Wintry landscapes

Happy New Year to all of you !

My wish for you for this new year is that it may bring you peace, harmony, joy, inspiration, love, friendship, good health and great success in all you undertake !   Thank you for your presence on my blog and for all your comments, they are greatly appreciated !

The holidays are over and now is the beginning of a new year. And in the course of this new year there is one thing I would like to improve, one area in photography that is not my strong point, and that is landscape photography.  I seem to be struggling in knowing what makes a beautiful landscape photo.  Sometimes I’m sure a specific scenery will make a beautiful photo but it finally proves to be pretty ordinary, while, at other times, it is all the contrary.  How puzzling !

So, over the past few weeks I have started my journey into trying to improve landscape compositions and also training my eyes to see details, sometimes small details, that can enhance and completely change a landscape. Here are a few photos.

Cross-country ski trails

Cross-country trails

The church steeple of St-Joseph De Beauce

Winter scenery

The old barn at dusk

The old barn at dusk

The valley, St-Joseph De Beauce

The valley 2, St-Joseph De Beauce

St-Joseph de Beauce

St-Joseph de Beauce

Winter’s magic

Winter's magic

There are some great photography books and the one’s I’m reading right now are Christopher O’Donnell’s e-books, The Golden Hours : A guide to photographing the light of sunrises and sunsets.  If you want to know the secrets behind gorgeous sunrises/sunsets photos, this e-book is for you.  And The Art Of Bokeh : A guide to using shallow depths in landscape photography.  Christopher O’Donnell photography is simply superb and breathtaking, you can visit his website by clicking here.

It is now time for me to hit these cross-country ski trails !

Happy week-end everybody !



Textures : An artistic touch

Hello !

The first and foremost reason why I have learned to work with layers in Photoshop was because I wanted to create artistic images.  I was seeing all these beautiful photos on blogs which were displaying a gradation or hint of colour and scratches in their backgrounds, some had a wonderful vintage look and others looked like paintings.  I so loved these photos and I was so inspired by all these blogs.  When I finally learned how  to work with layers, a whole new world opened before me.  I had discovered a way to be creative and give my photos a more personal touch.

When I choose a photo to work with, I envision and sense what I want the image to convey.  And from that, the choice of textures will infuse the image with an ambiance, an emotion or a surreal feel.  While I love transforming my photos, I try not to denature them to the point where the qualities of the photos are lost, but rather just transform them in a subtle and gentle way while conserving their essential qualities.

Here are a few photos I took this summer.

St-Simon Les Mines

A barn at St-Simon Les Mines

Autumn path in a wood near my home.

St-Lawrence River at Cap De Bon Désir where I have seen the great blue whale.

Chaudière River at Notre-Dame Des Pins

Covered bridge on Chaudière River in Notre-Dame Des Pins

My greatest inspiration in art images is professional photographer Sarah Gardner.  She has mastered the art of textures and each of her images are pure beauties.  To me, she is the high priestess of textures  🙂   and I’ve learned so much from her in her beautiful and wonderful new book “Art Beyond The Lens”.  If you would like to learn how to work with textures then this is the book to own.  It’s a beautiful book filled with many of her photos, tutorials and tips on how to apply and work with textures, and the book is beautiful enough to sit on a coffee table.  You can buy it here  and visit her blog here.

I hope you are all doing fine and having a nice end of autumn.  Here the weather is great, it’s 16°C and guess what ?, I’m off on my bike to take more landscape photos !

Have a nice week everybody !


Falling for fall

Hello my friends !

Mother nature knows how to amaze us with every new season and autumn is the most glorious, grand and spectacular transformation she deploys before our eyes.  How can we not be in awe in front of such splendor ?

The colourful leaves shine beautifully under the sun and there is such a soft and wonderful luminosity at this time of year.  I tried to capture the colours and light of the season in all its glory !

The church steeple at St-Simon Les Mines, Beauce, Quebec

The leaves have almost all fallen now, but I’ve always found bare trees also beautiful with their silhouettes against the sky.

On another note I wanted to share with you one of my favourite photography blog.   Thomas Whelan is a great photographer and naturalist and specializes in macro photography.  He is also a great artist just by the way he look at things and conveys his vision in his photography.  His photos are simply stunning and marvellously beautiful.  You can visit his blog here and he also has a website here where you can see and purchase prints.  He was also portrayed in a video titled “Before My Eyes” and you can see it here (scroll down on the page to see the video).  The video is 9 minutes long, but it’s a great video where he talks about his motivations and vision of photography.  We see him in nature during a photo shoot and we also see many of his photos.  A very well done video and worth watching.

I hope it won’t be another three weeks before I can make another post.  I still have to edit 26 photos from a photo shoot I did two weeks ago and 3 more for my niece from a portrait session we did last August.  That’s a lot of work !

Have a lovely week-end everyone !


I’m joining the October Photo Challenge: Something Orange at


Instagramming and loving it !

Hello everybody !

Once in a while I like to play with Instagram.  what I love about it, apart from their filters of course, is that with Instagram I’m not taking photography too seriously.  I let go of all the technical aspects, aperture, Iso, speed, metering etc., and just tap on the button and voilà, I have a photo ready to receive special treatment with one of the Instagram filters.  That’s what I love about it and how I see it.   For me, it’s meant to have fun !

Many people take it more seriously than me though, and have amazing and breathtaking photos on Instagram.  I am often blown away by the quality and beauty of their creations.  Take a look here , here and here to see some of these photos.  Most of the time I take photos with my phone when I want to make an Instagram photo, but sometimes I use photos taken with my camera.  So here are my unperfect but fun Instagram photos !

Guess who’s in the middle of Place Royale in old Quebec city taking photos ?  It’s me, of course !

A view from one of my bike rides

Another view from one of my bike rides

My little Winny

You can follow me or see my gallery here.  Come and join the fun with me !

I wish you all a pleasant week.  As of me, an acquaintance asked me to photograph her baby girl and I am so looking forward to it later this week.  I also have another acquaintance who just returned from Paris and asked me if I could do a collage with some of her photos.  That should keep me busy for a few weeks !

Au revoir !


A change of scenery

Hello my friends !

Lately,  I have seen so many amazing and beautiful landscape photos on different blogs that it inspired me to try my hand at it.  I had done a lot of flower and still life photos so I thought a change would be nice.  When I look around me I see plenty of sceneries which would make beautiful photos.  I live in the countryside and I never get tired of seeing meadows, horses, barns, pastures, rolling hills and farms.  At this point in my photography I can’t seem to figure out what kind or categories of photography appeals to me the most. Is it still life, flowers, landscape, portrait ? (I would love to try portrait !)  I love all these categories and I just take pictures of the beauties I see all around me.  So last week I went to some near and familiar places to try to capture the soothing tranquility of the countryside.  I hope you enjoy these few photos from “La belle province ” !

“A calm evening before returning to the barn”

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to”  John Ed Pearce

“A river runs through it”  The beautiful Famine River in St-Georges de Beauce.

“The soothing tranquility of the countryside”

“Night falling on the meadow”

If you love landscape photography I have a few suggestions for you.  Three blogs and three amazing photographers.

Here, on WordPress, Anne Jutra’s blog is my very favourite photo blog.  Her photos are wonderful and so beautiful.  And the very surprising fact is that through the whole wide web with photographers from all over the planet, one that is among my very favourite photographers lives only a few hours drive from my home ! I would have never imagined that one of my favourite photographers would live so close to me ! 🙂  Her blog is in french but there is a translate button and she also speaks english.

On Paul Zizka’s blog you will see breathtaking photos of beautiful mountains, many from Banff, Alberta, Canada.   There is also many spectacular photos of aurora borealis.  I was also surprised to read, in one of his post, that he’s from Quebec city.  What a small world we live in !

And finally, JDT Photography.  Unfortunately I don’t know his name, I only know he’s from the UK and that his photos are superb !  You won’t be disappointed if you visit his blog which is filled with beautiful photos one after the other.  A must see !

And to end on a beautiful note, I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of some of my little flowers tucked in vintage teal bottles on my kitchen windowsill.  🙂

Have a lovely week-end everybody !