About me

My name is Jocelyne, I’m french Canadian, born in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) now living in St-Georges de Beauce, Quebec.  My town is about an hour drive from the old Quebec city.

My blog is about sharing things I enjoy in life.  Here, you will see photos of all the beautiful things I see all around me and abroad, and they are many !  I lean towards everything vintage, country, elegant and charming.  I hope you enjoy my photographic journey !

IMG_4392 PS CE Blog 4




101 comments on “About me

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bonjour Jocelyne, je suis très contente de recevoir ton bloge.Je le trouve magnifique.Tu es resplandisante parmis les fleurs. Merci d’avoir pensé à moi. Madeleine

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bonjour Jocelyne,c’est Sylvie!!!
    Je te donne un indice ici entre parenthèses (LOLOLOL),tu m’as reconnues?hihihihi
    Et bien voilà,je viens visiter ton petit chez toi où tu nous as gentiment invités et où j’ai le plaisir EN PLUS,de te découvrir d’avantage en voyant ta jolie petite bouille! :o)


    Je t’envoie un énoooorme baiser et je te souhaite une bonne continuation dans tous tes projets….je m’en vais continuer ma visite!A bientôt!

  3. Sylvie !!! Je t’ai reconnue tout de suite, avant de voir le LOLOLOL !! Merci beaucoup de m’avoir laissé un beau commentaire, ça me fait très plaisir ! J’espère que mon blog te plaira malgré que tu ais besoin du traducteur. Bonne visite et à bientôt ! xxx

  4. Gretta Faun says:

    I found your blog from your comment on http://talesfromcarmel.com/
    I am now a fan:0)

    • Welcome to my blog Gretta Faun ! I am soooo glad I have a new fan ! I hope you will find my posts interesting and enjoyable. I talk about many different things, it’s not a one theme blog, and there is always pictures I shot and collages I made accompanying my posts.
      Hope to hear from you again,
      Take care

  5. I’d love to see more photos of your horses and dog, and when spring arrives, the flowers in your garden :o)

    • Your wish is my command 🙂
      How funny, I was thinking, just yesterday, of doing a post on these big Percherons horses you see on my header. I took more photos of them, I have to see if they’re fine. I have a post of horses, from last September, called “Horses and barns” and I will for sure blog about my dog and flowers, I promise !

  6. Oh, your pictures are wonderful, Jocelyne – I can tell that you look through your camera with eyes of love. I would be so happy to include some of your images on my own blog, if you would be willing.
    Much love from sunny Australia,

    • Thank you so much Nicole ! Of course you can use my photos on your blog, I would be honored ! If you use a picture that is not from me (when it’s not from me you will see “Source” under the picture) just insert a link back to the blog or site where it comes from.
      And thank you for the following !
      Have a nice day !

  7. Jocelyn – I am really glad that you came and visited my blog from the highly talented Todd’s blog! I have read through some of your posts and enjoyed them thoroughly! Your photography is also superb. Your photographs are just the way I like them – interesting content, great composition and pin sharp! I have signed up for e-mail posts, Jocelyn, and look forward to making a new blogging friend!



    • Oh ! Thank you so much John for your nice compliments and for the follow ! I’m very glad you like my photography. For the moment I only have a point and shoot 😦 but I will probably buy a DSLR next summer and I just can’t wait !
      When I visited your blog I instantly liked your personality and your beautiful photos. You can be sure I will return to look at your blog and I’m very happy to have a new blogging friend !
      Take care

  8. Jocelyn,
    Thank you ever so much for visiting my site; yours is superb, magical!
    I look forward to more joy in your future postings,

    • Thank you Meredyth ! I had great pleasure visiting your site, your photos are beautiful ! I like that you used the word “magical” to describe my blog, that is what I have in mind when I prepare a post, I try to put a little magic in them !
      Have a nice day !

  9. Anyluckypeny says:

    Hi Jocelyne! Thank you so much you are very sweet! I hope you feel better soon! I was sick last week it was not fun. I just took my CBEST exam last weekend I hope I passed so I can start my Grad School Program.

    When I saw that you like nature, flowers, vintage and photography I knew that your blog would be interesting! Parle vous Francais? Je parle en peu. I studied French for 7 years but I haven’t practiced in a long time. I look forward in reading your posts 🙂

  10. fivereflections says:

    hello Jocelyne

    when i was going to high school i visited St-Georges de Beauce, Quebec as often as I could. I love to go there to dance and listen to the music. sometimes it was every weekend. I lived just across the border on the lakeshore. Jackman – I’m sure you have been through there if you visited the USA.

    i now live in southern maine.

    i loved the Canadian French folks, loved seeing their homes, farms, and enjoyed how friendly they all were and always were to me. your photography is a reflection to the beautiful things i remember about the area of and around St-Georges de Beauce, Quebec…

    i’ll follow you so i won’t miss your beautiful photography..

    David in Maine USA

    • Hi David ! I am so glad to have a reader who actually knows my town ! It doesn’t happen often !
      Yes, I know of Jackman, I crossed the city 2 years ago when I was going to Portland Maine. It is such a beautiful little town with beautiful homes. St-Georges haven’t change for 1 thing : It’s bars on 1st avenue ! It’s pretty much the same as when you were in high-school.
      I’m glad that through my photography I can bring back memories of the past when you were visiting St-Georges.
      Thanks for the follow and the nice comment on my photography !

  11. Oh Jocelyne, so glad you found me! Your comment made my day. I agree, sometimes you just have a feeling about someone and if you act on it, look what can happen. Hip, hip hurray! I am off to nose around your space here my new blogging bud! Hugs, Margie

  12. This is to inform you that you have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! The award is being made in the following post on my blog – ‘John’s Mega Award Ceremony’! The post will be published this afternoon – 21-02-2012! Congratulations on receiving this recognition and appreciation of your blog!

    Hi Jocelyne – I think your blog is super! Sorry about the formality of this notification but I sometimes think a ‘touch’ of formality adds weight to an award!



  13. niasunset says:

    Dear Jocelyne, your blog is amazing and I loved your camera, creative works you have. Thank you for visitin my blog, that I have met with you. I love as you this creative world, Thank you for sharing with us all these beautiful people too. Have a nice and creative days, with my love, nia

    • Thank you so much Nia for the very nice compliment on my blog, I appreciate it very much and it means a lot to me !
      I have seen you many times commenting on other blogs and I wanted to visit you for a little while. I’m glad we met through our blogs !

  14. Thanks for stopping in and the Like! Lovely photos.

  15. Sheila Hurst says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Whether you choose to accept or not, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site: http://sheilahurst.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

  16. JimR says:

    Fabulous blog Jocelyne. Great to meet you. I love your “Vintage Colage” blog and notice that you have an image of a vintage “Singer” sewing machine. Singer is a suburb of Glasgow, close to where I live, where that sewing machine would have been manufactured.
    I also understand that you are interested in astronomy. This is my second passion and weather permitting I do spend hours in the garden on winter nights, gazing at the stars through a small 6″ refracting telescope. (Not tried astrophotography yet as my telescope is quite “basic”)
    I look forward to reading your future posts.

    • Thank you Jim, it’s great to meet you too ! And thanks a lot for the follow, I hope you will enjoy my future posts.
      I learned something today, I didn’t know that Singer was a suburb and that the sewing machines were manufactured in Scotland. My machine, which belonged to my grandmother, is a 1928 model she probably purchased when she got married. Soon it will become a real antique !
      I am so fascinated by our universe. I especially like theoretical physics, even if I don’t always fully understand ! My favourite vulgariser in that matter is Dr. Michio Kaku from New-York. I can’t gaze at the stars because I don’t have a telescope but I plan on buying one maybe next year. I would love to know what we can see through a 6″ telescope like yours, even if it’s basic !
      Have a nice evening Jim !

  17. Hi Jocelyne – Thanks for the comments about the Switzerland photographs and for checking whether I was ok or not! I am absolutely fine but my Mac was not and had to visit the computer hospital for a major operation! It had memory problems, poor thing! It has now been returned to me and I can start blogging again! I am so glad that I keep backups of all my photographs because I lost everything from the Mac itself! I will catch up on your posts when I return from our Easter holiday next week!

    Take care!


    • Yey You’re back ! I was wondering what had happened to you ! I’m glad to hear that you are ok, that your Mac is better and that you are back in blogland again !
      It would have been so sad if you had lost all your photos. I never do backups but after reading this, believe me, I will start doing them !
      Have a great Easter holiday !

  18. Sofia says:

    Jocelyne, I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Details: http://inspirationallaround.wordpress.com/versatile-blogger-award/

  19. Yippee, Jocelyne! Have just checked my website and noticed that you have sent two e-cards to people! That’s great! You are the first person to do so! I hope lots of others will start to do the same! Hope you found it easy to do? Thank you!



  20. Anne Jutras says:

    Bonjour Jocelyne, quelle agréable suprise ce matin!

    Je me suis promené sur ton blogue, tes photos rayonnent de beauté et de créativité. Tu as l’œil d’une artiste, il n’y a pas de doute. Tu aimes les belles choses et tu sais nous le transmettre par les images.

    Je suis étonnée de voir que tu publies en anglais mais parle également le français. Pourquoi avoir choisi l’anglais? Est-ce pour rejoindre un plus grand public? Moi, je ne maîtrise pas assez mon anglais pour me mettre à écrire avec fluidité. Je t’envie, parce que tu sembles maîtriser les langues avec brio.

    Tu demeures en Beauce (un merveilleux coin de pays!), j’ai déjà visité le lac Drolet et Mégantic, les paysages sont magnifiques! Y a-t-il encore de la neige? Ici, en Estrie, le temps est encore froid, -3 degrés ce matin. On a tous hâte de voir arriver la chaleur! 😀

    Je te souhainte une bonne semaine et au plaisir d’échanger nos passions.
    Anne 😉

    • Oh…merci beaucoup Anne, quelle gentillesse de ta part de me faire de si beaux compliments ! Ça me fait vraiment très plaisir, surtout venant de la part d’une merveilleuse photographe comme toi ! Merci de t’être abonnée à mon blog, je me suis abonnée au tien ce matin, j’avais oublié hier soir.
      Oui, c’est bien pour cette raison que je publies en anglais, pour rejoindre un plus grand public. Je me disais que si je choisissais le français je ne pourrais pas échanger avec les gens des Etats-Unis, de l’Autralie et de l’Angleterre. C’est sûr que je me coupe de la France et autres pays mais la langue la plus parlée dans le monde est l’anglais,(une chance que ce n’est pas le Chinois !) c’est pour ça que j’ai fait ce choix. Je ne suis pas parfaite bilingue, mon chum, qui lui l’est, me corrige toujours avant que je publie ! Et j’utilise beaucoup les dictionnaires anglais-français sur le net, ça aide !
      Non, ENFIN, il n’y a plus de neige 🙂 Hier je suis allée me promener dans le bois et j’ai vu un gros glaçon dans un ruisseau, ça m’a surprise, on est presqu’en mai !
      Alors comme tu vois il fait encore froid ici aussi, il faisait 0 ce matin et hier on gelait !
      Où est-tu en Estrie ? J’adore l’Estrie, ça fait un p’tit bout de temps que j’y suis allée, j’ai hâte d’y retourner !
      Passe une belle semaine toi aussi Anne et j’ai bien hâte de voir tes futures photos !

      • Anne Jutras says:

        Comme c’est intéressant! Je me doutais que tu avais choisi l’anglais pour rejoindre un public plus large. J’ai souris en lisant l’aide que te procure ton chum pour peaufiner ton anglais, mon chum aussi est anglophone et m’aide au besoin. LOL! Une chance qu’on les a! 😉

        Bonne semaine à toi aussi et bonne photo!


  21. 1cruzdelsur says:

    I’m in South America. Your blog is very interesting and has many details that can appreciate the art and good vibes …

    • Hi 1cruzdelsur and thank you ! I’m so glad you think of my photos as art photos, it’s a great pleasure for me to hear that, thank you ! I’ll take time to visit your blog as well, have a nice day !

      • 1cruzdelsur says:

        Thanks also for your response, it will be much appreciated your visit to my blog there is a link that translates from Spanish into English. Goodbye.

  22. fivereflections says:

    happy july

    David in Maine USA

  23. Bonjour! We are two Canadian twins living in Australia. We enjoyed the pictures you’ve put up and it makes us miss home very much.

  24. WhiteHaven says:

    Greetings from Germany…

  25. Marie-Charlotte says:

    Merci pour ton passage sur mon blog et ton message 😉 J’ai découvert avec joie toutes tes photos, elles sont superbes, vraiment, et me rappellent ô combien j’aime le Québec! (j’espère y revenir le plus vite possible:)) Au plaisir !

    • Merci beaucoup Marie-Charlotte, ton commentaire m’a fait bien plaisir ! J’ai vu dans une réponse à un de mes commentaires que tu as déjà habité au Québec, alors tu connaîs bien. Moi je ne suis jamais allée en France et j’ai bien hâte d’y aller.
      Passe une belle fin de semaine !

  26. 9symphony9 says:

    Hello from New York. You have very nice pictures.

    • Hello Mike ! Thank you so much for your kind words. You live near New-York, my favourite city ! I miss New-York, I can’t wait to go back !
      You have all those blogs ? That’s a lot of blogs, wow ! 🙂 I love the Colossal Universe one, it’s very interesting and I’m very passionate about the universe.
      Thanks for visiting !

  27. photocris says:

    vos photos toutes en douceur dégagent un bien être que j’aime beaucoup ! en plus vous êtes vraiment très belle toute fraîche !
    moi je suis amoureux des animaux et de notre nature que j’adore immortalisé par la photo .

  28. Oh…merci Christian ! 🙂

  29. lemarcal says:

    A mon tour de passer sur ton blog et en découvrir les superbes images ! Bravo, tu as beaucoup de talent et un vrai sens des couleurs.
    Je reviendrai le parcourir plus longuement.
    Bonne soirée !

  30. Always enjoying your beautiful site, and now I am letting you know that I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Details of this award can be viewed on my site. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  31. innamazing says:

    Very nice blog. Your photographs are really warm and lovely, I especially enjoy the ones that have nature as the protagonist – so beautiful. Cheers!

  32. Grndma Chris says:

    I am so glad you dropped by my blog it gave me perfect opportunity to see yours and it is a fantastic blog. Your also lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

  33. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You live in a beautiful place.

  34. Your still life photography has the power to make anything look beautiful. I am in love with your photographs!

  35. Oh ! Thank you so much Uday ! I’m very happy you love my still life photos. I really enjoy creating them so it means a lot to me 🙂 Have a wonderful week-end and I’ll visit your blog very soon !

  36. Hi Jocelyne … like your blog and you have a great eye for photography. Keep up the great work … it is inspiring.

  37. Jocelyne, thank you so, so much for the follow on my own humble wee blog, it is brilliant to have you on board and enjoying the site. From the above, I dare say the blogs may have similarities (mine perhaps just a little less pink though). Look forward to checking out your posts, MM 🍀

  38. Teju says:

    One awesome blog! Glad that I stumbled upon this! 🙂

  39. Paula says:

    Thank you Jocelyne for leaving me a comment on my blog. Yours seems like a nice place to visit, but unfortunately I am too busy now. Will be back…

  40. Meho says:

    Bonjour Jocelyne, je vais suivre ton blog avec intérêt! Tu fais de très belles photographies! À la revoyure! 😉

  41. Oh…. À la revoyure me suggère que tu est sûrement Québécois 😉
    Un gros gros merci pour ton beau compliment qui me fait tellement plaisir. Je suis très contente de t’avoir parmi mes amis ici, bienvenue sur mon blogue ! Dès que j’ai une minute je me rends sur le tien. Passe une très belle fin de semaine Meho !

  42. lemonissimo says:

    Respect rather cool blog! Like it!

  43. Joe says:

    I wanted to thank you for enjoying my blog Jocelyn, and I am looking forward to exploring yours 😀

  44. Elina says:

    I had time to check your older posts now. So many beautiful photos Jocelyne! And, you are so friendly and sweet and positive… 🙂

  45. Jocelyne says:

    It’s so nice of you to take time to look at my older posts and thank you so much for the sweet compliments Elina ! I absolutely can say the same about you Elina. You are a beautiful soul and it’s a real pleasure to have you among my friends here 🙂

  46. Happy New Year to you, Jocelyne! Wish you the most abundant and creative 2014, my friend.

  47. wildsherkin says:

    Jocelyne, so sorry it has taken me so long to come back to visit AND so glad that I have…I’m here to stay. Beautiful and inspiring blog.

    • Jocelyne says:

      Don’t be sorry Patsy, I know we all have busy lives sometimes and I’m glad you did visit 🙂
      I’m very glad you like my blog, thank you so much for your kind words 🙂
      Have a beautiful week 🙂

  48. I’m excited to follow your site! I love your photography. I’m positive it will inspire me! Although I live in the US, we have roots in St-Joachim, Pointe Claire, Montreal….I would love to visit your area some time and do some family history and see the sites. Have a great day!

    • Jocelyne says:

      Thank you so much Lenore, I’m really glad if I can inspire you with my photography, your’s inspired me too 🙂 I’m from Montreal, I have all my family there and I often visit. I hope you can visit someday and trace back your family, that would be so interesting.
      Have a beautiful day !

  49. Jenna says:

    Hi Jocelyne. I wanted to tell you that I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award, because your blog is wonderful and so inspiring! I was given this award by another blogger and wanted to pass it along. 🙂

    • Jocelyne says:

      Thank you so much Jenna ! It really means a lot you thought of me for this award. May our friendship through our blogs continue for many years ! Have a nice week Jenna 🙂

  50. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    Pleased to meet you Jocelyne. 🙂

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