A touch of Summer in the heart of Winter

Hello dear friends !

Here are a few still life images I created this Summer who, I hope, will remind you that Spring isn’t so far away.

Creating images with flowers and trying to find new ways to capture these beauties is always a joy.

Signé SYS


IMGP5600 choisi vintage 2 choisi pour WEB red.640

# 6 choisi 2 pour FB

Renewing my creativity and trying new things with still life images is  always a goal, along with improving and refining my composition skills and post-processing techniques.  Lately I was inspired by the wonderful art of  Ukraine photographer Татьяна Скороход.  Her images are shot against dark backgrounds with superb lighting.  I really like the play of light and shadows in her stunning images.  You can find her profile on 1x by clicking here.  I also really like Tarek Art on 500 px, a photographer from Cairo, Egypt.  You can visit his profile by clicking here.  I did, just once, this kind of image using a dark background, it was 3 years ago when I was new to photography and one of my first attempts at still life.   Here’s the photo.

IMGP0653 Corel levels 245 J.Drossin Overlay 30

I will explore this style more in-depth, I hope I’ll be able to come up with some beautiful images and share them here.

Currently I’m working on an animated gif, snow falling on a winter image, and it’s Oh so not easy,  but fun to try.

Wishing you all a wonderful week-end !





From me to you…

My dear friends,

#Christmas  #Noël  #Christmas decorations  #Décorations noël

As I visit your blogs and discover new ones I am delighted by the talents you all have, whether it be photography, writing or drawing to name a few.  We have blogs in part because we have this need to share what we love with other people.  Sharing is innate in us and part of human nature.  But what impresses me most is the spontaneity of your friendship, of your kindness that you give so generously in your comments and that is what I hold most dear in my blog.  I would love to visit each one of you more often than I do, there is so much to see, so many interesting posts.  I do my best, if only days could be longer…

So, dear friends, I come today to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a beautiful Christmas surrounded by those you love.  And I hope the new year will bring you inspiration, awe, peace, joy and love in your hearts and maybe even see a few of your dreams come true.

It was fun taking these photos with my little Winny, but I’m not sure he had as much fun as I did…

#shetland sheepdog, #dog, #chien, #

#Christmas  #Noël  #shetland sheepdog  #dogs  #chiens  #berger de shetland

#Christmas  #Noël  #Christmas decorations  #Décorations de noël  #pine cones

Safe travels to all of you who will take the road on Christmas and New Year’s day.  I will be traveling to Montreal on New Year’s eve to celebrate with my family.

Have a beautiful end of week everybody 🙂


p.s.  I’m not sure if it’s my computer or a problem with WordPress, but in a lot of blogs some photos appear either like little thumbnails or much too big instead of the right size.  If it happens here, just refresh the page until the photos return to their normal size.

One of my favourite flowers : Lilacs

#Lilac flowers, #Lilac

It may not be the prettiest, elegant and majestic tree if compared to oak trees or maple trees, but common lilacs have qualities many other trees lack :  They produce beautifully abundant flowers which exhume the most exquisite of perfumes.  Each year a bouquet graces my home, filling the air with its exuberant fragrance.  Flowers are so therapeutic.  Looking at them and caring for them makes me feel lighter and happier.  And a few bouquets of lilacs is a wonderful way to add a note of cheerfulness in my home.

#Lilacs, #flowers, #bouquet of lilacs

#Lilacs, #Bouquet of lilacs, #Flowers, #lilac still life

#lilacs, #lilac still life, #flowers, #bouquet of lilacs

Climbing honeysuckle is in bloom at the moment, and in the coming days irises will reveal their beautiful blooms, and shortly after, peonies and roses will make their grand entrance in the garden.  What a delight for the eyes it will be !

Happy Summer dear friends !


Bad temperature = Still life photos :)

Hello everybody !

It’s a good thing I love to create still life photos because otherwise I wouldn’t have anything else to post today.  The weather has been so bad in April with cold temperatures, rain and strong winds.  So, instead of going out on photographic excursions, I settled in and looked around my home to see what I could come up with.  I have many decorative objects in my home so I don’t have to search very far to find some nice objects  that would make beautiful still life, and from time to time I like to buy objects for the sole purpose of photographing them.  Here are my latest still life photos.

Flowers, still life

still life photos, lavender still life photos,

still life photos, flowers still life photos

still life photos, flowers still life photos, roses still life photos

still life photos, flowers still life photos, vintage flowers

In case you’re wondering, no, I haven’t purchased a piano just to photograph it !  It’s from a friend’s home 🙂

still life photos, piano still life photos

More still life are to come.  I have a violin sleeping in a wardrobe, a vintage milk bottle in my cupboard and some old ballerina shoes that are patiently waiting for the next cold and rainy days to be transformed into unique and beautiful photographs.  I’m also working on a wonderful project for a friend who makes gorgeous bridal bouquets made of silk flowers.  I took many photos to build her a portfolio and I am currently editing them.  Here’s one of her bouquet.

bridal bouquet

You can visit her Facebook page here (the photos on her page are not from me), and contact her if you are interested in buying a bouquet.

Have  a lovely and hopefully warm week-end !


All things pretty

Hello dear friends !

Still life template

” You don’t take a photograph, you make it  Ansel Adams

In photography, still life is my favourite thing.  Creating something is so fulfilling, whether it be a photo, a drawing, a painting, a sculpture or any other art form.  I have always been involved in artistic endeavours in one form or another.  Creativity is an internal force, and I would even say a calling.  Still life photography provides a way for me to be creative and I enjoy each minute of each moment spent preparing and shooting my images. It is also during these sessions that I feel the most accomplished.

I like everything about still life because I like to be creative.  I group different objects together to make nice and visually pleasant images, and if they convey a mood or tell a story, then I have really succeeded in creating a unique image.  Sometimes my goal is to just make a beautiful image simply because I am a great lover of everything elegant and pretty.

Tea cup and roses

Tea cup and flowers

My Teddy Bear !

Still life bear and doll

A calm afternoon

A calm afternoon

Vintage memories

Vintage memories

Waiting for snow

Waiting for snow

Madeleine’s violin

Madeleine's violin

Two of my favourite things

Two of my favourite things

If you love still life photos, here are the links to the blogs of two professional photographers I greatly admire. Their still life creations are exquisite and wonderfully beautiful, a real delight for the eyes.  Georgianna Lane and Sarah Gardner are my favourite professional photographers.  Click on their names to get to their blogs.  Another photographer I admire is Kelly from Nothing finer blog.  Kelly creates wonderful still life images, I really love her style.  Click here to go to her blog or here to get to her Flickr where you will see more easily  her photos grouped in albums.

I hope the weather will resume to warmer days soon so I can get outside and take landscape photos.  The thermometer indicates -26°C (-14.8°F) and with the wind chill factor it’s -32°C (-26.6°F).  Brrrrrr !

Have a lovely week everybody !


The last flowers

Hello dear friends !

Now that all the flowers are gone and the trees are bare and most days are cloudy and rainy, it feels a little boring and I am so ready for snow !  But before forgetting all about flowers and plunging head first into winter, I have a few more flowers photos to share with you.  Autumn flowers of course !  I don’t have a lot of them but I have a few I really love.  As all the other flowers have stopped blooming, these few last blooms takes center stage and become my autumn stars.

John Cabot climbing roses

Wild asters

A beautiful pink bush at the Arboretum

Alma Poetschke asters


Verbena and Alma Poetschke

Two weeks ago I had to send my camera away for repair.  I was reluctant to go the camera shop knowing it will be many weeks before they return it to me.  I really miss my camera, I think I even had some withdrawal symptoms  🙂

Last friday I spent the day in downtown Montreal and I would have loved to photograph the beautiful old buildings and surroundings of Mc Gill University.  I also went to the Musée Des Beaux Arts, another wonderful building with great architecture.  I saw an exhibition of the Impressionists, a lot of the paintings were from Renoir and Pissarro, and I couldn’t take one single photo.

Fortunately I have some photos in my archives that I never shared, some from a day I spent this summer in Old Quebec city, and it will probably be the subject of my next post.

Enjoy your week, I hope it won’t rain all week-long !