Missing my flowers in the middle of winter

Hello !

In the midst of winter I like to look back at pictures I took in the summer of flowers from my garden.  Looking at them, it’s as if I suddenly realize how beautiful they were.  Not having seen a flower in 3 months, I now see them with new eyes.  Gone are all the imperfections I was complaining about.  My annuals and perennials now look perfect.  It’s funny how we have to be deprived of something to fully appreciate and realize how precious, important and essential these things are in our lives.

There’s nothing I like more than grabbing my shears and a bucket and stroll in my garden  to pick flowers, surrounded by birds and their joyful songs.  Here are some of my summer bouquets.

Birds were all around me and were not afraid as I came close to the feeders.  I sat on the bench tucked between the hostas to admire a female house finch who was drinking at the  bird bath.

Peonies are wonderful gorgeous flowers.  I had to cut stems that had fallen under the heavy pouring rain.  They made beautiful bouquets.

As I walked along lavender plants I couldn’t resist sweeping my hands in them to diffuse their exquisite perfume.  Behind me, lilacs were dispersing their heavenly perfume.

A walk in the garden is always a nice quiet moment and a feast for the senses.

There is still four months ahead of me before I can delight again over the first bloom…

Wishing you all a nice, cozy and not too cold week !


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A bouquet of hydrangea

Hydrangea is such a beautiful and generous plant.  The flowers bloom in mid-july and lasts almost till frost, changing hues from white to pale green or pink.  If you want to infuse your garden with a vintage feel, hydrangea is a good choice.  In the aftermath of Irene storm, two weeks ago, my plant was left with shaky and broken stems, some of them lying on the lawn, so I decided to make a bouquet.

I made this one earlier on july when lavender was in full bloom

Another one with a couple of phlox

The flowers were huge this year

Look at this beautiful wreath! With a little imagination we can do lots of crafts with dried flowers.  This picture comes from http://flowergardengirl.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/lime-green-dried-hydrangea-wreath-of-gigantic-proportions/

Soon it will be time to prepare for winter and cut the flowers, if some remains, to the ground.  Sniff…

Joceyne xx