Country charm

Hello my friends !

This post is dedicated to my grandfather, my guardian angel, who passed away when I was only 5 years old but with whom I feel a strong connection.  He had a great love for the countryside and farming and one of his biggest dreams was to live there.  In his forties he moved with his family in the lower Laurentians in Two Mountains. A dream come true.

I was born a city girl.  I lived in Montreal until I was 8 years old and then we moved to Two-Mountains to live with my grandmother.  I spent part of my childhood, my teen years and early adulthood between Two-Mountains,  St-Eustache and the beautiful Oka village in the lower Laurentians.  I also often went to Montreal to visit my aunt and cousins.  These years spent in the lower Laurentians sowed a seed that was to become a great fondness for the countryside.  At the age of 28 I moved to La Baie, Saguenay, a superb region where beautiful scenic country along with great wilderness and a majestic fjord was my playground and the place I called home for ten years.  There, my love for the countryside grew stronger and took root deeply within me.  Now, after living in Beauce for the past ten years, I realize how the country was always a part of me, even if I was born in a big city, and how my path led me where my heart was.

My guardian angel has spread his wings over me, guiding my steps and illuminating my path, so that I shall find my place among the stars… ❤

IMGP3967 PS CE red.640 sharp 2

#Old architecture

Gone fishing

IMGP1283 PS 150 ppi avec sharp 3

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#countryside #barn #old architecture

Wishing you a happy week-end !



Wonderful winter

Hello dear friends  🙂

Last October, as I marvelled at the spectacular colours of fall, I remember thinking there wouldn’t be anything interesting to photograph in the coming months.  After all the vibrant colours of summer and fall, winter seemed, photographically speaking, a little boring with all its white.  I thought that all the excitement of going on excursions to find new places and landscapes to photograph would be much less fun, because I thought winter wasn’t visually as interesting as the other seasons.  I was almost ready to hibernate and rely on still life till spring.  But… I had forgotten one thing.  I had new eyes now, and I wasn’t seeing the world around me as I used to.   Everywhere I look now there are more details, more richness and nuances in colours, more textures.  But the biggest improvement is the light.  I see it everywhere now and the amazing transformation it can induce when it is illuminating something.  Photography has this capacity to heighten and broaden our sight and I would never go back to how I looked at the world before.

Duncan meeting new friends

Duncan meet new friends.  Percherons horses

After having completed my first round of the four seasons with my camera, I realize how wrong I was and how winter photography is as fun and exciting as the other seasons.  Winter is definitely the most challenging season to photograph, both technically and physically, but despite its challenges it is a really  wonderful season and one that I greatly enjoy photographing.

The sugar shack Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce.

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph de Beauce.  The sugar shack

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce.  Winter photography

The heart of the village.  St-Joseph De Beauce

The heart of the village.  St-Joseph De Beauce.  Winter photography. Village in winter

A cabin at St-Simon Les Mines

A cabin at St-Simon Les Mines.  Winter photography. Cabin in winter

An abandoned old house, St-Simon Les Mines

An abandoned old house, St-Simon Les Mines.  Winter photography.  Old house in winter.  Heritage homes

Winter hasn’t yet said its last word, as we received 20 cm of snow yesterday.  I’m ready for spring but I didn’t mind this snow, it’s so beautiful !

Next week I’m going to Montreal’s botanical garden where they are exhibiting “Butterflies go free”and I hope to come back with photos of gorgeous flowers and wonderful butterflies.  The butterfly I’m most interested in, and of which I really hope to capture its exquisite beauty, is the morpho, the blue butterfly.  I’ve seen it once and it’s an amazing butterfly !  Hopefully I’ll come back home with a few beautiful shots to share with you.

Until then, have a nice end of week and week-end !


Wintry landscapes

Happy New Year to all of you !

My wish for you for this new year is that it may bring you peace, harmony, joy, inspiration, love, friendship, good health and great success in all you undertake !   Thank you for your presence on my blog and for all your comments, they are greatly appreciated !

The holidays are over and now is the beginning of a new year. And in the course of this new year there is one thing I would like to improve, one area in photography that is not my strong point, and that is landscape photography.  I seem to be struggling in knowing what makes a beautiful landscape photo.  Sometimes I’m sure a specific scenery will make a beautiful photo but it finally proves to be pretty ordinary, while, at other times, it is all the contrary.  How puzzling !

So, over the past few weeks I have started my journey into trying to improve landscape compositions and also training my eyes to see details, sometimes small details, that can enhance and completely change a landscape. Here are a few photos.

Cross-country ski trails

Cross-country trails

The church steeple of St-Joseph De Beauce

Winter scenery

The old barn at dusk

The old barn at dusk

The valley, St-Joseph De Beauce

The valley 2, St-Joseph De Beauce

St-Joseph de Beauce

St-Joseph de Beauce

Winter’s magic

Winter's magic

There are some great photography books and the one’s I’m reading right now are Christopher O’Donnell’s e-books, The Golden Hours : A guide to photographing the light of sunrises and sunsets.  If you want to know the secrets behind gorgeous sunrises/sunsets photos, this e-book is for you.  And The Art Of Bokeh : A guide to using shallow depths in landscape photography.  Christopher O’Donnell photography is simply superb and breathtaking, you can visit his website by clicking here.

It is now time for me to hit these cross-country ski trails !

Happy week-end everybody !


A change of scenery

Hello my friends !

Lately,  I have seen so many amazing and beautiful landscape photos on different blogs that it inspired me to try my hand at it.  I had done a lot of flower and still life photos so I thought a change would be nice.  When I look around me I see plenty of sceneries which would make beautiful photos.  I live in the countryside and I never get tired of seeing meadows, horses, barns, pastures, rolling hills and farms.  At this point in my photography I can’t seem to figure out what kind or categories of photography appeals to me the most. Is it still life, flowers, landscape, portrait ? (I would love to try portrait !)  I love all these categories and I just take pictures of the beauties I see all around me.  So last week I went to some near and familiar places to try to capture the soothing tranquility of the countryside.  I hope you enjoy these few photos from “La belle province ” !

“A calm evening before returning to the barn”

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to”  John Ed Pearce

“A river runs through it”  The beautiful Famine River in St-Georges de Beauce.

“The soothing tranquility of the countryside”

“Night falling on the meadow”

If you love landscape photography I have a few suggestions for you.  Three blogs and three amazing photographers.

Here, on WordPress, Anne Jutra’s blog is my very favourite photo blog.  Her photos are wonderful and so beautiful.  And the very surprising fact is that through the whole wide web with photographers from all over the planet, one that is among my very favourite photographers lives only a few hours drive from my home ! I would have never imagined that one of my favourite photographers would live so close to me ! 🙂  Her blog is in french but there is a translate button and she also speaks english.

On Paul Zizka’s blog you will see breathtaking photos of beautiful mountains, many from Banff, Alberta, Canada.   There is also many spectacular photos of aurora borealis.  I was also surprised to read, in one of his post, that he’s from Quebec city.  What a small world we live in !

And finally, JDT Photography.  Unfortunately I don’t know his name, I only know he’s from the UK and that his photos are superb !  You won’t be disappointed if you visit his blog which is filled with beautiful photos one after the other.  A must see !

And to end on a beautiful note, I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of some of my little flowers tucked in vintage teal bottles on my kitchen windowsill.  🙂

Have a lovely week-end everybody !


Clouds are angels’ drawings

Hello my dear friends !

Do you love clouds ?

I love them !  🙂

I prefer a beautiful sunny day with lots of decorative clouds (but not rain or storm clouds !) than a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in sight.  I like them puffy and it amazes me to see the many different shapes they can turn into.  When the wind blows gently the angels are playing and drawing in the clouds all kind of animals.  Do you like lying on a hammock on a lazy summer day,  just thinking of nothing and gazing at the clouds to find a dog, a rabbit, a cat or maybe an elephant ?  And isn’t it the most magnificent spectacle   when, at sunset, the sky and clouds are bathed in heavenly hues ?

The next two photos have way too much blue in them.  I tried to desaturate them a little to obtain a more realistic photo but I prefer them with too much blue by far.  They have such a dramatic effect ! I see them more as artistic photos where creativity knows no boundaries and where it is expressed and reflected through my photo editing.

The only time I prefer a cloudless sky is when I look at our beautiful and mysterious moon…

Isn’t it a beautiful planet we live on ?

Don’t forget to look at the sunset tonight, or maybe the sunrise tomorrow morning ?  Have a beautiful day everyone !


I’m joining Skywatch Friday at Bluff Area Daily

I used Happy Heart texture from Kim Klassen on some of these photos.