Mother nature’s gifts

 In our homes we are so used to see many things made out of wood : Floors, furniture, cabinets, moldings, frames, sculptures…The list is long. We have a direct connection with wood because we can relate to where it comes from. Trees surround us and grace us by their presence every day. The bond is strong between wood and us.

But what about the many other materials we find in our homes, but because of their remoteness we don’t feel the same connection with them. Just like wood they are majestic in their nature. But if you’re like me you tend to forget that all these wonderful things comes from mother nature. We always see the finished product but very rarely do we see them in their raw form, with the exception, of course, of wood.

Today I wanted to honor these gifts mother nature so generously gives us and also remind us of the long process that had taken place, and still takes place, to finally deliver these precious jewels.

Crystals : Even in their raw form crystals are beautiful.
Quartz rose.  

Calcite coloured green


Fluorite dark purple and green

Transformed into jewellery

Marble :  A cultural symbol of refined taste.  Look at these stunning pictures of Carrera marble quarry in Italy.  Source : David Stevenson

The trucks look like toys !
Sources: Cote De Texas blog

Marble in kitchens and bathrooms add beauty, especially white marble, and is convenient too.

Porcelain :  Made of kaolin clay and heated at very high temperatures, porcelain grace our homes since very ancient times.  It’s beauty has won hearts and I think that probably every household in North America today, and in many other parts of the world, especially China, has at least one family heirloom piece in their kitchen cupboards.

Kaolin mine in BulgariaSource

Kaolinite rock.


Artists transform clays into refined, beautiful pieces.  Source: Jennelise blog.lSource

Pearls : In nature, pearl oysters produce natural pearls by covering an invading parasite with nacre, not by ingesting a grain of sand. Over the years, the irritating object is covered with enough layers of nacre to form what is known as a pearl. Not all individual oysters produce pearls naturally.  Oysters are affected by the acidification of oceans caused by the increase of CO2 emissions.

Lovely pearls…  Sources: Jennelise blog

And finally, cotton :  We see it, touch it and wear it almost everyday .  It is such a part of our lives that, in my case, I forget that it comes from a plant.  I take it for granted and assume it will be available forever !   The use of cotton for fabric is known to date to prehistoric times, so chances are good it will be around for a long time to come !
Picture from FEI site, source:

Many steps are required, from the harvesting to the weaving and dyeing, to finally be transformed into clothes, sheets, towels, drapes, pillows and rugs, to name a few.           Some of my tablecloths

and pillows

A nice quilt pattern

There are many more I didn’t mention, like silkworms, flowers (can you imagine life without our beloved rose body lotion or lavender foaming bath ?), gold, chocolate…It can go on and on !  Everything in our world comes from nature.  What a beautiful, nurturing and amazing planet we have !

Jocelyne source

Other sources : Pearl Oyster, porcelain, cotton