Flowers… Again !

Hello my friends !

As you have seen in the post title, I’m sharing some photos of flowers again ūüôā ¬† ¬†I hope you love flowers because I have posted a lot of them lately ! ¬†And here I come today with more of them ! ¬†I know some of you have already seen these photos on my Facebook page, but I wanted to post them here too so my followers and visitors could see them as well.

In summer, flowers hold an important place in my life as I care for my flowerbeds, annuals, herbs and tomatoes in pots.  Flowers brighten my days and everyday I tour my garden, sometimes bringing my camera along.  Here is a series of photos all taken in my garden this summer.

Beautiful dahlia

Day lily. ¬†I love these so much ūüôā

Delicate diascia

Wonderful Morden roses.  Very floriferous

Hostas flowers.  Bumblebees love them !

Hostas flowers

Lovely wild asters.  They are so romantic !

Grass.  I adore how they glow under the sun.

My lovely rudbeckias.  So simple, yet so beautiful.

Lobelia and begonia.  I must have them each summer.

I haven’t taken photos of all of my flowers but I am not done with them. ¬† I have taken some more photos today and asters will bloom in a couple of weeks and I know I will want to show them to you.

Fall is coming our way, there will be so much to photograph. ¬†Apples, pumpkins, squashes, chrysanthemums, acorns and all the splendor of the autumn trees…. So much to photograph ¬†ūüôā

Happy Fall to all of you !


I’m joining Tootsie Time¬†for Fertilizer Friday/Flaunt Your Flowers



Autumn wreath and backyard beauties

I have always found that hanging a wreath on my front door makes my home more cheerful and welcoming. ¬†I don’t always have one and when I don’t, something’s missing. ¬†It feels like the door is naked. ¬†I especially love autumn wreath, they are so¬†colourful. ¬†They add a splash of color amidst our sometimes gloomy and rainy autumn days. ¬†I like the colour combinations of oranges, browns, purples, reds and greens. ¬†Brought together on a wreath they echo nature’s colours this time of year. ¬† This is a wreath I made three years ago and I still love it

Our backyards are filled with beauties of autumn.  In mine I have a sea-buckthorn shrub, even though it is more resembling a tree than a shrub, and at this time of year it is filled with little orange-coloured berries and it is simply stunning

I also have two elder shrubs that produces gorgeous clusters of berries

My asters are in full bloom

Luminous miscanthus silver feather grass

I have some cat-tails in my ditch

I’m enjoying the last beautiful days of the season

It is such a bright and wonderful season, I hope you’re enjoying it too !