Winter scenes

I know many people are tired of winter at this point.  But me, I’m not !  I love winter and I think it’s as beautiful and great as summer.  Even when I freeze my hands and toes when I go cross-country skiing or venture out for photos opportunities.  And even when I get caught in a blizzard.  It happened a few weeks ago as I was taking a walk with my dog.  Suddenly, and out of the blue, strong winds were blowing and snow was swirling and lashing my face, I couldn’t see neither earth or sky and I could barely walk.  I was enveloped in a muffled, furious and  white swirling cloud and it felt as if I was in another world.  In some ways it was beautiful and I loved it all !  I love to feel nature’s pulse and power, it sharpens the senses and make me feel more alive.  I had a black coat and when I arrived home it was completely white  🙂

Here are some winter scenes I captured recently.

St-Joseph de Beauce

St-Joseph de Beauce

A beautiful scene in front of my house

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Hockey time !

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St-Joseph de Beauce

DSC_2541 PS CE 14 red.900

I’m happy, It’s snowing today.  A beautiful week to all of you dear friends !



Seeing beauty in simple things

What I love about photography is how we can bring out subtle details  we don’t always notice.  How we can reveal and really see the essence, the uniqueness,  the intricate perfection and exquisiteness of simple things like branches and weeds.  And sometimes, when we look with the eyes of the heart, perceiving the pureness and the spark of life within them.  How sublime is mother nature, how interconnected we are with her.  And us and these little branches and weeds have something in common. We come from the same source…

#cedar #branches #cèdre

#tree branches #branches d'arbres

#tree branches #branches d'arbres


A beautiful week to you dear friends 🙂


From me to you…

My dear friends,

#Christmas  #Noël  #Christmas decorations  #Décorations noël

As I visit your blogs and discover new ones I am delighted by the talents you all have, whether it be photography, writing or drawing to name a few.  We have blogs in part because we have this need to share what we love with other people.  Sharing is innate in us and part of human nature.  But what impresses me most is the spontaneity of your friendship, of your kindness that you give so generously in your comments and that is what I hold most dear in my blog.  I would love to visit each one of you more often than I do, there is so much to see, so many interesting posts.  I do my best, if only days could be longer…

So, dear friends, I come today to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a beautiful Christmas surrounded by those you love.  And I hope the new year will bring you inspiration, awe, peace, joy and love in your hearts and maybe even see a few of your dreams come true.

It was fun taking these photos with my little Winny, but I’m not sure he had as much fun as I did…

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#Christmas  #Noël  #shetland sheepdog  #dogs  #chiens  #berger de shetland

#Christmas  #Noël  #Christmas decorations  #Décorations de noël  #pine cones

Safe travels to all of you who will take the road on Christmas and New Year’s day.  I will be traveling to Montreal on New Year’s eve to celebrate with my family.

Have a beautiful end of week everybody 🙂


p.s.  I’m not sure if it’s my computer or a problem with WordPress, but in a lot of blogs some photos appear either like little thumbnails or much too big instead of the right size.  If it happens here, just refresh the page until the photos return to their normal size.

Fall colours

Autumn and its crisps, foggy mornings…   The sound of geese calls, the sun illuminating the golden leaves, the pumpkin patches, the apple orchard, the apple pies and cobblers, the explosion of colours, the walks in the woods, the fun of Halloween and the children going trick-or-treating.  That is autumn to me.  A beautiful season that I love.

Winter is now at my doorstep, and In the middle of the harsh cold winter, when the wind blows fiercely and sleet lash my face, I will remember the warm days of the Indian summer

#autumn foliage #feuilles d'automne #autumn colors #couleurs d'automne

And in this vast expanse of white immensity, I will close my eyes and will perceive the vibrant and exuberant autumn colours

#autumn colors #couleurs d'automne #fall #automne #feuilles d'automne #autumn foliage

#autumn #automne #St-Georges de Beauce #fall

#autumn foliage #fall #autumn colors #automne #couleurs d'automne #feuillage d'automne

#autumn #automne #fall #autumn colors #couleurs d'automne #Notre-Dame Des Pins #Beauce

Autumn this year is exceptional with warm weather and many beautiful sunny days.  I hope your autumn is as pleasant as it is here in Quebec, and that spring, for those in the southern hemisphere, is as pleasant as well.

On another note…  September was our national arthritis month, and I wanted to raise awareness on the importance of consulting when the first symptoms appears.  Arthritis is an illness I know too well, living with rheumatoid arthritis for the past thirteen years.  Too many people with developing symptoms  think there is nothing to do, that it is part of aging and we must endure it.  It is true that it is part of aging, but it is absolutely false that there is nothing to do.  There are many medications available to treat and prevent the evolution of this illness.  There are many forms of arthritis, all treated differently.   Even if you are moderately suffering from arthritis, it is important to consult to prevent further joint damage.  Many general practitioners don’t take arthritis seriously enough, insist on seeing a rheumatologist.  Left untreated, especially if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, it can very rapidly lead to joint damage and deformation.  I know this by experience, having seen a joint of my right thumb deforming within the matter of a very few weeks.  So if you are experiencing arthritis symptoms, don’t ignore it and consult.

I wish you all a beautiful week !

Flower photography – Summer 2013

Hi everybody   🙂

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Each time a flower blooms in my garden I am like a child receiving a Christmas gift.  I am focused on this one flower that has magically opened its petals and it never ceases to amaze me just how beautiful flowers are.  But flowers do not exist only for their nectar or for us to marvel at their grace and beauty. They have another important purpose and message.  A gift for us humans.

Flowers are among us to ease our journey

#peonies, #pivoines, #pink peonies, #pivoines roses

To lighten our hearts in the midst of storms in our lives

#wildflowers, #fleurs sauvages, #flowers, #fleurs,

To remind us to turn toward the sun’s rays instead of reaching in the darkness of our sorrows

#wheat, #blé

To open our hearts to heal

#wildflowers, #fleurs sauvages

To be happy

#flowers, #fleurs, #rudbeckia, #rudbeckie

To smile and laugh

#rudbeckia, #rudbeckie, #flowers, #fleurs,

To keep our child’s heart

#échinacée, #echinacea, #flowers, #fleurs,

And to love

#black and white flower photography, #roses, #photographie noir et blanc, #flowers, #fleurs

At this time of year, as the flowers begin to wither, I always feel a little pinch in the heart to see them go…

Another of my favourite photographers, especially in flower photography, is Kathleen Clemons.  Her photos are a real delight for the eyes.  She mostly uses the Lensbaby for her flower shots, a lens I am thinking of buying for flower photography.  The Lensbaby offers different lenses and optics which produces creative effects of selective focus with a sweet spot of sharp focus that I really love in flower photography.  Click here if you would like to know more about the Lensbaby.    Kathleen has made a beautiful slide show  of her flower photos on YouTube, click here to view it, it’s really beautiful.

Autumn colours are almost at their peak here, so I’ll try to take a few hours this week to capture these wonderful colours.

Have a beautiful week !