A touch of Summer in the heart of Winter

Hello dear friends !

Here are a few still life images I created this Summer who, I hope, will remind you that Spring isn’t so far away.

Creating images with flowers and trying to find new ways to capture these beauties is always a joy.

Signé SYS


IMGP5600 choisi vintage 2 choisi pour WEB red.640

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Renewing my creativity and trying new things with still life images is  always a goal, along with improving and refining my composition skills and post-processing techniques.  Lately I was inspired by the wonderful art of  Ukraine photographer Татьяна Скороход.  Her images are shot against dark backgrounds with superb lighting.  I really like the play of light and shadows in her stunning images.  You can find her profile on 1x by clicking here.  I also really like Tarek Art on 500 px, a photographer from Cairo, Egypt.  You can visit his profile by clicking here.  I did, just once, this kind of image using a dark background, it was 3 years ago when I was new to photography and one of my first attempts at still life.   Here’s the photo.

IMGP0653 Corel levels 245 J.Drossin Overlay 30

I will explore this style more in-depth, I hope I’ll be able to come up with some beautiful images and share them here.

Currently I’m working on an animated gif, snow falling on a winter image, and it’s Oh so not easy,  but fun to try.

Wishing you all a wonderful week-end !





Flower photography – Summer 2013

Hi everybody   🙂

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Each time a flower blooms in my garden I am like a child receiving a Christmas gift.  I am focused on this one flower that has magically opened its petals and it never ceases to amaze me just how beautiful flowers are.  But flowers do not exist only for their nectar or for us to marvel at their grace and beauty. They have another important purpose and message.  A gift for us humans.

Flowers are among us to ease our journey

#peonies, #pivoines, #pink peonies, #pivoines roses

To lighten our hearts in the midst of storms in our lives

#wildflowers, #fleurs sauvages, #flowers, #fleurs,

To remind us to turn toward the sun’s rays instead of reaching in the darkness of our sorrows

#wheat, #blé

To open our hearts to heal

#wildflowers, #fleurs sauvages

To be happy

#flowers, #fleurs, #rudbeckia, #rudbeckie

To smile and laugh

#rudbeckia, #rudbeckie, #flowers, #fleurs,

To keep our child’s heart

#échinacée, #echinacea, #flowers, #fleurs,

And to love

#black and white flower photography, #roses, #photographie noir et blanc, #flowers, #fleurs

At this time of year, as the flowers begin to wither, I always feel a little pinch in the heart to see them go…

Another of my favourite photographers, especially in flower photography, is Kathleen Clemons.  Her photos are a real delight for the eyes.  She mostly uses the Lensbaby for her flower shots, a lens I am thinking of buying for flower photography.  The Lensbaby offers different lenses and optics which produces creative effects of selective focus with a sweet spot of sharp focus that I really love in flower photography.  Click here if you would like to know more about the Lensbaby.    Kathleen has made a beautiful slide show  of her flower photos on YouTube, click here to view it, it’s really beautiful.

Autumn colours are almost at their peak here, so I’ll try to take a few hours this week to capture these wonderful colours.

Have a beautiful week !

Little field daisies and beautiful irises

Hello my friends !

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Almost every day I take photos of flowers from my garden and in the past three weeks I’ve photographed little field daisies, irises and peonies.  There are many ways to photograph flowers and I like mine to look airy and light.  I’ve tried to capture them as if they appear to be floating in the air to increase the impression of lightness, but I haven’t always succeeded.  It’s not easy to find the right angle to achieve this look.  But, as with any kind of photography, one constant remains :  Practice, practice, practice…

#flowers, #irises,

#flowers, #irises

#flowers, #irises

If you love flower photography, take a look at Mandy Disher’s website.  I love her style and her photos are amazing and so unique.  Click here for her website and here for her Facebook page.  I also greatly admire Jacky Parker’s talent for floral photography.  Her images are exquisite and beautifully composed. Click here for her website and here for her Facebook page.  Another photographer whose floral images are extremely beautiful and also very unique is Lisa Gordon. I’m inserting a link to her floral gallery on her website, click here to view them.   She also has a blog here on WordPress with many beautiful photos, not only florals, click here to visit her blog.

We had so much rain lately (and it appears not only here but also in the US and Europe), that I had to make some bouquets of my favourite peonies so they wouldn’t be ruined.  It was lovely to see them on my kitchen table.

#flowers, #peonies

A happy and sunny week-end to all of you !


Spring little flowers

Hello dear friends !

They are everywhere around us.  They have awakened from a long winter and are now turning and reaching towards the warmth of the sun rays.  They delight us and charm us with their delicate forms and hues, and the profusion of their blooms.  What I like most about them is their daintiness, they’re such cute little flowers.  What a joy it is to look through the window in the morning and see these beauties swaying gently under the wind’s caress.  And when the bird songs echoing from far away are joining their voices in harmony with those of my garden, then I can say I have lived a moment suspended in time, a magical moment…

Little plum flowers

Little plum flowers, plum tree

Apple tree flowers

Apple tree flowers

Dicentra spectabilis, also known as bleeding hearts

Dicentra spectabilis, bleeding hearts

Spiraea Arguta little flowers

Spiraea Arguta

I hope you like flower photography because you will see lots of it in the coming months.  I grow nepeta, roses, lilies, hemerocallis, heliopsis, weigela, lavender, irises, veronica, daisies, monarda, peonies and delphinium to name a few.  And this year I’ll have one of my very favourite flower : Gladiolus.  I can’t wait to plant them !  Oh, the lovely photos I will take with them 🙂

Happy week-end to all of you !