How creative are you ?

Sometimes you experience something that will impact you, that will spark new ideas within you or that will cause you to deeply reflect on a given topic.  I came across two videos on YouTube and Ted from Sir Ken Robinson where he talks about creativity and especially creativity and our education system.  It made me think about how I view my own creativity and I couldn’t agree more with his lecture on Ted.  I was not that bad at school, but if creativity would have been more emphasized maybe my choices would have been different, maybe I would have found my voice more easily.   I have always been involved in creative activities, my greatest passions were dance (jazz), and now photography.  But it’s only recently that I’ve fully came to realize how creative I am and, above all, how I need to reach into this world inside me, this place from which comes forth all my ideas and inspiration.  Like Sir Ken Robinson says, creativity should be taken as seriously as arts and literature and taught in the same way.

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Here are the two videos.  The first is a beautiful, beautiful video, very inspiring and worth viewing on a full screen as there are many wonderful images.  But what touched me the most is the message it conveys.  It’s one of the most beautiful videos I have seen yet.

And this is the lecture on Ted.  Very inspiring and into which I often recognize myself.

Have a beautiful week everybody 🙂


37 comments on “How creative are you ?

  1. Adshayah says:

    This is a really good post on Creativity. My passions are writing and dance(pop). Creativity is something everyone has. I totally agree

    • Thank you very much Adshayah. Writing and dance, two wonderful passions. It’s important to find what motivates us, what makes our heart sing, creativity is so important. I’m very glad you liked this post 🙂

      • Adshayah says:

        Yes, that’s really true. Creativity is an important part of our life and something everyone has once again. You’re welcome for commenting on your blog

  2. Comme je te rejoins sur le manque de place fait dans le système éducatif pour développer la créativité des enfants… qui deviendront grands. Merci pour le partage et belle semaine à toi aussi ! Biz

  3. kate maryon says:

    You are so right! When I did my Horticultural the first instructor we had for Design history didn’t allow for any personal interpretation… It was her way or it was wrong!. Then the second year actually had the course coordinator and it was so liberating. He didn’t say “do it this way” he said… find your own way! play, practice and let it flow… let it come from within you! That is when I grew as a landscaper..

  4. Céline says:

    Ah Jocelyne, ton billet m’interpelle et me parle tellement!!!
    Je me suis longtemps battue pour faire de ma passion artistique mon métier, envers et contre mon éducation et le système qui manquaient de considération vis-à-vis de ce choix.
    J’approuve la vision de cet homme à 100%!
    Merci pour ce témoignage et tes belles photos!
    Bonne semaine à toi!

    • Je suis vraiment contente que mon billet t’ais interpellée Céline. Tu as bien fait de te battre et tenir ton bout, et j’espère que tu est capable de vivre de ta passion. Quel dommage que la créativité soit si peu reconnue.
      Merci beaucoup pour ton compliment sur mes photos ! Bonne semaine Céline 🙂

      • Céline says:

        Merci Jocelyne! Oui, j’arrive aujourd’hui à vivre de ma passion, après un bon 15 ans de patience et de persévérance et un changement de pays! 🙂
        À bientôt!

      • Bonjour Céline 🙂 Je voudrais visiter ton blogue mais je ne retrouve plus le lien et il n’apparaît pas sur ton gravatar, pourrais-tu le mettre ici dans les commentaires s.vp. Merci ! 🙂

  5. lisa says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this here, Jocelyne!
    The video was wonderful.

  6. I enjoyed watching the two videos, Jocelyne. In some ways, I’d describe myself as someone who is just beginning to explore my own creativity. I feel being “practical” defined much of my adult life and that its time to develop in other ways.

    Your own photos are soft and fanciful. Beautiful!


    • Thank you so much Karen ! Developing our creativity is very fulfilling, and when we find what inspires us, what makes our heart sing, our lives becomes richer in so many ways. It’s never too late to explore our creativity ! Have a good week Karen 🙂

  7. Excellent videos, Jocelyne! Thank you so much for sharing these:) Education plays such an important role in giving direction to and shaping up our talents.

    I LOVE the photographs you’ve posted here. What a treat for the eyes!

    • I agree Uday, education, and not only at school, is very important to help us define and be in touch with our creativity. Some people are so creative, they don’t need anybody to help them discover their creativity, for them it’s natural, it’s a way of life. But it’s not the case for everybody and that’s when education becomes so important.
      Thank you so very much Uday, I’m so glad you loved and enjoyed these photos. I couldn’t do much photos lately, the weather is awful, I’ll have to do some still life !
      Have a great week-end 🙂

  8. Lyle Krahn says:

    Those are powerful messages in the links you provided and wonderful photos. Creativity lives.

  9. A thoroughly enjoyable read Jocelyne and your images have transported me a a place of calm and tranquility, gentle and beautiful images from a very creative soul. Hope you have a wonderful wekend. regards, James

  10. Anne Jutras says:

    Un très bel article avec des vidéos percutants! J’adore les Ted Talk, ils me font toujours du bien et nous dévoile des sujets fort intéressants. Il a raison ce Ken Robinson, on a tendance à se juger trop sévèrement, la créativité et l’intelligence se cultivent, il s’agit de se faire confiance. 😉

    • Tout à fait Anne, se faire confiance c’est le point départ dans beaucoup de choses, incluant notre créativité. Moi aussi j’aime beaucoup les Ted talks. Jusqu’à date celui qui m’a le plus impressionné c’est celui de cette neuro-chirurgienne qui a fait un grave ACV et qui raconte tout ce qu’elle percevait et vivait. Un vidéo très intéressant et surtout très inspirant.
      Merci de ton passage et commentaire ! 🙂

  11. I have always believed if you have a great passion, creativity will follow: I have to add not only do schools kill creativity but the work environment can too☺Blessings…great post.

    • Oh you’re so right Laurie, the work environment can really kill creativity. At my boyfriend’s work they have, once a week, a full day of creativity exercices to help them in their work, I think that’s awesome ! Thanks for visiting and have a nice week-end 🙂

  12. These images are so glorious ! I can’t believe how perfect your apples are in the first show. And the Common Redpolls ? I can’t tell you how jealous I am, not only of the number of them that you have, but how beautiful the image is. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    • Emily, thank you so very much for your wonderful comment, you’re very generous !
      Almost each winter we have lots of Common Redpolls, I just love these little birds, they are so joyful. I usually don’t take much pictures of birds because I’m not equipped for bird photography, but maybe some day when I have a proper lens I’ll try my hand at it, and I hope I can be as talented as you are in bird photography.
      Have a nice week-end 🙂

  13. Anyluckypenny says:

    You are creative Jocelyne!! No doubt about it! I love visiting your blog because I love to read what you write and your wonderful photography! Your blog is the first one that I visit because I know I will see and read something I will enjoy! These were great videos to watch 🙂 thanks for sharing!
    Hope you had a nice day!

    • Oh Adri, that is so nice of you to say and it means a lot to me, I assure you ! I’m very glad to hear that you also like to read what I write because writing is something I really enjoy, and knowing that it is interesting for people is fantastic !
      Thank you so much for your kind words Adri and have a beautiful Sunday 🙂

  14. Hello Jocelyn,
    By way of a few blogs I came by here. This was a very fine Ted talk that you have shared. Education systems all over the world are basically being adapted to create labor for the business world…yes, that is a little different from his idea about professors…and the arts are being seen as less important just as wilderness is being devalued.
    Anyway, it is important that we all follow what makes us happy and fulfilled and even better if we can survive by doing so.
    I like your apples image very much. I should know the drying seed-heads of the flower but cannot think of it at the moment.
    Thanks for sharing Sir Ken’s talk. It was very inspiring.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughts Steve, I really appreciate. I agree with you, our education system is geared toward producing future efficient and competitive workers. For me it is all our economic system that needs to be rethink. As of wilderness, everyday we have sad examples of how neglected it has become. But I have faith that all of this can change in the future.
      I hope you have a great week Steve 🙂

  15. Tina Schell says:

    Great post Jocelyne – video was terrific (photography was amazing) and love your comments and captures. Beautifully done!

  16. I enjoyed both videos immensely. Thank you for sharing. And your pictures on this post are immensely beautiful. A proof of what Robinson is talking about. A very inspiring post!

  17. I enjoyed every minute of these clips, taking notes as I went…..excellent ideas. Now to ponder how to incorporate them into our homeschooling…..

    • Jocelyne says:

      Yes, that is the big question ! Hopefully we will come up someday with a new approach…
      Thank you for your words, I really appreciate. Have a wonderful week !

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