On a bike ride

I’m getting ready to go on my first bike ride of the summer.  I’m not taking my camera, there’s something else I want to bring.  I hope I’ll see my four-legged friends, I didn’t see them all winter as I only take this road in summer and fall.  It’s a beautiful early evening, so peaceful on this rural back road as I’m going up the hill.  I see them farther in the field.   Every time I get there I stop to talk to them and each time they come to meet me.  I always wonder if they recognize me, especially after the long winter months without seeing me.  I open my backpack, I have something in there they really like, some pieces of apples and carrots.  I don’t give them too many, just a few.  I hang around for a little while, I tell them how beautiful and graceful they are.  It’s time to go now,  it’s getting darker.   I tell them I’ll be back soon and wave at them as I go down the hill.

Horses on a field at sunset

Two other horses I used to see on another bike ride.  I don’t see them anymore.  I wonder what happened to them.

Horses on a field

A nice encounter at Frampton Brasse microbrewery

Horse Frampton Beauce

I hope you are all doing well and are having a wonderful time this summer.  Until now it’s been rather cold here but I know warmer days are coming and I’m looking forward to them.

Happy week dear friends !


A new day

The faint light of dawn was on the horizon.  I was ready to go on this chilly new day.  Everything around me was asleep waiting to emerge from Morpheus’s arms with the first rays of the rising sun.

The first rays

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A horse was watching me.  He came to greet me and slowly made his way to the meadow.

IMGP5678 Faded red.900 +sat + clair 2.

The first rays of the sun, the mist rising from the river, the flowering meadow, the colours of the sunrise, the companionship of the horse…   It was a peaceful morning.

#landscape #paysage #champ fleuri #meadow #flowering meadow #country #campagne

It was the first time I would get up so early in the middle of the night, 3 am, to get ready to photograph the sunrise.  It was an unforgettable and wonderful morning and I plan to return soon to another place I would love to photograph in the early hours.

I hope you are all having a wonderful and peaceful Summer.  And to those in the southern hemisphere a wonderful and peaceful Winter.


November light

I don’t know how the weather is in your part of the world but here it was awful these past few weeks. Gloomy days with grey flat skies, high winds, rain, snow, and always with this humidity that chills you to the bone.  I needed new photos.  I miss it when I don’t have any new photos to edit.  So I went in the fields near the river and in the meadows where the sheep and horses were peacefully grazing.  There wasn’t much light and it was poor  quality light. I knew the photos wouldn’t be at their best and  I was a little disappointed when I saw them.  The light was so flat, not a bit of  sun rays to illuminate the scenery and make the colours come to life.  But later, while viewing my photos, I felt joy in my heart by remembering those afternoons spent in the fields.  It was peaceful, flocks of geese were flying low over my head, their honks vanishing in the distance…  The silence, the solitude in the meadows with the sheep in a bucolic landscape…  The friendly horses drawing near to greet me…   Yes, the light was awful and the photos are not exactly how I wanted them to look like, but I had a wonderful time in these fields and that is part of photography too.  Photography is all about technical jargon, compositions and rule of thirds, light and exposures, equipment and skills.  But there’s more to it.  There are all those wonderful memories we are left with from our adventures and that is a big part of photography, and it is as important as the most beautiful photos we can create.  Photography is a long journey, a journey of discoveries and amazement, just like life…

IMGP4822 pour blog 3

IMGP4926 PS CE red.640 plus saturé + jaune 2 + clair et blurr

IMGP4969 pour blog 4

Are you in the mood for Christmas ?  All my decorations are out and I want to try to make bokeh Christmas images, maybe one involving my little Winny 🙂   I would like to wish a happy Thanksgiving to all my friends from the United States and a beautiful week to all of you !



Hello my friends,

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Quietude…  A deep inner feeling of peace of mind and heart.  Sometimes gripping us only just for a fleeting moment, leaving us longing for more, trying to make it lasts longer, to linger.  At other times descending upon us and taking roots deep within, leaving us centered and in perfect harmony with the universe.  Pure moments of bliss…

I wish there could be more of these moments.  In the image above, I liked the calmness that preceded a storm.  When I took these photos I was at peace, living in the present moment, enjoying quietude.  I was in the Middle Way.

#dogs #quietude

Peacefulness on the shores of St-Lawrence River where I went whale watching.  I saw the great blue whale on that day, after sitting patiently on these rocks for two hours.  It was a grand moment for me.

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Quietude on a beautiful day at St-Simon Les Mines.

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Something that gives me instant quietude is when I go kayaking.  There’s only me in my kayak, the river, the trees and the occasional sound of a bird.  Silence….  Perfection…

#Kayak, #Chaudière River

This summer I couldn’t do much kayaking.  We had crude oil in Chaudière river after the great train tragedy in Lac Mégantic, last July, where wagons transporting oil exploded, destroying half of downtown of the village and killing fifty-two people.  We had an interdiction to navigate and floating booms were installed in some places along the river.  Now the interdiction to navigate has lifted and I went on the river with my kayak to see how it looks.  I didn’t see oil, the floating booms are still there but they left corners open so we can go through them.

I hope you will all have a nice week-end.  As of me, if the weather cooperates I hope I can go kayaking and enjoy quietude on the beautiful Chaudière river.


Wonderful winter

Hello dear friends  🙂

Last October, as I marvelled at the spectacular colours of fall, I remember thinking there wouldn’t be anything interesting to photograph in the coming months.  After all the vibrant colours of summer and fall, winter seemed, photographically speaking, a little boring with all its white.  I thought that all the excitement of going on excursions to find new places and landscapes to photograph would be much less fun, because I thought winter wasn’t visually as interesting as the other seasons.  I was almost ready to hibernate and rely on still life till spring.  But… I had forgotten one thing.  I had new eyes now, and I wasn’t seeing the world around me as I used to.   Everywhere I look now there are more details, more richness and nuances in colours, more textures.  But the biggest improvement is the light.  I see it everywhere now and the amazing transformation it can induce when it is illuminating something.  Photography has this capacity to heighten and broaden our sight and I would never go back to how I looked at the world before.

Duncan meeting new friends

Duncan meet new friends.  Percherons horses

After having completed my first round of the four seasons with my camera, I realize how wrong I was and how winter photography is as fun and exciting as the other seasons.  Winter is definitely the most challenging season to photograph, both technically and physically, but despite its challenges it is a really  wonderful season and one that I greatly enjoy photographing.

The sugar shack Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce.

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph de Beauce.  The sugar shack

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce.  Winter photography

The heart of the village.  St-Joseph De Beauce

The heart of the village.  St-Joseph De Beauce.  Winter photography. Village in winter

A cabin at St-Simon Les Mines

A cabin at St-Simon Les Mines.  Winter photography. Cabin in winter

An abandoned old house, St-Simon Les Mines

An abandoned old house, St-Simon Les Mines.  Winter photography.  Old house in winter.  Heritage homes

Winter hasn’t yet said its last word, as we received 20 cm of snow yesterday.  I’m ready for spring but I didn’t mind this snow, it’s so beautiful !

Next week I’m going to Montreal’s botanical garden where they are exhibiting “Butterflies go free”and I hope to come back with photos of gorgeous flowers and wonderful butterflies.  The butterfly I’m most interested in, and of which I really hope to capture its exquisite beauty, is the morpho, the blue butterfly.  I’ve seen it once and it’s an amazing butterfly !  Hopefully I’ll come back home with a few beautiful shots to share with you.

Until then, have a nice end of week and week-end !


A horse in spring

Hello my friends !

I wanted to photograph flowering apple trees last week-end and when I arrived at St-Joseph Du Lac where there are many orchards, some trees had only just begun to bloom a few days before.  I was a bit disappointed as I would have loved to have photos of an orchard in full bloom.  But on our way, I found something else.  Something as interesting to photograph as an orchard in full bloom :  Horses.

It seems I can’t resist taking photos of them.  They are so kind, friendly and calm, yet at the same time so majestic and proud.  The  view of a horse grazing in a meadow is so peaceful.  Standing there and contemplating this panorama for a little while made me feel serene and in perfect harmony with nature.

There are so many things I want to photograph this summer but not enough time to do so.  I’m also continuing working on still photography, which is very time-consuming but which I greatly enjoy doing.  I’m keeping these to share with you this fall, but to give you a hint, the last ones I did involved vintage music sheets and a beautiful violin… So very beautiful !

Here’s to a wonderful week !

I’m joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday