Flowers… Again !

Hello my friends !

As you have seen in the post title, I’m sharing some photos of flowers again ūüôā ¬† ¬†I hope you love flowers because I have posted a lot of them lately ! ¬†And here I come today with more of them ! ¬†I know some of you have already seen these photos on my Facebook page, but I wanted to post them here too so my followers and visitors could see them as well.

In summer, flowers hold an important place in my life as I care for my flowerbeds, annuals, herbs and tomatoes in pots.  Flowers brighten my days and everyday I tour my garden, sometimes bringing my camera along.  Here is a series of photos all taken in my garden this summer.

Beautiful dahlia

Day lily. ¬†I love these so much ūüôā

Delicate diascia

Wonderful Morden roses.  Very floriferous

Hostas flowers.  Bumblebees love them !

Hostas flowers

Lovely wild asters.  They are so romantic !

Grass.  I adore how they glow under the sun.

My lovely rudbeckias.  So simple, yet so beautiful.

Lobelia and begonia.  I must have them each summer.

I haven’t taken photos of all of my flowers but I am not done with them. ¬† I have taken some more photos today and asters will bloom in a couple of weeks and I know I will want to show them to you.

Fall is coming our way, there will be so much to photograph. ¬†Apples, pumpkins, squashes, chrysanthemums, acorns and all the splendor of the autumn trees…. So much to photograph ¬†ūüôā

Happy Fall to all of you !


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“God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December” J.M. Barrie

Hello everybody !

I hope you are all doing well. ¬†I’m on vacation and I didn’t have much time to prepare a post, but today was a rainy day so I had plenty of time to prepare one.

Roses create such a soft and romantic ambiance. ¬†They evoke by-gone days of the Victorian era when everything was charming, elegant and romantic. ¬†My in-laws created such a garden and when the roses are in bloom it is a real feast for the eye. ¬†Year after year I’m always amazed to see the wonderful rose hedge blooming with clusters of delicate roses in the front yard, and I just can’t imagine the arbour without its climbing roses. ¬†You can always count on roses to make beautiful photos.

More flowers to come in my next post. ¬†In the meantime, I’m wishing you a wonderful week-end ahead !


Dear peonies…

Hello !

For me, peonies are among the most gorgeous flowers and even though the time they are in bloom is so short, they certainly deserve a place of choice in our gardens.  Each year I make wonderful bouquets and place them on my kitchen island and dining table.  Mother nature always helps to prompt me to make bouquets as she pours lots of rain, causing the peonies to bend to the ground.  Even though I tie them to prevent the stems to bend too much and break, many flowers fall to the ground.  Each year I await this moment when the clouds, heavy with loads of rain arrive and threatens to break into a storm.  I then know it is time to prepare and take the vases, teapots and creamers out of the cupboard.

Last Saturday I woke up at six a.m. and noticed the beautiful soft light of the morning sun. ¬†I couldn’t resist and went outside to photograph some of my flowers.

Petunias, lilies and heliopsis

Morden Centennial rose bush

Crimson lilies

I hope you are all enjoying summer so far, I went kayaking last Sunday and will soon share some photos of this beautiful day on Chaudière river.

A happy week to all of you !


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I used Kim Klassen’s textures on some of these photos. ¬†If you love working with textures go to her online shoppe¬†where¬†she has lots of beautiful textures you can buy.

He who plants a garden plants happiness

Hello everybody !

    A little garden in which to walk, an immensity in which to dream

The garden I’m showing you today is a garden dear to my heart. ¬†It’s a beautiful peaceful garden graced by many flowers, shrubs, trees, birds and other garden delights. ¬†It’s a garden I know well and which I’ve returned¬†to for the past eighteen years. ¬†This garden belongs to my in law’s and it’s always a pleasure to stroll down it’s paths toward its different areas. ¬†The basin, the patio with its swing and all the flowers pots and herbs, the rose garden, the rock garden, the beds of hostas, the rudbeckias and echinaceas just to name a few. ¬†All of that always accompanied by bird songs. ¬†Everything in this garden was designed and planted by my in law’s, even the trees. ¬†The arbour and the well were built by my father in law, as well as the rock garden and the Inukshuk.

When I took these photos, the forget-me-not were in full bloom, illuminating the garden with their delicate pale-blue flowers. ¬†It was lovely. ¬†I only photographed the basin and rock garden but I’m thinking of doing another post on other areas of the garden when more flowers will be in bloom.

Each year my mother in law makes a bouquet with lily of the valley

As of my garden, the peonies are about to bloom, then, in the next two weeks, it will be the rose hedge, irises and honeysuckles  which will beg to be photographed.

Do you have a special garden you hold dear in your heart and love to return to ?

Have a great week-end !


I’m joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.