Little hummingbird

Hello dear friends 🙂

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I was not very active on my blog these past three months and didn’t visit yours as I’m used to, but I’m back and happy to share with you my latest photos and visiting your blogs again to see what you’ve been up to.

After such a harsh winter it was pure joy to see all the little flower buds blooming everywhere and hear the cheerful bird songs filling the air.  Migrating birds were back and a hummingbird had the habit of resting on the same branch in a little tree in my yard.  He spent a lot of time there watching the feeder.  He was startled each time I would press the shutter.  I don’t do bird photography much but I’m glad I could get close enough to this hummingbird and create these images.

#hummingbird #colibri


#hummingbird #colibri #birds #oiseaux

This past month I’ve been creating new still life images.  Many months went by since I’ve done them and I’m glad I have new images I’ll share with you soon.

We are well into Summer now.  I’m dreaming of swimming in a lake, laying on a hammock and watching the clouds passing by, campfire marshmallows, picnics and long walks on rural roads, reading under a tree… And so much more !

I wish you all a wonderful Summer 🙂



Spring little flowers

Hello dear friends !

They are everywhere around us.  They have awakened from a long winter and are now turning and reaching towards the warmth of the sun rays.  They delight us and charm us with their delicate forms and hues, and the profusion of their blooms.  What I like most about them is their daintiness, they’re such cute little flowers.  What a joy it is to look through the window in the morning and see these beauties swaying gently under the wind’s caress.  And when the bird songs echoing from far away are joining their voices in harmony with those of my garden, then I can say I have lived a moment suspended in time, a magical moment…

Little plum flowers

Little plum flowers, plum tree

Apple tree flowers

Apple tree flowers

Dicentra spectabilis, also known as bleeding hearts

Dicentra spectabilis, bleeding hearts

Spiraea Arguta little flowers

Spiraea Arguta

I hope you like flower photography because you will see lots of it in the coming months.  I grow nepeta, roses, lilies, hemerocallis, heliopsis, weigela, lavender, irises, veronica, daisies, monarda, peonies and delphinium to name a few.  And this year I’ll have one of my very favourite flower : Gladiolus.  I can’t wait to plant them !  Oh, the lovely photos I will take with them 🙂

Happy week-end to all of you !