Falling for fall

Hello my friends !

Mother nature knows how to amaze us with every new season and autumn is the most glorious, grand and spectacular transformation she deploys before our eyes.  How can we not be in awe in front of such splendor ?

The colourful leaves shine beautifully under the sun and there is such a soft and wonderful luminosity at this time of year.  I tried to capture the colours and light of the season in all its glory !

The church steeple at St-Simon Les Mines, Beauce, Quebec

The leaves have almost all fallen now, but I’ve always found bare trees also beautiful with their silhouettes against the sky.

On another note I wanted to share with you one of my favourite photography blog.   Thomas Whelan is a great photographer and naturalist and specializes in macro photography.  He is also a great artist just by the way he look at things and conveys his vision in his photography.  His photos are simply stunning and marvellously beautiful.  You can visit his blog here and he also has a website here where you can see and purchase prints.  He was also portrayed in a video titled “Before My Eyes” and you can see it here (scroll down on the page to see the video).  The video is 9 minutes long, but it’s a great video where he talks about his motivations and vision of photography.  We see him in nature during a photo shoot and we also see many of his photos.  A very well done video and worth watching.

I hope it won’t be another three weeks before I can make another post.  I still have to edit 26 photos from a photo shoot I did two weeks ago and 3 more for my niece from a portrait session we did last August.  That’s a lot of work !

Have a lovely week-end everyone !


I’m joining the October Photo Challenge: Something Orange at www.rocktheshotforum.com/



Autumn leaves, before they fall…

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the beautiful trees in my neighborhood.  Soon the leaves will fall so I wanted to capture the feast of colours.  When the sun is shining the trees are simply breathtaking and magnificent.

Oak tree

Maple trees

The following pictures were taken last Sunday in Ottawa when I visited my brother’s family. My sister-in-law and I went to Rockcliffe Park for a walk and I couldn’t resist taking pictures there too.  The views along the banks of the Ottawa river are beautiful.

Autumn is an amazing and majestic season.  Did you take the time to impregnate yourself with the pristine, pure light of an autumn sunny day, let it enter your soul and just feel the joy and simple pleasure that an autumn tree can bring about ?  I hope you did.

Until next time, I wish you a very happy week-end !