A touch of Summer in the heart of Winter

Hello dear friends !

Here are a few still life images I created this Summer who, I hope, will remind you that Spring isn’t so far away.

Creating images with flowers and trying to find new ways to capture these beauties is always a joy.

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Renewing my creativity and trying new things with still life images is  always a goal, along with improving and refining my composition skills and post-processing techniques.  Lately I was inspired by the wonderful art of  Ukraine photographer Татьяна Скороход.  Her images are shot against dark backgrounds with superb lighting.  I really like the play of light and shadows in her stunning images.  You can find her profile on 1x by clicking here.  I also really like Tarek Art on 500 px, a photographer from Cairo, Egypt.  You can visit his profile by clicking here.  I did, just once, this kind of image using a dark background, it was 3 years ago when I was new to photography and one of my first attempts at still life.   Here’s the photo.

IMGP0653 Corel levels 245 J.Drossin Overlay 30

I will explore this style more in-depth, I hope I’ll be able to come up with some beautiful images and share them here.

Currently I’m working on an animated gif, snow falling on a winter image, and it’s Oh so not easy,  but fun to try.

Wishing you all a wonderful week-end !





One of my favourite flowers : Lilacs

#Lilac flowers, #Lilac

It may not be the prettiest, elegant and majestic tree if compared to oak trees or maple trees, but common lilacs have qualities many other trees lack :  They produce beautifully abundant flowers which exhume the most exquisite of perfumes.  Each year a bouquet graces my home, filling the air with its exuberant fragrance.  Flowers are so therapeutic.  Looking at them and caring for them makes me feel lighter and happier.  And a few bouquets of lilacs is a wonderful way to add a note of cheerfulness in my home.

#Lilacs, #flowers, #bouquet of lilacs

#Lilacs, #Bouquet of lilacs, #Flowers, #lilac still life

#lilacs, #lilac still life, #flowers, #bouquet of lilacs

Climbing honeysuckle is in bloom at the moment, and in the coming days irises will reveal their beautiful blooms, and shortly after, peonies and roses will make their grand entrance in the garden.  What a delight for the eyes it will be !

Happy Summer dear friends !


Missing my flowers in the middle of winter

Hello !

In the midst of winter I like to look back at pictures I took in the summer of flowers from my garden.  Looking at them, it’s as if I suddenly realize how beautiful they were.  Not having seen a flower in 3 months, I now see them with new eyes.  Gone are all the imperfections I was complaining about.  My annuals and perennials now look perfect.  It’s funny how we have to be deprived of something to fully appreciate and realize how precious, important and essential these things are in our lives.

There’s nothing I like more than grabbing my shears and a bucket and stroll in my garden  to pick flowers, surrounded by birds and their joyful songs.  Here are some of my summer bouquets.

Birds were all around me and were not afraid as I came close to the feeders.  I sat on the bench tucked between the hostas to admire a female house finch who was drinking at the  bird bath.

Peonies are wonderful gorgeous flowers.  I had to cut stems that had fallen under the heavy pouring rain.  They made beautiful bouquets.

As I walked along lavender plants I couldn’t resist sweeping my hands in them to diffuse their exquisite perfume.  Behind me, lilacs were dispersing their heavenly perfume.

A walk in the garden is always a nice quiet moment and a feast for the senses.

There is still four months ahead of me before I can delight again over the first bloom…

Wishing you all a nice, cozy and not too cold week !


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