocelyn

    You have chosen some lovely backdrops for your beautiful niece. It’s kind of her to act as your model and allow you to share your wonderful photographs of her.

    • Hi Karen 🙂 My niece didn’t wanted to be photographed with flowers well groomed in plantings or in flower beds, she wanted a natural setting and I’m very pleased with the results. I’m glad you love them too, thank you very much for your kind words 🙂

  15. tomwhelan says:

    All are lovely images. Your niece looks beautiful in them, and you chose beautiful natural settings and fine light.

  16. We all go through this lack on inspiration…but never fear…it will come back. She is just gorgeous…don’t beat yourself up they are beautiful!

  17. Laurie, thank you so much ! The inspiration is starting to coming back and I’m so glad. Ok, I’ll stop beating myself up, too many people have told me so 🙂 Thanks for visiting, I’ll visit soon, I haven’t been to your blog in a long time. Have a great evening !

  18. Tu as su saisir la belle simplicité de ta muse sur ces photos. Ma préférée est sans nul doute la deuxième, avec cette jolie maîtrise de la lumière rasante.

    Et un grand grand merci pour le partage du lien vers mon blog, ainsi que ton avis sur mes photos. Je suis très touché.

    • David, je suis très heureuse de ta visite et de ton beau commentaire, merci beaucoup !
      Ça m’a fait plaisir de partager le lien vers ton blogue, tes photos sont magnifiques !
      Passe une très belle semaine 🙂

  19. You captured your niece so wonderfully. The pictures show her beauty and radiant character ever so lovely. Don’t worry about technical shortcomings or equipment you don’t have, you do more than good enough with your vision and style. We don’t need sharper pictures, but pictures like these taken with the heart and with passion.

    • Jocelyne says:

      Oh thank you so much Otto ! Your kind words really encourages me. I don’t have much opportunities to do portraits but next time I do some I will remember your words and won’t worry too much about technical aspects 🙂
      Have a beautiful week Otto 🙂

  20. Happy to read comments 🙂

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