Autumn leaves, before they fall…

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the beautiful trees in my neighborhood.  Soon the leaves will fall so I wanted to capture the feast of colours.  When the sun is shining the trees are simply breathtaking and magnificent.

Oak tree

Maple trees

The following pictures were taken last Sunday in Ottawa when I visited my brother’s family. My sister-in-law and I went to Rockcliffe Park for a walk and I couldn’t resist taking pictures there too.  The views along the banks of the Ottawa river are beautiful.

Autumn is an amazing and majestic season.  Did you take the time to impregnate yourself with the pristine, pure light of an autumn sunny day, let it enter your soul and just feel the joy and simple pleasure that an autumn tree can bring about ?  I hope you did.

Until next time, I wish you a very happy week-end !



Autumn wreath and backyard beauties

I have always found that hanging a wreath on my front door makes my home more cheerful and welcoming.  I don’t always have one and when I don’t, something’s missing.  It feels like the door is naked.  I especially love autumn wreath, they are so colourful.  They add a splash of color amidst our sometimes gloomy and rainy autumn days.  I like the colour combinations of oranges, browns, purples, reds and greens.  Brought together on a wreath they echo nature’s colours this time of year.   This is a wreath I made three years ago and I still love it

Our backyards are filled with beauties of autumn.  In mine I have a sea-buckthorn shrub, even though it is more resembling a tree than a shrub, and at this time of year it is filled with little orange-coloured berries and it is simply stunning

I also have two elder shrubs that produces gorgeous clusters of berries

My asters are in full bloom

Luminous miscanthus silver feather grass

I have some cat-tails in my ditch

I’m enjoying the last beautiful days of the season

It is such a bright and wonderful season, I hope you’re enjoying it too !