A touch of Summer in the heart of Winter

Hello dear friends !

Here are a few still life images I created this Summer who, I hope, will remind you that Spring isn’t so far away.

Creating images with flowers and trying to find new ways to capture these beauties is always a joy.

Signé SYS


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Renewing my creativity and trying new things with still life images is  always a goal, along with improving and refining my composition skills and post-processing techniques.  Lately I was inspired by the wonderful art of  Ukraine photographer Татьяна Скороход.  Her images are shot against dark backgrounds with superb lighting.  I really like the play of light and shadows in her stunning images.  You can find her profile on 1x by clicking here.  I also really like Tarek Art on 500 px, a photographer from Cairo, Egypt.  You can visit his profile by clicking here.  I did, just once, this kind of image using a dark background, it was 3 years ago when I was new to photography and one of my first attempts at still life.   Here’s the photo.

IMGP0653 Corel levels 245 J.Drossin Overlay 30

I will explore this style more in-depth, I hope I’ll be able to come up with some beautiful images and share them here.

Currently I’m working on an animated gif, snow falling on a winter image, and it’s Oh so not easy,  but fun to try.

Wishing you all a wonderful week-end !





Bleu Lavande

Hello everybody !

Recently I went to a favourite place of mine, a place I hold dear and where I always love to return to.  At this place they grow a plant, a wonderful plant, one of my very favourite.  It is a plant of many virtues and uses and one that exhale an exquisite perfume.  If I had to escape to a remote island and could only bring a few plants with me, you can be sure that lavender would be on my list !

Cultivated in Fitch Bay in the Eastern townships on Appelgrove’s hillside, Bleu Lavande has a surface of 260 acres out of which 42 of them are exploited to produce lavender.  They extract essential oil from about 100,000 plants which serves to elaborate about forty products.  When I go I always return home with a few products  from their wonderful boutique, like bar soaps, linen water and body cream.  This year I also bought two more plants to add to the three others I have.  And, of course, I can’t go to Bleu Lavande without taking a few photos 🙂

#bleu lavande #lavender #lavande #lavender fields

#lavender #lavande #bleu lavande

#lavender #lavande #bleu lavande #flowers #fleurs

I couldn’t resist capturing this tender moment…

#lavender #lavande #bleu lavande

Lavender from my garden

#lavender #lavande #still life lavender #still life #nature morte lavande

#lavender #lavande

Here I am in the fields of Bleu Lavande 🙂


If you are interested in growing lavender here are a few tips :

– Choose a cultivar that is hardy to your region.

– Plant lavender in a very poor soil and never add compost or other fertilizer.

– Plant lavender on a mound to ensure a good drainage.

– In winter, If you don’t have a good cover of snow, add a fair amount of straw to protect the plant      from frost.

– Lavender only loves lavender and it won’t do as good with other plants nearby.

Click here to have more tips from Bleu Lavande website.

In my garden, I am awaiting, with great eagerness, the blooming of my gladiolus, with which I hope to make some beautiful photos.   And next week I’ll have my family visiting, hopefully I’ll be able to do some portrait sessions !

Wishing you all a great week and a beautiful end of Summer.


Dear lavender

Hello dear friends !

Lavender is very high on my list of favourite flowers.  How I would love to travel to Provence to see its magnificent lavender fields !  Much closer to where I live are the beautiful lavender fields of Bleu Lavande located in the eastern townships in Fitch Bay.  After two and a half hours drive from home I can walk in Bleu Lavande’s fields and admire their 110,000 beautiful lavender plants.  On some days they have open air concerts, and walking or sitting in the fields with the lingering sounds of a violin floating in the air and enveloping the fields is a most calming experience. It’s a marvelous way of leaving all worries behind and spend a few hours relaxing and wandering around the fields.  They also have the most gorgeous boutique filled with exquisite products made with essential oil coming from their plants.  This is where I bought my lavender plants.  It was out of question that I was going to buy them from my local green house, they had to come from Bleu Lavande !  I bought three plants and a few weeks ago, when they were blooming, I sacrificed a whole plant just to make photos.  One must really love photography to sacrifice a whole plant of lavender, I’m telling you !  But now I have a beautiful bouquet of dried lavender.

A portion of Bleu Lavande’s fields

My lavender

I’m heading towards the first year anniversary of this blog.  When I started last September, the orientation and main focus of my blog was to be about decoration, crafts, painting projects and antique and vintage finds, all of which I am passionate about, and I never intended it to be a photography blog.  So what happened ?  I had always been interested in photography but I had put it aside for the past six years.   Starting this blog re-ignited my interest in photography and now it has grown to become a great passion.  You cannot imagine all I have learned in the past ten months.  From my new camera to photography basics and more, to photo editing with Corel then Photoshop.  It has been an amazing ten months of creativity and learning.  I hope you will follow me along in my photographic journey.  And I would like to say a big thank you to all my followers and subscribers, and to all who take the time to leave me comments, without you it wouldn’t be the same.  All your comments and visits are greatly appreciated and mean a lot to me.

I’m wishing you all a great end of summer !