Blue porch ceilings, they are beautiful !

While looking around at blogs I found a post at Pretty Old Houses  that talked about blue porch ceilings. I had never seen this before, well…it’s because I never traveled to Key West Florida.  Apparently they have many of these and I just love it !  It is said that by painting your porch ceiling in blue it will keep wasps away and prevent spider’s web. This is wonderful !  Not only is this practical but it is also beautiful !  Take a look at these beauties

This one is my favorite, I really like the pale blue.

Another blue but darker.

Almost the same color of the sky

I love the decoration over the front door and the grey color around the windows, it goes perfectly well with the blue ceiling

This one is more toward an aqua color

This one is very eye-catching and beautiful.  The blue, the yellow, notice the color of the french doors contrasting with the ceiling, the walls and the floor.

What a nice porch !

We also found them in red !  I wonder if it still keep the bugs away

This pale green is evocative of the ocean.  If I had a beach house I would paint my porch ceiling this color

Blue ceilings aren’t just for porchs. Look how beautiful it turned out in that kitchen

I guess we find porchs with all shades of color.  I like the color lavender a lot but for a porch ceiling I prefer blue, aqua or pale green

The pictures from my post today comes from different blogs.  Pretty Old Houses is a blog on different things but I like her old homes tour and wordless posts.  Flower Garden Girl is another one I visit from time to time. She talks a lot about flowers and has beautiful pictures.  My Design Chic is a beautiful mother-daughter blog and it’s mostly about decoration.  And about this last picture, I’m so sorry, I can’t trace back where the picture comes from, I shoud have written the address before downloading the picture.