Wonderful winter

Hello dear friends ¬†ūüôā

Last October, as I¬†marvelled¬†at the spectacular colours of fall, I remember thinking there wouldn’t be anything interesting to photograph in the coming months. ¬†After all the vibrant colours of summer and fall, winter seemed,¬†photographically¬†speaking, a little boring with all its white. ¬†I thought that all the excitement of going on excursions to find new places and landscapes to photograph would be much less fun, because I thought winter wasn’t visually as interesting as the other seasons. ¬†I was almost ready to hibernate and rely on still life till spring. ¬†But… I had forgotten one thing. ¬†I had new eyes now, and I wasn’t seeing the world around me as I used to. ¬† Everywhere I look now there are more details, more richness and nuances in colours, more textures. ¬†But the biggest improvement is the light. ¬†I see it everywhere now and the amazing transformation it can induce when it is illuminating something. ¬†Photography has this capacity to¬†heighten¬†and broaden our sight and I would never go back to how I looked at the world before.

Duncan meeting new friends

Duncan meet new friends.  Percherons horses

After having completed my first round of the four seasons with my camera, I realize how wrong I was and how winter photography is as fun and exciting as the other seasons.  Winter is definitely the most challenging season to photograph, both technically and physically, but despite its challenges it is a really  wonderful season and one that I greatly enjoy photographing.

The sugar shack Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce.

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph de Beauce.  The sugar shack

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce

Chez Jaco, St-Joseph De Beauce.  Winter photography

The heart of the village.  St-Joseph De Beauce

The heart of the village.  St-Joseph De Beauce.  Winter photography. Village in winter

A cabin at St-Simon Les Mines

A cabin at St-Simon Les Mines.  Winter photography. Cabin in winter

An abandoned old house, St-Simon Les Mines

An abandoned old house, St-Simon Les Mines.  Winter photography.  Old house in winter.  Heritage homes

Winter hasn’t yet said its last word, as we received 20 cm of snow yesterday. ¬†I’m ready for spring but I didn’t mind this snow, it’s so beautiful !

Next week I’m going to Montreal’s botanical garden where they are exhibiting “Butterflies go free”and I hope to come back with photos of gorgeous flowers and wonderful butterflies. ¬†The butterfly I’m most interested in, and of which I really hope to capture its exquisite beauty, is the morpho, the blue butterfly. ¬†I’ve seen it once and it’s an amazing butterfly ! ¬†Hopefully I’ll come back home with a few beautiful shots to share with you.

Until then, have a nice end of week and week-end !