Textures : An artistic touch

Hello !

The first and foremost reason why I have learned to work with layers in Photoshop was because I wanted to create artistic images.  I was seeing all these beautiful photos on blogs which were displaying a gradation or hint of colour and scratches in their backgrounds, some had a wonderful vintage look and others looked like paintings.  I so loved these photos and I was so inspired by all these blogs.  When I finally learned how  to work with layers, a whole new world opened before me.  I had discovered a way to be creative and give my photos a more personal touch.

When I choose a photo to work with, I envision and sense what I want the image to convey.  And from that, the choice of textures will infuse the image with an ambiance, an emotion or a surreal feel.  While I love transforming my photos, I try not to denature them to the point where the qualities of the photos are lost, but rather just transform them in a subtle and gentle way while conserving their essential qualities.

Here are a few photos I took this summer.

St-Simon Les Mines

A barn at St-Simon Les Mines

Autumn path in a wood near my home.

St-Lawrence River at Cap De Bon Désir where I have seen the great blue whale.

Chaudière River at Notre-Dame Des Pins

Covered bridge on Chaudière River in Notre-Dame Des Pins

My greatest inspiration in art images is professional photographer Sarah Gardner.  She has mastered the art of textures and each of her images are pure beauties.  To me, she is the high priestess of textures  🙂   and I’ve learned so much from her in her beautiful and wonderful new book “Art Beyond The Lens”.  If you would like to learn how to work with textures then this is the book to own.  It’s a beautiful book filled with many of her photos, tutorials and tips on how to apply and work with textures, and the book is beautiful enough to sit on a coffee table.  You can buy it here  and visit her blog here.

I hope you are all doing fine and having a nice end of autumn.  Here the weather is great, it’s 16°C and guess what ?, I’m off on my bike to take more landscape photos !

Have a nice week everybody !



Vintage mood

Hello dear friends !

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beginning of spring !  It has barely just begun here, so I still have some time to play with my photos before I have to turn my attention to the garden.

I like playing with my photos. I can spend many hours trying different effects, textures, filters and all sorts of adjustments.  I work with Corel PaintShop Pro X4 and it’s amazing all the things I can do with it.  In our digital age, photo editors have become the new dark-room.  For these photos I decided to give them a vintage mood.  I know…..vintage again !  But you know how I love everything old and shabby 🙂  All these wonderful old things, whether it be a piece of furniture, some fabrics, an heirloom dish or an old barn, they are all part of our history and heritage and that is what I wanted to celebrate.  What got me started in doing these vintage mood photos is my new dining set.  It is an antique reproduction and it really gives the room a sense of warmth and an inviting atmosphere.

This barn is located in St-Georges, it’s a beautiful old barn, just how I like them.  The winter scenery is at our local cross-country ski trails, the old wheel is on a yard in my neighborhood and the chair and oil lamp were photographed at my boyfriend’s cousin’s sugar shack (This gives you a hint of my next post 😉  I included the before photos (always the 1st photo) so you can see the difference.

With spring and summer coming our way I won’t have as much time as now to play with my photos.  My priorities will be outdoor activities like gardening, kayaking, painting the picket fence, going on bike rides and day trips and relaxing in the spa.  But I love to play with my photos, so you can bet you will see more of these !

I finally found a font I like for signing my photos.  I think it’s lovely and so flamboyant !  There are many fonts you can download for free on dafont website, but you have to verify the terms of use with the creator of each font before using them.

Have a fun week, and keep smiling, it’s spring !

Happy Easter !


I’m joining Mary at the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday

Kim Klassen’s textures were used on some of these photos.

Thematic photos

Hello everyone !

One of the things I really enjoy doing in photography is grouping objects together to create vignettes.  What I like about them is the creative aspect. I like racking my brain to think about what I could possibly put together to create a perfect match and the only limit in the process is my own imagination.  When I come up with an idea I have a clear vision of how I want the vignette to look like and when I succeed in creating an image which reflects my vision, I am truly happy.

But creating vignettes is not always easy.  There’s all sorts of aspects to deal with :  The lighting, the background, the placement of objects.  The placement is the most difficult part.  Sometimes I’m sure it’s going to be just perfect, but when I see the photo on my screen I start noticing details I didn’t see when preparing and shooting the vignette.  It can take up to 6 ou 7 attempts before I finally get it right and sometimes everything’s wrong and I have to reconsider the whole vignette.  When that happens it can take an hour just for shooting and another hour for editing.  But I love it so much because it’s creative and very satisfying when I finally obtain the desired result.

The starting point of these vignettes was based on themes I selected.  These themes are Provence, country, pastel colours and fly-fishing.  I had much fun creating them and I think it was worth the time and effort  🙂

Provence theme

Country theme

Pastel colours theme

Fly-fishing theme

A little story behind this vignette.  Many years ago my boyfriend and I used to go fly-fishing. We would enter into the river and I vividly remember how peaceful and beautiful it was.  I had the sensation of being one with the river.  Walking on its rocks and feeling its water flowing all around me, sometimes as high as my waist, I felt intimate and connected to mother nature and our loving planet.  I miss these days, we don’t go fly-fishing anymore.  I am still connected to mother nature in other ways but fly-fishing is very special because there’s a great feeling of peacefulness that is very soothing.  When you’re so close to nature you feel her life force and you begin to understand that it is not just a beautiful landscape, but that it is alive just like you are and that you can reach and connect with nature within your soul.

The photo in the frame is my boyfriend Bob, the rod, reel and net are his and the salmon fly and frog are his work.  He is very talented at making flies, he has about five hundred of them.  I will have this photo printed on high quality photo paper and it will hang in his den.

I have some more vignettes I’m working on that I will share later.  Let me know what you think of these ones,

I’m hoping to go to the sugar-shack some time soon so I can take beautiful pictures  and share them.  Have a nice week-end everyone !


I’m joining Cindy at Show And Tell Friday

Honey at  Potpourri Friday

And Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday