An award

My good friend Carlos, from cruzdelsur, came here a few weeks ago and left something for me


Thank you very much Carlos for giving me this award and for your friendship, it means a lot to me.  I recommend a visit to his wonderful blog where the magic of his words awakens the senses and lift the spirit, and where his photos of his beautiful country, Argentina, with the majestic Andes mountains, the Cordillera de los Andes,  will bring you a little closer to the infinite.  Click here to visit his blog.

This award is a beautiful one.  It speaks of friendships shared throughout the WordPress community, of all the visits, compliments, encouragements, good wishes and sometimes, support our blogger friends so generously gives us.  It speaks of the impact other bloggers have on us, and without all of you my blog would be like an empty shell.  Each one of you is important, each one of you brings a special touch to my blog and your friendship is highly valued.  Now, I’m supposed to pick 10 blogs to give this award to, but it’s impossible…  How can I choose 10 and leave others behind ?  So I decided to give all of you an award and here you are my friends, you all deserve it.  Anne  Meho  Jenna  Jane  Jim  Uday  Georgianna  Jeffrey  James  Judy  Mike  David  Janina  Tom  Adriana  Linda  Marie-Charlotte  NéO  Christophe  Françoise  Christian  David  montucky  Elisa  Karen  Lisa  John  Gracie  Peter  Rona  Camilla  Leanne  Teju  Mick  Debra  Céline  Jane  Joe  Elina  Vivian

I also have to mention these friends  Evelyne  Karen  Marlys

Thanks to all of you for being here !  I hope I didn’t forget anyone.  Now I have to go to all your blogs to let you know of the award.  Ok… 1,2,3 GO !

Have a great week !


p.s.  I know many bloggers prefer not to participate in awards, so no pressure 😉


My little Winny

Hi everybody !

This was a long post to prepare as there were many photos to edit, but I’m finally posting it and I’m happy to present you my little Winny.

collage red.640

His name is Winston but I rarely call him that, I prefer Winny.  He’s a Shetland Sheep Dog and has just turned four years old last December.  When he arrived home four years ago it was Valentine’s day, just like today.  I can’t think of a better day to welcome a puppy and of a better gift !  He was my sweet Valentine’s puppy !

Meeting Winny for the first time.  He was five weeks old.

bébé winnie red

Often when you go to choose a dog, one of them will come along and make a gesture towards you more than the others.  I believe it is a sign that the dog has chosen you.  The day I met Winny I had seen other puppies and none of them made any significant move as I was petting them.  My little Winny was the one who made the move.  As my boyfriend was holding him Winny gave him a kiss and he did the same when I held him.  Isn’t it cute ?  What a sweet puppy !

Winny (to the right) with his brother Porto and their breeder.  Say Awwwwwww…. !

IMG_1182 PS sharp red

Chantal, the breeder, wouldn’t let us go with Winny until she was sure we were going to treat him well.  She raises puppies underhand and asks many questions before completing a sale.  Winny is a high-spirited, full of energy and playful dog.  We call him the little firefly.  He adores playing outside with a ball, taking long walks in the woods and one sport he really enjoys is wrestling…

IMGP1584 PS sharp red 900 et plus sharp 2

IMGP1645 PS Color Efex 2- 39 px sharp et matte plus sharp 2

He has a girlfriend, Maya, a two years old Cocker Spaniel I care for on week days.

IMG_2985 PS avec sharp red 900-2

PS 1 sharp

Winny has a thick coat and every two months I back-comb him (I hope you understand what I mean, I couldn’t find a better word for “rebrousse-poil”) to make sure his hair hasn’t matted and to also verify if he has minor injuries or skin problems.  It takes me four to five hours to comb him.

IMG_3952 Color Efex 73 px sharp

Like most Shetland he is very vocal and when he wants something he will ask and “speak” in his own language.  It is so funny to hear his plaintive sighs and vocalise, he can be so exuberant !

IMGP1796 Color Efex 3  62 px avec sharp 2

IMGP2587 PS color efex 2 avec sharp 2 red 640 pour blog 3

IMGP2637 PS Blog sharp

The funniest thing about Winny is his love of toes.  He just loves them !  Whenever he can, he will pull your socks off, even to visitors !  Each night at dinner he comes under the dining table and pulls at our socks.  He also really enjoys chewing our toes !  I just adore him !

IMGP2009 PS red 60 px sharp

IMG_1594 PS Color efex vintage red 900 sharp

If you love puppy stories, David Patterson’s blog has a lot of fun posts about his new puppy Oliver, a Golden Retriever.  Since his arrival in their family last November, David has regularly posted photos of the cute Oliver.  And while you’re there take a look at his earlier posts, he is a great photographer and has many wonderful photos of Acadia National Park and other beautiful places in Maine.  Click here to go to his blog.

I hope you will have a beautiful week-end.  I can’t believe it’s already mid-February, it’s going too fast, I have a lot of photos I still want to take this winter.  I’m afraid I won’t have enough time !


I’m joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday



Textures : An artistic touch

Hello !

The first and foremost reason why I have learned to work with layers in Photoshop was because I wanted to create artistic images.  I was seeing all these beautiful photos on blogs which were displaying a gradation or hint of colour and scratches in their backgrounds, some had a wonderful vintage look and others looked like paintings.  I so loved these photos and I was so inspired by all these blogs.  When I finally learned how  to work with layers, a whole new world opened before me.  I had discovered a way to be creative and give my photos a more personal touch.

When I choose a photo to work with, I envision and sense what I want the image to convey.  And from that, the choice of textures will infuse the image with an ambiance, an emotion or a surreal feel.  While I love transforming my photos, I try not to denature them to the point where the qualities of the photos are lost, but rather just transform them in a subtle and gentle way while conserving their essential qualities.

Here are a few photos I took this summer.

St-Simon Les Mines

A barn at St-Simon Les Mines

Autumn path in a wood near my home.

St-Lawrence River at Cap De Bon Désir where I have seen the great blue whale.

Chaudière River at Notre-Dame Des Pins

Covered bridge on Chaudière River in Notre-Dame Des Pins

My greatest inspiration in art images is professional photographer Sarah Gardner.  She has mastered the art of textures and each of her images are pure beauties.  To me, she is the high priestess of textures  🙂   and I’ve learned so much from her in her beautiful and wonderful new book “Art Beyond The Lens”.  If you would like to learn how to work with textures then this is the book to own.  It’s a beautiful book filled with many of her photos, tutorials and tips on how to apply and work with textures, and the book is beautiful enough to sit on a coffee table.  You can buy it here  and visit her blog here.

I hope you are all doing fine and having a nice end of autumn.  Here the weather is great, it’s 16°C and guess what ?, I’m off on my bike to take more landscape photos !

Have a nice week everybody !


Instagramming and loving it !

Hello everybody !

Once in a while I like to play with Instagram.  what I love about it, apart from their filters of course, is that with Instagram I’m not taking photography too seriously.  I let go of all the technical aspects, aperture, Iso, speed, metering etc., and just tap on the button and voilà, I have a photo ready to receive special treatment with one of the Instagram filters.  That’s what I love about it and how I see it.   For me, it’s meant to have fun !

Many people take it more seriously than me though, and have amazing and breathtaking photos on Instagram.  I am often blown away by the quality and beauty of their creations.  Take a look here , here and here to see some of these photos.  Most of the time I take photos with my phone when I want to make an Instagram photo, but sometimes I use photos taken with my camera.  So here are my unperfect but fun Instagram photos !

Guess who’s in the middle of Place Royale in old Quebec city taking photos ?  It’s me, of course !

A view from one of my bike rides

Another view from one of my bike rides

My little Winny

You can follow me or see my gallery here.  Come and join the fun with me !

I wish you all a pleasant week.  As of me, an acquaintance asked me to photograph her baby girl and I am so looking forward to it later this week.  I also have another acquaintance who just returned from Paris and asked me if I could do a collage with some of her photos.  That should keep me busy for a few weeks !

Au revoir !


Clouds are angels’ drawings

Hello my dear friends !

Do you love clouds ?

I love them !  🙂

I prefer a beautiful sunny day with lots of decorative clouds (but not rain or storm clouds !) than a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in sight.  I like them puffy and it amazes me to see the many different shapes they can turn into.  When the wind blows gently the angels are playing and drawing in the clouds all kind of animals.  Do you like lying on a hammock on a lazy summer day,  just thinking of nothing and gazing at the clouds to find a dog, a rabbit, a cat or maybe an elephant ?  And isn’t it the most magnificent spectacle   when, at sunset, the sky and clouds are bathed in heavenly hues ?

The next two photos have way too much blue in them.  I tried to desaturate them a little to obtain a more realistic photo but I prefer them with too much blue by far.  They have such a dramatic effect ! I see them more as artistic photos where creativity knows no boundaries and where it is expressed and reflected through my photo editing.

The only time I prefer a cloudless sky is when I look at our beautiful and mysterious moon…

Isn’t it a beautiful planet we live on ?

Don’t forget to look at the sunset tonight, or maybe the sunrise tomorrow morning ?  Have a beautiful day everyone !


I’m joining Skywatch Friday at Bluff Area Daily

I used Happy Heart texture from Kim Klassen on some of these photos.

Kreativ blogger award

Hello everybody !

I had a nice surprise two weeks ago when Judy from Jayjaysfavorites awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger Award.  Thank you Judy, I am very grateful you liked my blog enough to give it an award !  Sometimes blogging can feel a bit lonely, especially when you’re new at it, and when someone writes you a comment it really makes you happy and means a lot !  Receiving an award is knowing you’re not alone with your blog and that people like your work.  I like Judy’s blog, her posts are always interesting and she has lots of beautiful photos on many different subjects.

When receiving this award you have to go by a few rules, one of them is to tell 10 things about yourself.  So here it goes…

1)  My favourite decorating style are country cottage and shabby chic

2)  My favourite dog breeds are Shetland sheepdog and Irish setter

3)  I like to do wood crafts

4)  I’m a long time x-country skier and I really prefer skating technique over classical

5)  I ADORE New-York city ! I went to the big city for the first time last summer, after 10 years of dreaming about it.

6)  I love kayaking and I’m looking forward to have my own kayak next summer

7)  My favourite flowers are roses, gladiolus, lavender, peonies, lilacs, hollyhock…Well, I’ll stop here or it will never end !

8)  I have rheumatoid arthritis but the illness is under control with the help of medication

9)  I have 4 passions in life :  Gardening, photography, astronomy and everything related to UFO and aliens

10)  When winter is over I can’t wait to ride my bikes

Now I have to name blogs that are deserving of the award and contact them to let them know of it.  Here they are :

Frenchie and the Yankee  This is one of my very favourite blogs.  David is French and has moved from Paris to the U.S. in 1999.  He lives in Boston and his blog is about food and his travels and he has a very unique way of combining them with very colourful, beautiful photos and collages.  He also writes beautifully well and shares many delightful recipes.  After each of his posts I can’t wait to see the next !

The cozy red  Jenna is a very talented artist.  Drawing, painting and sculpture is her art. She draws in charcoal, coloured pencil, graphite and pen and ink.  Her drawings are amazing and so beautiful !  She also paints with oil and acrylic.  Her sculptures are made from assorted found objects and wire. You should see the ball of wire she made, it’s very impressive !  She also has some beautiful photos.  Visiting her blog is like going to an art gallery.

Art is my sanity  I love photo blogs and Belen’s photos are so beautiful.  Sunset photos are her trademark and she has lots and lots of them and they are all amazing !  You have to see her november 1st, 2011 post “The beauty of now” , it’s a series of absolutely breathtaking sunset photos.  She also has beautiful flower photos and other subjects too.

Once upon a time…Tales from Carmel by the Sea  I really love Linda’s blog where she is taking us on a tour of the beautiful California seaside town, Carmel by the Sea.  Carmel is a small city in Monterey county and is situated on the Monterey peninsula.  In Linda’s posts you will discover many streets and hidden courtyards each full with different shops, and you will have a tour of many of these delightful shops. You will also see many Hugh Comstock’s beautiful fairy tale cottages and other homes and cottages, some with beautiful sea sceneries. Linda has big photos and it gives a sensation of being right there with her.

Rebecca the Housewrecka  Another photo blog.  Rebecca has her own very creative way at looking at things and photographing them.   Her photos have taught me to experiment, to play with my subjects and to have a more original approach with my photos.

Maple and magnolia  I just love Susan’s blog and her beautiful home. She always has some decorating, DIY or furniture restoration projects going on and I like to see what she’s been up to. She loves thrifting and antiquing and will often show us her latest finds.

With these suggestions I hope you can discover new and interesting blogs you will love to return to.  Now I’m returning to my photo session for a post I’m preparing and hope to publish at the end of the week.

Have a nice week !