A change of heart

Hello everyone !

It seems orchids wanted me to appreciate their stunning and amazing beauty.  They somehow managed to find a way to reach me, as if they wanted me to reconsider my opinions about their beauty and show me how wrong I was.  I have always ignore orchids, I was just not into them.  The main reason I didn’t like them that much was their lack of foliage.  I prefer plants with lots of foliage and orchids, to my liking, don’t have enough of them.  But then, while visiting my family last December, my stepmother had received an orchid and didn’t want it so she gave it to me.  I thought I’d get rid of the plant when the flowers would fade, I was more interested in the pot it was planted in than in the plant, but after a few days of looking closely at the flowers and taking pictures, I decided to keep it.  The flowers had won, I was beginning to find them prettier than never before.

Then, two weeks ago, I went to the florist to buy roses, I wanted to take pictures of them.  The employee said she wanted to show me flowers she had just received and who were not displayed in the shop yet.  When she dropped the flowers on the counter I  was mesmerized.  Here were the most beautiful flowers I ever laid my eyes on :  Some beautiful, amazing orchids in the most sumptuous colours of deep purple and azure blue.  From that very moment I had a complete change of heart.  Orchids had finally found their way to me and from now on they would be among my very favourite flowers.   Isn’t it strange how life has its own way to make things happen sometimes…

I hope I didn’t do too much spelling and conjugation mistakes, usually my boyfriend revise my post before I publish (he’s perfectly bilingual but I’m not !) but he’s on a trip to Halifax, so he can’t.

Now I have to go prune my rose bushes while it’s not raining and I’m so excited, saturday afternoon we’re going to pick up our new kayaks and I just can’t wait !


Texture on the last photo from El Vigilante’s Flickr account


An orchid in December

Hello my dear readers !

Did you have a nice Christmas ?  I hope you had a white Christmas like I did here in St-Georges.  It was beautiful, it snowed just two days before Christmas leaving the fir trees  loaded with glittering snow,  adding charm and enchantment over the Holidays.  I was with my boyfriend’s family and we had a great time.  Now I’m looking forward to visit my family in Montreal for the New Year.

My post today is about an orchid plant I was given two weeks ago by my step-mother.  I found it refreshing to have flowers in the middle of December.  Maybe I should buy flowers now and then during winter, it would help me waiting until I have flowers from my own garden.  Of course I could not resist taking pictures of this beautiful orchid.

I love flowers, they are important in my life, I can even say they are a necessity.  I would so miss them if I didn’t have any to care for.

In my garden I monitor them very closely and each time a bud opens in full bloom to reveal its beauty it gives me great joy.

Flowers are gifts from our Creator to surround ourselves with beauty and soothe our soul.  

They help us live and can bring to the surface emotions, desires and lost memories, just by gazing at them.  Flowers speak to us in their own way, without detour, directly to our heart.

I wish you a nice week and if some of you are on vacation, have fun !