Behind the scene of an image

I love this photo so much.  Yet, there’s nothing spectacular about it, nothing to be amazed of.  Only a barn and a snow-covered field.  But, for me, it represents something that I really love.  The country.

IMGP5181 Exposure blending red.900  tout le kit et grange -noir 2

I must love this photo a lot to have spent 6 hours only to remove two trees in the foreground.  These trees were spoiling the composition.  They were going all the way from the bushes to the barn, to the tree and into the sky.  When removing the trunks and branches it would leave some marks so I had to work these areas by drawing branches in the bushes, planks on the side and lines on the roof of the barn and many of the tiny little branches on the tree.  I had to paint colours in the sky and shadows on the snow near the barn.  I knew this would be very time-consuming getting rid of those trees and at first I didn’t want to work on this, but I just couldn’t let it go…   So it was many hours to restore this image and only then I could edit the rest of it.   This image is a blending of three different exposures using luminosity masks in Photoshop.  Christopher O’Donnell wrote a tutorial on how to work with luminosity masks, click here to read it.  It didn’t go exactly as how he explains it in his tutorial so I’ll have to practice this technique again.

I also love this photo with a more vintage look

IMGP5181 Exposure blending red.900 sharp 2 vintage DJpeg - noir 2

We’re having a little break from the cold spell, here’s a photo of Winny playing in the snow during one of these polar colds.

IMGP5093 PS CE Red.900 sharp 2 + clair 3

And since I’m ending this post with a photo of my dog, I’m sharing a link to a wonderful slide show from professional photographer Julie Clegg’s from Bailey & Banjo.  If you love dogs this will put a smile on your face, guaranteed !  (Thanks Janina for sending me this link 🙂 )  Click here for the slide show.

I wish you all a wonderful week.  Be happy, be sweet, laugh a lot, smile and dance in the rain or in the snow !



In the heart of winter

Hi everybody !

I have new photos to share with you from an afternoon spent a few weeks ago looking for some wintry images to capture.

It was a gloomy, snowy afternoon, the light was faint and almost everything seemed to have a greyish tint, from the clouds to the ground.  I was walking down a route where there are few houses, and at some point there aren’t any.  From time to time, cars were passing by.  I wanted to photograph a barn I am especially fond of, since I didn’t have  a photo of it in winter.  While walking further down the route I realized how quiet this route was, there was no one to be seen, no houses nearby, and I felt a sudden loneliness.

It also felt as if I were immersed in a muffled environment where the few sounds I was hearing seemed to be echoing  from far away.  Loneliness and solitude were the predominent feelings I had on this gloomy afternoon, but with them also came a sense of peace and serenity.

The sun had set when I headed back home.  On my way I saw two deers who looked surprised to see me walking down this route where, usually, few people walk.

Solitude, in the heart of winter.

Pour blog


IMGP2783 pour blog

My favourite barn

IMGP2764 red 640 sharp pour blog

IMGP2768_HDR PS red 640 sharp signé + neige 4 + sharp 8

IMGP2840 PS red.640 sharp signé

Recently I’ve made a new friend who shares the same passion for photography.  It is so much better and so much more fun to go on a photographic excursion with a friend than to go alone.  We’re planning many more excursions in the coming months where I hope to capture the beautiful sceneries of Beauce and, of course, barns, which are one of my favourite subjects to photograph.

I’m wishing you all a nice week, and by the time I’m ready for another post, maybe I will have heard the first cheering notes of the song sparrow.  Spring is almost here !


Horses and barns in winter

Hello everyone !

I guess you could say I love horses and barns, since it is the second time I share photos of them.  Last time they were summer photos and now with the winter landscape they are just as beautiful as the summer ones.  I love winter sceneries, and when framed, some photos here would make a nice wall decor.   These horses and barns are close to my home, the red barn is just a 5 minutes walk, so one sunny morning I went to see the horses, accompanied, of course, by little Winny.  When we arrived they were lying on their back, rolling joyfully in the snow, the same way dogs do.  It was so funny watching them.  Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures of it because I don’t have a tripod and telephoto lens (yet…) and they were just too far to make a nice photo.

According to Wikipedia “the Percheron is a breed of draft horse that originated in the Perche valley in northern France.  They are well-muscled and known for their intelligence and willingness to work.”  They are beautiful horses.  One day I was walking along the road when six of them arrived running at high-speed and I could feel the ground shaking under my feet as they approached.  When I experience magical moments like this, I call them “moments of grace”.

This beautiful horse is not a Percheron, I don’t know which breed he is.

Old barns are an integral part of the country landscape. They are a wink to the past and by-gone days.  I can’t imagine a country landscape without them.

With their rustic simplicity, barns comfort me.  As I watch these old shabby buildings I feel a need to slowdown things in my life and take more time to appreciate all the beauties around me.

I love this photo.  This horse had fallen in love with my boyfriend, he was following him every time he would move.  He wouldn’t even look at me.  It’s so beautiful to see how they look into each other’s eyes.

If you want to attract horses close to you, bring your dog.  If the horses are not shy they will come and greet him or her.  Here they are with my Duncan who passed away 3 years ago this week.

I hope you enjoyed these photos and collages, I had great pleasure creating them.  If you would like to see my other post of horses and barns in summer it’s here.

I wish you all a very nice week-end !  Mine will consist mostly of cross-country skiing, tomorrow we have an open house activity at our ski club and I will be patrolling the skate-ski trails for the most part of my day.


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