All you need is love

Hello everybody !

I’m back from a four months break from the blog and I’m happy to blog again and show you these portraits I did last August.

It was a nice end of late afternoon summer day, a gentle breeze was blowing and a perfect summer evening was about to begin.  A field of goldenrod and a barn was all I needed to capture the love flowing between these two beautiful souls.

Joël and Audrey-Anne

#love #portraits #romantic #romantique #amour

#love #amour #portraits #romantic #romantique #summer love

#love #amour #romantic #romantique #portraits #summer love

Shooting portraits in natural light without flash or reflectors is always a challenge.  I definitely need a reflector to have better light.  Light in portraits is so important.  It’s so much better to have a good exposure in-camera than trying to fix it later.  I had fun doing this shooting and I would really love to do one in Winter next time I see them, and, of course,  also with my muse, Fanny.

#portraits #summer #goldenrod #verge d'or

A beautiful week to all of you !



My muse

Hello dear friends  🙂

I had a wonderful few days when my sister, niece, nephew and cousin visited two weeks ago.  These days spent together are precious and creates memories I’ll cherish forever.  Each time they come I reserve a few hours for a photo shoot with my muse in portrait photography, my beautiful niece Fanny.  At twenty-one,  she is the quintessence of beauty and youth and I love her as if she was my own daughter.

I wasn’t sure if I’d show these photos here as I am not  satisfied with them.  I used my 70-210 mm lens for this shoot but it is an old lens which doesn’t have a digital imaging sensor and which does not give good results under low light conditions.  Also, I didn’t bring my tripod that day, I find it annoying to always have to carry it.  It’s cumbersome and takes so much longer to shoot with.  And to make things worst my hands were not steady that day, I was shaking.  So I ended up with blurred photos, and even though there was a beautiful soft light, the photos came out too dark.  I saw it on the histogram but I couldn’t find the right settings for a proper exposition.  It was either too dark or too bright.  I don’t have all the equipment for portrait photography, I don’t shoot TTL or with Off-camera flash.  Obviously I have a lot to learn.  Portrait photography is not my forte, but I enjoy it and I would love to do more to gain experience.

IMGP4385 Blog 2 



I have three suggestions for you if you love portrait photography.  First, Uday Narayanan’s blog from New Delhi, India.  Uday’s portraits are wonderfully beautiful, he is a self-taught photographer and he is very friendly.  Click here to go to his blog.  Second, Peter Knight from UK does superb portrait photography.  His latest post, “Untouchable” Dalit Girl, portrays the story of a little girl living among the poorest of the poor in India.  A superb photo.  Click here to visit his website.  And third, David Meyer from France, Paris I think.  David has a unique style, his photos are wonderful and always out of the ordinary.  His portraits sessions are never boring and his blog is one of my very favourite.  Click here to visit his blog.

I haven’t taken a lot of photos lately and the ones I took weren’t very good.  I’m kind of in a lack of inspiration these days.  I hope it returns soon…

I hope you all have a great week-end !


Portraits sessions

Hello everybody !

I would never have thought I’d be interested in doing portraits.  To me, portraits were a little boring, often taken in a studio with no accessories and a colourless or black background.  I realized I wasn’t interested in these kind of portraits and that I much preferred portraits taken in natural light and in beautiful locations.  When my niece and her boyfriend visited and stayed a few days last August, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to try portraits.  Fanny was such a good model, she naturally knew how to pose.  She really has a talent for this, it was so easy working with her.  I had a great time taking these photos even if we ended-up with a few mosquito bites, especially Fanny !  From now on, at each of her visits a portrait session will be on the agenda.  She has become my muse in portraits 🙂

Fanny and Francis

This autumn I also did a session with an acquaintance of mine who wanted photos of her six months old baby girl.  When I arrived at our meeting place she was also accompanied by her mother and by her dog, a very friendly bulldog named Major.  It was another great experience, I took 220 photos on that session !  For now, I only have permission to show a photo of her mother and one of her and her dog.  I do hope I’ll have permission for more, and if so I’ll make another post to share photos of her baby girl.

These portraits sessions were great experiences and I hope I can find more people who would like to have a session with me.

From time to time I like to share blogs I really love, and today I’m introducing you to Christian’s blog.   In his blog you will see photos of nature, flowers, insects, birds and landscape.  I especially love his landscape photos, they are so beautiful !  Christian lives in France, his blog is in french but there’s no need to speak french to look at his beautiful photos.  You can go to his blog here.  You can also see much more of his photos here

I hope you all have a lovely week-end ahead !