Behind the scene of an image

I love this photo so much.  Yet, there’s nothing spectacular about it, nothing to be amazed of.  Only a barn and a snow-covered field.  But, for me, it represents something that I really love.  The country.

IMGP5181 Exposure blending red.900  tout le kit et grange -noir 2

I must love this photo a lot to have spent 6 hours only to remove two trees in the foreground.  These trees were spoiling the composition.  They were going all the way from the bushes to the barn, to the tree and into the sky.  When removing the trunks and branches it would leave some marks so I had to work these areas by drawing branches in the bushes, planks on the side and lines on the roof of the barn and many of the tiny little branches on the tree.  I had to paint colours in the sky and shadows on the snow near the barn.  I knew this would be very time-consuming getting rid of those trees and at first I didn’t want to work on this, but I just couldn’t let it go…   So it was many hours to restore this image and only then I could edit the rest of it.   This image is a blending of three different exposures using luminosity masks in Photoshop.  Christopher O’Donnell wrote a tutorial on how to work with luminosity masks, click here to read it.  It didn’t go exactly as how he explains it in his tutorial so I’ll have to practice this technique again.

I also love this photo with a more vintage look

IMGP5181 Exposure blending red.900 sharp 2 vintage DJpeg - noir 2

We’re having a little break from the cold spell, here’s a photo of Winny playing in the snow during one of these polar colds.

IMGP5093 PS CE Red.900 sharp 2 + clair 3

And since I’m ending this post with a photo of my dog, I’m sharing a link to a wonderful slide show from professional photographer Julie Clegg’s from Bailey & Banjo.  If you love dogs this will put a smile on your face, guaranteed !  (Thanks Janina for sending me this link 🙂 )  Click here for the slide show.

I wish you all a wonderful week.  Be happy, be sweet, laugh a lot, smile and dance in the rain or in the snow !



From me to you…

My dear friends,

#Christmas  #Noël  #Christmas decorations  #Décorations noël

As I visit your blogs and discover new ones I am delighted by the talents you all have, whether it be photography, writing or drawing to name a few.  We have blogs in part because we have this need to share what we love with other people.  Sharing is innate in us and part of human nature.  But what impresses me most is the spontaneity of your friendship, of your kindness that you give so generously in your comments and that is what I hold most dear in my blog.  I would love to visit each one of you more often than I do, there is so much to see, so many interesting posts.  I do my best, if only days could be longer…

So, dear friends, I come today to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a beautiful Christmas surrounded by those you love.  And I hope the new year will bring you inspiration, awe, peace, joy and love in your hearts and maybe even see a few of your dreams come true.

It was fun taking these photos with my little Winny, but I’m not sure he had as much fun as I did…

#shetland sheepdog, #dog, #chien, #

#Christmas  #Noël  #shetland sheepdog  #dogs  #chiens  #berger de shetland

#Christmas  #Noël  #Christmas decorations  #Décorations de noël  #pine cones

Safe travels to all of you who will take the road on Christmas and New Year’s day.  I will be traveling to Montreal on New Year’s eve to celebrate with my family.

Have a beautiful end of week everybody 🙂


p.s.  I’m not sure if it’s my computer or a problem with WordPress, but in a lot of blogs some photos appear either like little thumbnails or much too big instead of the right size.  If it happens here, just refresh the page until the photos return to their normal size.

My muse

Hello dear friends  🙂

I had a wonderful few days when my sister, niece, nephew and cousin visited two weeks ago.  These days spent together are precious and creates memories I’ll cherish forever.  Each time they come I reserve a few hours for a photo shoot with my muse in portrait photography, my beautiful niece Fanny.  At twenty-one,  she is the quintessence of beauty and youth and I love her as if she was my own daughter.

I wasn’t sure if I’d show these photos here as I am not  satisfied with them.  I used my 70-210 mm lens for this shoot but it is an old lens which doesn’t have a digital imaging sensor and which does not give good results under low light conditions.  Also, I didn’t bring my tripod that day, I find it annoying to always have to carry it.  It’s cumbersome and takes so much longer to shoot with.  And to make things worst my hands were not steady that day, I was shaking.  So I ended up with blurred photos, and even though there was a beautiful soft light, the photos came out too dark.  I saw it on the histogram but I couldn’t find the right settings for a proper exposition.  It was either too dark or too bright.  I don’t have all the equipment for portrait photography, I don’t shoot TTL or with Off-camera flash.  Obviously I have a lot to learn.  Portrait photography is not my forte, but I enjoy it and I would love to do more to gain experience.

IMGP4385 Blog 2 



I have three suggestions for you if you love portrait photography.  First, Uday Narayanan’s blog from New Delhi, India.  Uday’s portraits are wonderfully beautiful, he is a self-taught photographer and he is very friendly.  Click here to go to his blog.  Second, Peter Knight from UK does superb portrait photography.  His latest post, “Untouchable” Dalit Girl, portrays the story of a little girl living among the poorest of the poor in India.  A superb photo.  Click here to visit his website.  And third, David Meyer from France, Paris I think.  David has a unique style, his photos are wonderful and always out of the ordinary.  His portraits sessions are never boring and his blog is one of my very favourite.  Click here to visit his blog.

I haven’t taken a lot of photos lately and the ones I took weren’t very good.  I’m kind of in a lack of inspiration these days.  I hope it returns soon…

I hope you all have a great week-end !


Country charm

Hello my friends !

This post is dedicated to my grandfather, my guardian angel, who passed away when I was only 5 years old but with whom I feel a strong connection.  He had a great love for the countryside and farming and one of his biggest dreams was to live there.  In his forties he moved with his family in the lower Laurentians in Two Mountains. A dream come true.

I was born a city girl.  I lived in Montreal until I was 8 years old and then we moved to Two-Mountains to live with my grandmother.  I spent part of my childhood, my teen years and early adulthood between Two-Mountains,  St-Eustache and the beautiful Oka village in the lower Laurentians.  I also often went to Montreal to visit my aunt and cousins.  These years spent in the lower Laurentians sowed a seed that was to become a great fondness for the countryside.  At the age of 28 I moved to La Baie, Saguenay, a superb region where beautiful scenic country along with great wilderness and a majestic fjord was my playground and the place I called home for ten years.  There, my love for the countryside grew stronger and took root deeply within me.  Now, after living in Beauce for the past ten years, I realize how the country was always a part of me, even if I was born in a big city, and how my path led me where my heart was.

My guardian angel has spread his wings over me, guiding my steps and illuminating my path, so that I shall find my place among the stars… ❤

IMGP3967 PS CE red.640 sharp 2

#Old architecture

Gone fishing

IMGP1283 PS 150 ppi avec sharp 3

#cows #countryside

#countryside #barn #old architecture

Wishing you a happy week-end !


Little field daisies and beautiful irises

Hello my friends !

#daisies, #field daisies

Almost every day I take photos of flowers from my garden and in the past three weeks I’ve photographed little field daisies, irises and peonies.  There are many ways to photograph flowers and I like mine to look airy and light.  I’ve tried to capture them as if they appear to be floating in the air to increase the impression of lightness, but I haven’t always succeeded.  It’s not easy to find the right angle to achieve this look.  But, as with any kind of photography, one constant remains :  Practice, practice, practice…

#flowers, #irises,

#flowers, #irises

#flowers, #irises

If you love flower photography, take a look at Mandy Disher’s website.  I love her style and her photos are amazing and so unique.  Click here for her website and here for her Facebook page.  I also greatly admire Jacky Parker’s talent for floral photography.  Her images are exquisite and beautifully composed. Click here for her website and here for her Facebook page.  Another photographer whose floral images are extremely beautiful and also very unique is Lisa Gordon. I’m inserting a link to her floral gallery on her website, click here to view them.   She also has a blog here on WordPress with many beautiful photos, not only florals, click here to visit her blog.

We had so much rain lately (and it appears not only here but also in the US and Europe), that I had to make some bouquets of my favourite peonies so they wouldn’t be ruined.  It was lovely to see them on my kitchen table.

#flowers, #peonies

A happy and sunny week-end to all of you !


Bad temperature = Still life photos :)

Hello everybody !

It’s a good thing I love to create still life photos because otherwise I wouldn’t have anything else to post today.  The weather has been so bad in April with cold temperatures, rain and strong winds.  So, instead of going out on photographic excursions, I settled in and looked around my home to see what I could come up with.  I have many decorative objects in my home so I don’t have to search very far to find some nice objects  that would make beautiful still life, and from time to time I like to buy objects for the sole purpose of photographing them.  Here are my latest still life photos.

Flowers, still life

still life photos, lavender still life photos,

still life photos, flowers still life photos

still life photos, flowers still life photos, roses still life photos

still life photos, flowers still life photos, vintage flowers

In case you’re wondering, no, I haven’t purchased a piano just to photograph it !  It’s from a friend’s home 🙂

still life photos, piano still life photos

More still life are to come.  I have a violin sleeping in a wardrobe, a vintage milk bottle in my cupboard and some old ballerina shoes that are patiently waiting for the next cold and rainy days to be transformed into unique and beautiful photographs.  I’m also working on a wonderful project for a friend who makes gorgeous bridal bouquets made of silk flowers.  I took many photos to build her a portfolio and I am currently editing them.  Here’s one of her bouquet.

bridal bouquet

You can visit her Facebook page here (the photos on her page are not from me), and contact her if you are interested in buying a bouquet.

Have  a lovely and hopefully warm week-end !