November light

I don’t know how the weather is in your part of the world but here it was awful these past few weeks. Gloomy days with grey flat skies, high winds, rain, snow, and always with this humidity that chills you to the bone.  I needed new photos.  I miss it when I don’t have any new photos to edit.  So I went in the fields near the river and in the meadows where the sheep and horses were peacefully grazing.  There wasn’t much light and it was poor  quality light. I knew the photos wouldn’t be at their best and  I was a little disappointed when I saw them.  The light was so flat, not a bit of  sun rays to illuminate the scenery and make the colours come to life.  But later, while viewing my photos, I felt joy in my heart by remembering those afternoons spent in the fields.  It was peaceful, flocks of geese were flying low over my head, their honks vanishing in the distance…  The silence, the solitude in the meadows with the sheep in a bucolic landscape…  The friendly horses drawing near to greet me…   Yes, the light was awful and the photos are not exactly how I wanted them to look like, but I had a wonderful time in these fields and that is part of photography too.  Photography is all about technical jargon, compositions and rule of thirds, light and exposures, equipment and skills.  But there’s more to it.  There are all those wonderful memories we are left with from our adventures and that is a big part of photography, and it is as important as the most beautiful photos we can create.  Photography is a long journey, a journey of discoveries and amazement, just like life…

IMGP4822 pour blog 3

IMGP4926 PS CE red.640 plus saturé + jaune 2 + clair et blurr

IMGP4969 pour blog 4

Are you in the mood for Christmas ?  All my decorations are out and I want to try to make bokeh Christmas images, maybe one involving my little Winny 🙂   I would like to wish a happy Thanksgiving to all my friends from the United States and a beautiful week to all of you !



61 comments on “November light

  1. Dany says:

    tes photos sont toujours belles, elles parlent de toi !!!

  2. Mike says:

    You are so right Jocelyne! The experience is worth as much if not more than the resulting images. You shouldn’t be setting us up to expect less than stellar images, these are wonderful. The first one with the sheep is definitely a favorite. Wishing you a great week!

    • Mike, thank you so very much, you made my day ! 🙂
      I felt some contradiction when I wrote I wasn’t satisfied with the photos because at the same time I really like them. Each month of the year has its unique light and weather and that’s what shows through in the photos. We’re in November but I think my head haven’t move forward and is still in July 🙂

  3. Gracie says:

    Love the atmosphere on the first photo, Jocelyn! So peaceful, such a huge contrast to today’s yucky weather.

    • Thank you very much Gracie. It was peaceful but the sheep were a little nervous to see me approaching and they would stay very close to one another.
      Yucky is the perfect word for today’s weather… And if it’s getting colder everything will be covered in ice… A beautiful day to you Gracie and thanks for visiting 🙂

  4. Kim says:

    Jocelyn, Your photos are truly lovely, even if you felt the lighting was not the illumination. The lesson you share in your post is the most beautiful reminder of all. There is always beauty right here to appreciate. To find the gratitude in the simplicity, peacefulness and magic to the beautiful surroundings. Thank you for embracing the chillier day with camera in hand. You inspire me immeasurably. With humble gratitude, thank you for your gift in sharing your personal lesson in these precious moments you seek and find. Blessings to you from Palo Alto, CA.

    • Kim, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind and beautiful words. I am so glad if I can inspire you and I agree with you, beauty is all around us, we simply have to open our eyes and our heart. I am very touched by your comment, thank you !
      Have a beautiful week-end 🙂

  5. Lisa Gordon says:

    The weather feels pretty nasty right now. 😦
    Lots of snow headed this way, which will make travel on Thanksgiving tomorrow, a bit difficult.

    These photographs are just gorgeous, Jocelyne! I especially love the first one. I think they saw you! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Lisa ! Yes, the sheep were very aware of my presence and a little scared of me 🙂
      The weather is bad here too, lots of wind today. Safe travel if you take the road Lisa and happy Thanksgiving !

  6. Pantxika says:

    Paysages bucoliques… animaux… et le talent du photographe … tout est réuni pour faire un joli billet ! Merci jocelyne … bonne soirée !

  7. Drenagoram says:

    Bonsoir Jocelyne ,

    Bien au delà du temps sondeur , où la froideur prime au grisant ,
    te voilà faire alliance aux vents , porté tes pas hors la demeure ,
    à voir ma foi monde en couleurs , se jouer de l’ombre au fil d’élans ,
    belle est ta muse naturellement , ton âme en l’onde l’amie affleure.

  8. Beautiful photos and words. I love the composition of the photos. Happy weekend to you. Our sun is trying hard to press through the inversion that settles each winter into our otherwise beautiful mountainous valley. Our two kids join my husband and I tomorrow for our feast. We will have pie if I get busy making it! 🙂

    • Thank you for your words Debra, I’m very glad you like these photos. The sun has finally made an apparition today, it was a beautiful sunny day, so refreshing ! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, these are precious times…
      Happy weekend Debra 🙂

  9. Anne Jutras says:

    Je suis d’accord avec toi Jocelyne, parfois la lumière est moche et l’éclat de nos photos s’en ressent, mais la joie ressentie lorsque nous sommes en connexion avec la nature n’a pas de prix. Ton billet, en quelque part, rejoins le mien.

    Moi, j’aime beaucoup la douceur qui se dégage de la première image, la seconde confère un atmosphère de voyage avec ces oiseaux dans le ciel et la toute dernière offre un paysage aux teintes ocres.

    Et non, mes décos de Noël ne sont pas sorties, sans doute d’ici quelques semaines. 😉

    • Merci beaucoup Anne, tes commentaires me font toujours grand plaisir 🙂
      La 2ème photo avec les oiseaux a été un pur hasard, ils sont arrivés alors que je m’apprêtais à appuyer sur le déclencheur. Tant mieux !
      Je suis en ce moment en pleine décoration de sapin, mais les moseus de lumières qui brûlent… Ça m’énerve !!!! 🙂
      Passe une belle semaine chère Anne !

  10. montucky says:

    These are excellent photo! They show what is there and beautifully so.

  11. Lovely images Jocelyne 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Teju says:

    Immensely loved the pics in here! Beautiful captures!

  13. photocris says:

    quel talent ! elles sont encore toutes belles et nous font rêvées !j’adore la 2 avec les migrateurs !

    • Oh, merci infiniment Christian ! C’est tout à fait par hasard que j’ai pu avoir les oiseaux migrateurs dans la photo. Ils sont arrivés juste au moment où je m’apprêtais à appuyer sur le déclencheur 🙂
      Bonne semaine !

  14. cette année, c’est la première fois que je mets le sapin chez nous. Les années précédentes, nous n’étions jamais à la maison pour Noël. Et cette année, mes parents viennent à Paris. Alors tout est déjà prêt… j’avoue, c’est un peu tôt, mais on était tellement contents d’avoir notre sapin 🙂

    J’aime beaucoup l’ambiance de ta première photo avec les moutons, on dirait une photo d’un conte. La lumière est très belle malgré le fait qu’on soit en novembre.

    Et tout comme toi, je pense que la photographie est beaucoup plus que d’appliquer et de respecter des règles. C’est avant tout, un ressenti, une inspiration à un moment donné de la vie. Et ca passe bien avant les règles.

    Belle fin de week-end Jocelyne !

    • Quel bonheur d’avoir un sapin, ça mets tellement de gaieté dans la maison. Et quel bonheur de célébrer noël chez-toi avec tes parents ! Mon sapin est toujours fini à pareille date, c’est que j’en ai trois à faire (1 gros, 1 moyen et un petit) alors je commence tôt. Mais je remarque que de plus en plus de gens le font à cette date.
      Merci beaucoup Marie-Charlotte pour tes bons mots qui m’ont fait plaisir et je te souhaite une très belle semaine ! Bises 🙂

  15. David says:

    Very pretty photos, Jocelyne.

    Ready for Christmas, not really. At least in my case, my shopping is complete. Decorating can be a challenge with six cats walking around, and them always ready for a different kind of toy. 🙂

  16. Such beautiful photographs, Jocelyne! The first one is my favourite. Can’t agree more with you, Jocelyne — photography is so much more than technical jargons.

  17. Jenna says:

    Jocelyne, you underestimate your ability with the camera. Despite the poor light, I find these photos to be simply lovely. The sheep with the barn in the background is gorgeous! Excellent photos!

    I am in the mood for Christmas. I still have to decorate, but that will come soon. Thanks for another great post. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you so much Jenna ! I had wanted to photograph these sheep for 2 years now, and I can only photograph them in fall as they keep them in another meadow in summer which I don’t have access to. I so wanted this photo and I’m so glad it had such success, many people told me it was their favourite. I’m still decorating for Christmas, I’m not finished yet.
      Thanks for your beautiful comment Jenna !

  18. Beautiful photos, so glad to have found you.

  19. Good Morning, Jocelyne

    I’m glad you decided to go and take some photos. Oftentimes it is in the “doing” rather than the final product (whether photographing, knitting, or something else) that we find the most satisfaction. All three photos are beautiful, but the one with the sheep made me gasp with pleasure. Thank you.


  20. ctteodorico says:

    Beautiful post. Maybe you would like to visit my blog….

  21. Tina Schell says:

    The photos are lovely and your sentiments are right on the money. Well done!

  22. Gorgeous, really dreamy photos. And I love what you said about our memories being a part of our photos, it is so true that they shape our choices as we photograph.

  23. Georgianna says:

    I adore that photo of the sheep! And yes, memories are so much a part of each image. Sometimes revisiting them later erases any worries about the technical aspects. I hope you are well, Jocelyne, and enjoying December’s special joys.

    • Oh, thank you so much dear Georgianna ! I agree, we have another perspective when we look at our photos some time later, and when I do I usually like them better than when I was editing them. I hope you have a great holiday season Georgianna 🙂

  24. Merci de ton passage sur mon blog et de tes gentils mots… Je te souhaite une belle semaine et te félicite pour cette série de photos toute pleine de charme. Biz

  25. Jane Walker says:

    Just finally making the time to comment on your lovely photos. I love the dream-like quality of all of them.and believe that the low light only intensifies the colours, especially the river shot. I love the sheep and the horses, too.

  26. tomwhelan says:

    All lovely, but I especially like the sheep and the stream bank with the birds in the sky. You overcame the light and conditions – nice contrast in all.

  27. Joe says:

    Your photos are beautiful Jocelyne 😀

  28. John says:

    The light may have been flat but you captured the quiet mood of the day. I remember many days that looked like this when I lived in upstate N.Y. They were difficult days for photographing but could rendered some very interesting images.

    • Jocelyne says:

      Thank you very much John ! I have read many times by professionnal photographer that there is no bad light, and it’s true that each light conditions will produce a different mood and I’m finally happy with these photos,
      Thank you for visiting John, I’ll take time to visit your blog as well 🙂

  29. Three very earthly pictures with beautiful light. Sometimes flat light is beautiful, it surrounds and smooths the subject in a soft inner glow. Wonderful images.

    • Jocelyne says:

      Oh, I’m so glad you like these images Otto ! I have come to appreciate flat light more now, and especially in winter when it’s snowing. I was just reading your latest post when I received your comment, what a coincïdence 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and have a beautiful week Otto 🙂

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